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In India, we have so many actors who have started from the small screen but soon went on to the big screen. One example of such a successful actor is Saanand Verma. Among all the Indian Television actors, he has created a niche fan following for himself given his extraordinary comic timing. An actor who has acted in more than 15 Television shows has a right balance of experience and talent. He has gained his fair share of popularity through the hit television show ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ where he plays the role as Anokhelal Saxena. His struggle story will make you believe that anyone can become what they want irrespective of how poor they are in life. To know about one of the most versatile TV actors, read this biography of Saanand Verma.Saanand Verma Images HD

Saanand Verma Date of Birth

Saanand Verma birthday falls on 24th April and he was born in the year 1982. He was born in the city of Patna but was brought up in Delhi for the initial 8 years of his life. Most years, he celebrates his birthday with his family and close friends. But sometimes while he is busy shooting, he spends his special day on the sets with his colleagues.

Saanand Verma Education

Saanand Verma didn’t have a good financial condition but his parents still made him study and seek the education so that he could succeed in life. He made sure that he make the most out of this opportunity and passed with flying colors in his matriculate examinations. In fact, out of the 600 people who had applied for the exams, only 26 passed and Saanand was one of them. He completed his B.A. degree from Delhi University but didn’t study anything after it. His family has a huge contribution in his success. Read about his family background in this Saanand Verma wiki to know how.

Saanand Verma Family Background

Saanand Verma belonged to a poor lower middle class family where he was deprived of even the most basic necessities. However, he didn’t let this bring him down and continued on the path to success and a good life. Saanand Verma father failed in every professional thing he did in his life but made sure that Saanand never faces failure in life. He is extremely close to his parents and promises to do anything they want from him. Saanand always claims that whatever position he has reached in his life is a result of sheer dedication and the support from his parents.

Saanand Verma Personal Life

Since Saanand Verma came from a poor family background, he knows the struggle of being successful. He is always down to earth and stays humble both in his professional as well as personal life. As he is a comedian, he also has a good sense of humour. He likes Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra among actors and admires them. Saanand Verma height is just 5 feet and 6 inches which is not much but since he is a comedy actor, personality doesn’t matters much to him. Know about how he struggled to become what he is today in the Saanand Verma biography.

Saanand Verma Career

Saanand Verma has one of the most struggling stories when it comes to Indian television actors. Before becoming an actor, he did many odd jobs and contributed to his family’s low income. However, he then found his talent that he can act well and started working for television. He debuted in the television industry with the longest running television show ‘CID’. His biggest break was when he started acting in ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ as Anokhelal Saxena Ji. The character made people laugh and it instantly connected with audiences of all sorts. He has also acted in several other TV shows and some of them are the most popular ones on the Indian television. Some of Saanand Verma TV shows include ‘FIR’, ‘R.K. Laxman ki Duniya’, ‘Ek Nayi Umeed’ and many more. With his stint in television, he has claimed the title of best Indian comedian actor for many people.

After many TV shows in his kitty, he also made his debut in the Bollywood industry with Pradeep Sarkar’s ‘Mardaani’. With his stellar performance in the movie, we can safely say that there are many movies in the future that he will be a part of. Saanand Verma movies will mostly have him in supporting roles but they will be promising. Saanand Verma in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai is loved by audiences of the show and he has carved his place in the heart of the people through it. Shubhangi Atre Poorey, Rohitash Goud, Aashif Sheikh and Saumya Tandon are the major leads of this who. You will find hordes of Saanand Verma comedy videos on the internet as well as on the television.

Interesting Facts about Saanand Verma

  • Throughout his life, he was a proofreader, peon and even a wholesaler before becoming an actor.
  • When Saanand Verma age was just 8, he used to walk more than 25 kilometers to sell books.
  • He is widely considered among the best Indian comedians in the television space.

Saanand Verma Love Affairs

Fortunately, he has avoided all sorts of love affairs and is happily married to his wife. Most probably, Saanand Verma girlfriend was none other than his current wife. Saanand Verma wife never comes out in the media and lives a simple life. We pray that Saanand Verma marriage always stays as happy as it is now.

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