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After this, Green and a young writer David Levithan, collaborated on their novel ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ in 2010. In 2009, Green had announced a book that was titled The Sequel, which he later scrapped. His fifth book is titled The Fault in Our Stars which came out in 2012. Green said that several parts of The Sequel were the base of The Fault in Our Stars. In a promotional opening Green signed first 150,000 copies and also put his wife and his brother symbols on the book as a Yeti and an Anglerfish respectively. John Green new book that is on the list is, ‘The Racket’. He sold 5000 copies of the first draft of this book on IndieGoGo for 10 dollars, in order to raise money for one of his charity projects called Project Awesome.

John Green Blog

The Green brothers had started a video blog titled Brotherhood 2.0 in 2007.The project was based on a simple idea of dumping all text based relationship and instead post video logs for each other on every alternate day. These videos were uploaded to a YouTube channel called “vlogbrothers” where they reached a huge audience and views skyrocketed due to success of John Green. Initially this projected was targeted to run for a year, but it is still running with over a million fans and followers from all over the world that have subscribed to their channel. This lead to formation of a fan group called as Nerdfighters. The group, in collaboration with the two brothers, promotes and works for a lot of humanitarian causes. It includes the Project for Awesome which is helping a lot of new entrepreneur in development world with funds. Apart from these there are various projects of John Green that you will see in next section.

John Green Other Projects

Some of the other projects that are run by John Green parallel to his writing and video blogs are Vidcon, Mental Floss and Project Awesome. Vidcon is an annual conference that is held for all the video bloggers who are working in the field of Video Sharing and technology related to online video platform. It also provides business opportunities to those new startups who are establishing online video sharing elements. The first edition of this event was conducted in 2010 and is growing ever since. The Project Awesome is a totally humanitarian initiative that was targeted at developing video content for promoting charity and fund raising initiatives. The funds are raised for various causes by posting an event on IndieGoGo. In 2013 $869,291 were raised by this initiative. Green is also part and a protagonist of the “The List Show” in which he discusses interesting facts about a particular subject. It is featured on the Mental Floss Magazine’s YouTube channel.

John Green Love Affairs

John Green wife Sarah Urist Green is an art enthusiast and used to work in the Indianapolis Art Museum as well. John Green marriage is a really happy one as both enjoy each other’s company and work. They got married in 2006 just one year after the release of his first novel. John Green Girlfriend Fran was featured in one of his video logs titled Breaking Up with 15 year Old girlfriend. He was seen calling his girlfriend from school and creating a funny video log with a breaking up scenario that he created. He is a loyal husband and loves his wife very much. Green’s wife is although commonly called as Yeti among the fans and followers as she has never appeared on camera with him apart from this single video. Read the next section to know more about John Green Awards.

Awards & Nominations

The novel ‘Looking for Alaska’ was awarded the annual Michael L. Printz Award by the American Library Association. It also featured on the ALA’s annual list of Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults. An Abundance of Katherines’ was nominated for Michael L. Printz Award in 2007 but didn’t win the award. Paper Towns won two major awards Edgar Allan Poe Award and Corinne Literature Prize. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was a runner-up of the two major annual ALA awards as well as Stonewall Book Award and the Odyssey Award.

Children’s Choice Book Awards was won by the fifth book Fault in our Stars. Apart from these, his books have been listed in the best sellers’ column of The New York Times several times. He has also won some awards apart from his writing skills which are MTV U Fandom Awards which is a Visionary Award won by him in 2014. Earlier in 2012 he received Indiana Authors Award that is a National Author Award. He also won Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Innovator’s Category.

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