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Bollywood has become a home for talents that are not only Indian but of other countries too. The industry has been generous enough to provide opportunities to actors and technicians of other countries as well. The recent entrant in Bollywood is the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. She has been attracting a lot of attention after she was cast in the movie ‘Tubelight’ opposite superstar Salman Khan. This is certainly the biggest debut one could ever dream of. Salman has been known for launching new, especially foreign actresses opposite him. In the movie ‘Tubelight’, he is again doing the same and giving new talents an opportunity to shine in the industry. Since she is such a new personality in the Indian ecosystem, let’s know more about her in this Zhu Zhu biography.Zhu Zhu Sexy Photos

Zhu Zhu Date of Birth

Zhu Zhu birthday falls on 19th July in the year 1984. Given how young she is, the amount of talent she has is staggering. She loves to host parties on her birthday where some popular faces can be seen. As she is now a part of Bollywood, we will also see celebrities from the industry attend her birthday bashes in the future. She also spends most of her birthdays with her family and a group of close friends. As she is very famous in China, her fans wish her through social media. Know more about her family background through Zhu Zhu wiki.

Zhu Zhu Family Background

Zhu Zhu family is from a military background and she was brought up with the same discipline and regulations at home. Her grandfather Zhu Xuzhi was a huge name in Chinese military as he was a Major General in the People’s Liberation Army. However, her father is a simple businessman and he runs a small business in the capital city of Beijing. They all live in Linhai in Zhejiang where they have a family residence too. Most of the times, Zhu Zhu is busy with her work and she has to travel but whenever she is in China, she stays at their family residence.

Zhu Zhu Education

Along with being extremely talented in acting, she has also pursued a good amount of education. For her education, she was enrolled in the Beijing College where she graduated in Electronics and Information Engineering. Even though she chose a technical field of study while pursuing education, she had her mind set on other things. Zhu Zhu is a talented pianist as well as a video jockey and as we all know, she is a fantastic actress as well. This detailed biography of Zhu Zhu also talks at length about her family and the background she belongs to, read more to know about them.

Zhu Zhu Personal Life

Zhu Zhu is an amazing personality to be with and her colleagues and friends approve of this fact. When she is not busy working, she likes to play piano as it is her hobby. Being an actress, she looks stunning in most attires and Zhu Zhu height is around 5 feet and 4 inches. Though she is not so tall but she looks good in her usual demeanor. Zhu Zhu measurements are 32-26-36 and she has a glamorous figure, perfect for someone like her who is in the acting industry. Her fans can connect and be in touch with her through various social media sites.

Zhu Zhu Career

Zhu Zhu was interested in the media industry right from the beginning of her career. Even though her education was in a different stream, she was bold enough to choose a different career path. At first, she became a video jockey and began working with MTV China from the year 2005. She got a lot of exposure and attention from the local audience there. With her stint as a video jockey, she hosted many music shows on a national network like MTV. After she got her fair share of the limelight, she became an actress and starred in the TV series ‘Marco Polo’.

In the same year of 2014, when Zhu Zhu age was 30 she starred in a movie called “Last Flight” which received rave reviews. She has also acted in many other Chinese movies. Since then, her fans in China were waiting for more Zhu Zhu movies but she planned to move into Bollywood. We are sure that she will get the equal amount of love here as well. Zhu Zhu upcoming movies are highly awaited not only by fans but various directors and producers as well who are looking to cast her in their movies. Kabir Khan is the director of the movie ‘Tubelight’ and he thought Zhu Zhu in Tubelight will be a huge addition and she would justify her role. Zhu Zhu Salman Khan chemistry will certainly be every fan’s delight as this is a completely fresh pair.

Interesting facts about Zhu Zhu

  • She is an extremely talented pianist.
  • She dated Lapo Elkann, grandson of Fiat Automobile’s CEO.
  • She belongs to a family of Military background.

Zhu Zhu Love Affairs

Just like most of the actresses, she had a boyfriend for a brief amount of time in her life after which she again started focusing on her career. Zhu Zhu boyfriend name was Lapo Elkann and he was a successful entrepreneur. They had a relationship from 2012 to 2013 before they parted their ways into what they do best. As of now, we can expect Zhu Zhu marriage to take place anytime soon in the coming years. We certainly hope that Zhu Zhu husband will take care of her and prove to be an ideal life partner.

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