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There are many such actors in Bollywood who have been working in the industry since more than a decade but are still searching for a breakthrough. They are rich with talent, possess a good physique and almost everything that an actor would need to be successful. Rajneesh Duggal falls into such a category as he is a film actor and a model in India. Most of the actors that come into Bollywood choose this career path of being a model and then venturing into acting and Rajneesh went on the same lines. It is no surprise that he was offered many films after carrying out successful modeling assignments. Since then, he has worked hard to be regarded among the Bollywood top actors. To know more about his personal as well as professional life, checkout the insightful biography of Rajneesh Duggal.Rajneesh Duggal Hot Photos

Rajneesh Duggal Date of Birth

Rajneesh Duggal birthday falls on 19th November and he was born in the year 1981. As far as his birthday celebrations are concerned, he tries to keep it short and simple. Just his family and close friends are invited to the party. Many a times, even his colleagues from the industry join the party. Although he is not quite young now but still manages to pull off most of his characters brilliantly.

Rajneesh Duggal Family Background

Rajneesh Duggal family belongs to a Punjabi background and ethnicity. He has imbibed all his values and cultures from his family where he was born. His family has always supported him in all his decisions and life choices. Even after becoming successful, he has complete support of his family and they have sticked with him in his thick and thin.

Rajneesh Duggal Education

Although Rajneesh has changed his path into the entertainment field, he has seeked education in the field of business. He has not received any kind of formal education for acting or modeling. Rajneesh Duggal completed his graduation in Bachelors in Business Administration from the reputed Apeejay School of Management. He has also pursued for the B.Com degree from Delhi University. Most of his personal side is covered in Rajneesh Duggal biography and you will get to know his personal side through it.

Rajneesh Duggal Personal Life

Like most of the Indian actors, even Rajneesh Duggal doesn’t find much time to spend on his personal life. But he balances his personal life quite well. Now since he has a wife and a child, he has started taking responsibility and spends more time with his family. Those who are close to the actor praise his down to earth attitude and calm personality. These are the same things which his colleagues praise him for. He has a charming personality. Rajneesh Duggal height is around 6 feet which is exactly what an actor and model must have. If you want to know about how hard he has worked to reach where he is today, you need to read about his career in this Rajneesh Duggal wiki.

Rajneesh Duggal Career

Rajneesh Duggal age was just around 21 when he got started with his modeling career and won many contests. He started his career in a young age and that has benefited him a lot. He is widely considered among the finest contemporary actors and is believed to do unconventional roles that other actors would shy away from. Most of his movies have been critically acclaimed and he has carved his own niche audience. Rajneesh Duggal movies include popular ones like ‘1920’, ‘Dangerous Ishq’, ‘Creature 3D’, and ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ among others. Most of Rajneesh Duggal upcoming movies are highly awaited by his fans as they look interesting. If he continues to do promising movies in the coming years and establishes himself as a talented actor that he is, it is not too far that he would be considered among the best Bollywood actors.

Rajneesh Duggall has also participated in several reality shows and is quite famous for winning ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 5’ in the year 2014. This helped him get attention amongst the TV viewing crowd in India. He has also been a part of various advertisements for popular brands such as Raymonds, Kit Kat and Monte Carlo among others. Through this, even his movies have received a lot of exposure..

Interesting Facts about Rajneesh Duggal

  • He is the winner of prestigious Grasim Mr. India title in the year 2003 when he began his career.
  • He stood as a runner up for Mr. International.
  • He is the winner of Kingfisher Model of the year in 2005. It is also regarded as one of the best awards for male models.

Rajneesh Duggal Love Affairs

Rajneesh Duggal love life has been quite simple and he is happily married. Rajneesh Duggal wife is Pallavi Duggal and they both share a great partnership together. He has never been involved in any kind of controversies regarding his love affairs and we hope he never does. Previously, she was also Rajneesh Duggal girlfriend and they later turned the relationship into a happy marriage. Rajneesh Duggal marriage was a grand affair in which most of the Bollywood celebrities were invited. Rajneesh Duggal Pallavi Duggal look adorable together and they always support each other. They have a sweet daughter named Teeyaa and together, they are a happy family. Rajneesh Duggal children will be proud of their father’s achievements.

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