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Alana Blanchard in BikiniAlana Blanchard is the world famous and popular American Surfer and occasionally a bikini model. Alana is one of the great Athletes with hot and bold looks. From the very young age she is doing surfing and she is happy to have her career in Surfing as she had passion for it from the very young age itself. She also did a TV show and a movie. Alana is also doing modelling from her teenage. The people who love this sport must be familiar with the Alana Blanchard but for the other ones we have come with the biography of Alana Blanchard to make you familiar with this athlete as well as this sport. You must read Surfer Alana Blanchard biography to know about Alana Blanchard bio, Alana Blanchard family background, Alana Blanchard love affair, Alana Blanchard husband, and Alana Blanchard wiki details too.

Alana Blanchard Date of Birth and Early Life

Alana Blanchard date of birth is March 5, 1990. She is a well trained surfer. Alana was born in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii. Hawaii is the beautiful island in America surrounded by water all around. This was the natural platform for Alana to make surfing as her professional career. When she was just 4 years old, her father taught her surfing at Hanalei Pier. Since then she loved surfing. Alana Blanchard age was just 9 years when she began competing with other surfers. This helped in building her interest in the surfing and eventually made her world class professional surfer. She thinks that her parents and friends are behind her success as they motivate her all the time to learn more and more.

Alana Blanchard Personal Life

Alana has amazing body and gorgeous face which gave her a chance to act. She is also doing modelling from the teenage for Rip Curls. Alana Blanchard’s nickname is Lana as called by her family and friends. Alana Blanchard weight is about 57 kg.  Alana’s favourite beach is Hanalei Bay where she loves doing surfing. Alana Blanchard height is 5 feet 8 inches. Alana Blanchard measurements are 34(bust)-26(waist)-36(butt). Alana has blonde hair colour and blown coloured eyes that gives her more charming looks.

Alana Blanchard love shopping in different countries, spending time with family and friends at Hawaii, travelling and making new friends. Alana Blanchard birthday is the day when she gives special treat to her friends. Alana’s routine starts with the surfing session in the morning and followed by the Yoga. Away from her home in the tours, she usually takes exercise DVD’s with her as she loves doing exercise. Just because of her perfect body shape and personality people are often confused about her profession. Some just thinks that she is the hot bikini model by looking at her images. Surfer Bethany Hamilton is one of her best friends and a fellow surfer and she suffered the shark attack during surfing which mad her lose her arm. Alana was present during that particular incident.

Alana Blanchard Career

As we know that Alana Blanchard is the popular American Surfer, she is also an actress and has done a movie and a TV show as well.

Alana Blanchard Modelling Career

She is also a gorgeous bikini model and de modelling for Rip Curls. She also designs the bikinis of Rip Curls. She did the film in 2011 titled,’ Soul Surfer’ where she played the character of Lorraine Nicholson. She is also doing her own TV show titled ‘Surfer Girl’ where she is portraying her own life in Hawaii.

Alana Blanchard Sports Career

Alana is a famous American Surfer and she is surfing from the age of 9. So she has won many awards and achievements in her long professional surfing career. She is currently representing her country in the world ASP tour.

Some of her qualities includes that she shreds really hard as she do lot of exercise and Yoga to remain fit. Alana loves Adventures and is also athletically well sound. Alana is damn sexy and very confident too as she doesn’t hesitate to show off. She also turned her beach lifestyle into her professional career. It is also said that she knows how to pay back to her community by organising various surfing competitions and tutorials for kids in her hometown.

Alana Blanchard Awards and Achievements

Alana in her long professional Surfing career has won numerous awards and achievements. Firstly she is sponsored by various famous brands and companies like Reef footwear, Rip Curls bikinis, wetsuits and clothing, spy eyewear, Go Pro Cameras, Sticky Bumps accessories, Channel Islands Surfboards, Rockstar energy drinks and many other.

In the year 2012, she was ranked 2nd in Movistar Pro represented by Rip Curls in Peru. Then in year 2010 she won 2 titles, ranked 3rd in Cholos  Women’s Hawaiian Pro 6 star Haleiwa and ranked 4th in Vans triple crown of Surfing Speciality Pipeline. In the year 2009 she again won two titles, ranked 3rd in Gidget Pro World Tour Sunset Beach in Hawaii and ranked 1st in the Reef Hawaiian Pro Speciality. Some of her other awards are Women’s Pipeline Championships 4 star pipeline in Hawaii in 2007, Rip Curl International Championship Bells beach in Australia, T&C Women’s Championship, Rip Curl International Championship, Triple crown Rookie of the year award. There are many other awards and honours won by Alana Blanchard in the field of Surfing.

Alana Blanchard Love Affair

Alana Blanchard boyfriend was Jack Freestone a time before. Many of us are not aware of Jack as how he got to date the one and only gorgeous Alana, but for your information Jack Freestone is also a great Surfer. Jack has also won major Surfing titles like West Oz Chill Pro Junior, ASP world Junior Championship, Oakley World Juniors and many others.

Now there are no other reports of Alana love history as she is single now. If you believe to the rumours then she is single, rest is known to Alana itself.  Alana Blanchard wedding date is the awaited date by her followers as they will be wishing her on her social profile like they do on Alana Blanchard birthday. Alana Blanchard husband will be the man of her choice, who will be responsible enough to take care of her well.

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