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Caitlin Stasey bikini photosCaitlin Stasey is a beautiful actress from Australia. She is popularly known for his roles in the movies ‘Neighbours’ and ‘The Sleepover Club’ where she played the role of Rachel Kinski and Francesca Thomas respectively. Apart from these she did many roles in other movies as well. She is young, beautiful and very charming Actress in the Australian film industry as well as Hollywood. She is known by her good roles and hot personality. People in India are not very well aware of her beauty, so we have decided to write the biography of Caitlin Stasey to make people aware about her in all parts of the world. You can easily find the information about Caitlin Stasey bio, Caitlin Stasey family, Caitlin Stasey dating, Caitlin Stasey affairs, and even Caitlin Stasey wiki in Actress Caitlin Stasey biography.

Caitlin Stasey Date of Birth

Caitlin Stasey date of birth is 1 May, 1990. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. At this young age she has done many movies in the Hollywood. She has won the million hearts from her killer looks and personality.

Caitlin Stasey Family Background and Education

Caitlin’s full name is Caitlin Jean Stasey and she was born in Melbourne, Victoria. Her parents Sally and David originally belonged to Norwich, England. Caitlin Stasey mother Sally is the drama teacher at the primary school at Sandringham Primary School in Melbourne. Caitlin Stasey age was 7 when she spent almost a year in the Norwich and her grandparents stayed in the same city in the year 2008. She also had one sister who is younger to her and her name is Victoria. Originally, Caitlin Stasey father is from Australia and her mother is from England. Caitlin also attended the Star of the Sea College. She also studied TV and Film at St. Martins Drama Youth School in Melbourne.

Caitlin Stasey Personal Life and Past

According to Caitlin, she has spent the most memorable early days of her life enjoying. From the very young age, she knew about her career. She wanted to become the actress from very small age.  In 2000, when Caitlin Stasey age was only 10, she travelled the world with Australian Girls Choir as their member and there she took part in the re-recording of the Peter Allen’s ‘I still call Australia Home’ for a commercial before the Sydney Olympics. This commercial was rated as the ‘Greatest Australian Commercial’.  When she was only 6 years old, she took keen interest in acting and performing. She was also interested in writing documentary movies and screen plays.

She is currently living in Los Angeles. Caitlin Stasey height is 157 cms. One of the important facts of her life is that she had recently become vegetarian. She has also revealed herself to be Bisexual which is also one of the strange facts about Caitlin Stasey. She has a good height with hot looks. Caitlin Stasey weight is about 50Kgs and this makes Caitlin Stasey measurements 33-25-34. People are attracted towards her glamorous looks and smile. Caitlin Stasey birthday is the day to enjoy with her family members and spend most of time with them.

Caitlin Stasey Movies & Acting Career

Caitlin’s acting career started in September 2003 when she was offered the children’s TV series ‘The Sleepover Club’ and there she got to play the role of Francesca Thomas also known as Frankie. Frankie was popular on the TV which forced her to return with its second series as well in the year 2006.

Then after numerous auditions and hard work she was selected for the ‘Neighbours’ series in the year April 2005 by the director Jan Russ. Here she played the role of Rachel Kinski. 18 August was the date when the first episode was telecasted on TV. She later explained in the TV interview that she had to leave the Neighbours series because of her exams.

Then in the year 2008 she was selected for the movie based on the teen novel, ‘Tomorrow- When the War Began’. She did the lead role in this movie as Ellie Linton. Then in the year 2013 she appeared in the American TV series ‘Reign’ where she played the role of Kenna, a lady waiting to marry the Queen of Scots. She also did the movie, ‘I, Frankenstein’ in the year 2014. Some of her other movies were Summer camp, J.A.W, Evidence, All Cheerleaders Die, Lust for Love. Caitlin Stasey upcoming movie is Chu and Blossom.

Singing is also the passion of Caitlin Stasey but for the time being she only wants to concentrate on the acting. She sang the song “I’m Yours” for her TV show which was originally sung by the Jason Mraz. Caitlin also sang a duet with her Neighbours fellow member and it was released in the Australian iTunes store.

Caitlin Stasey Love Affair Achievements

Some of the achievements of Caitlin are- she was ranked 15 on Girlfriend’s Magazine for the ‘Twenty Hottest under Twenty’ contest. Stasey also attended the Victorian Actors Benevolent trust-Fundraiser No.2. She also attended the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards in 2006 in Sydney with the full cast of Neighbours. Caitlin is a proud feminist and believes in equal rights for men and women.

Caitlin Stasey and Adelaide Kane are friends from the time when they did the TV show Neighbours together. Caitin Stasey had dated Sam Clark in 2007 and the relation came to an end on August 2009. Later she dated Jonathon Wood and Dean Dyer in year 2010. Caitlin also had relations with the Stephen Fry who live in the Norfolk, UK. He was also believed to be Caitlin Stasey boyfriend, according to the rumours that were later turned off. Caitlin Stasey marriage would be like a dream for her. Many youngsters are looking to propose her and become Caitlin Stasey husband. But, it will depend on her to whom she will marry. She is the popular actress now and lot of information can be found on the internet with her sexy, bold and glamorous images including the bikini images as well. She has the great fan following as well and you can connect with her through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Hope you enjoyed reading Caitlin Stasey Biography. Get ready for the next biography of Indian Bollywood Actress Pallavi Sharda.

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