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Durjoy Datta is one of the most famous authors of India in the recent times. Apart from being a fantastic fiction writer, he is also a screenplay writer and an accomplished entrepreneur. Very few people have the ability to do so much and be successful at all of it. He is among the finest Indian novelists who are young as well as talented. So many of his books have been on the bestsellers lists, since, he started penning them. He has also become the favorite author of many aspiring writers. He is helping them with a publishing house where he is actively involved in. Durjoy Datta books are easy to read and understand by those who don’t read much literature. To know more about this charming writer, read this insightful biography of Durjoy Datta.Durjoy Datta Images HD

Durjoy Datta Date of Birth

Durjoy Datta celebrates his birthday on 7th February and he was born in the year 1987. He is loved by fans across India and most of the years, he celebrates it with them. Now since he is married, his wife surprises him with adorable gifts and a quality time on this occasion. Durjoy Datta birthday is a special occasion for him and since he is a family person, he also likes to be with his family on this special day. He is highly educated and has pursued education through international colleges as well, to know more about his education, read the Durjoy Datta wiki.

Durjoy Datta Education

Durjoy Datta did his schooling from the Bal Bharati Public School in New Delhi. Later on, he went to pursue engineering from Delhi College of Engineering which is now known as the Delhi Technological University. He then continued his education by doing post graduation from Management Development Institute in Gurgaon. He also studied at the famous Frankfurt school of Finance and Management in Germany where he majored in finance and marketing. You would be surprised to know that he started writing right when he was in college.

Durjoy Datta Family Background

He was born in a Bengali family and was brought up in the capital city New Delhi in India. Durjoy Datta family provided him with top notch education and gave him the freedom to do what he liked. This is the reason why he could take up full-time writing and become one of the best Indian story writers. He respects his family and always makes sure of what their needs are. Learn more about how he is in his personal life in this Durjoy Datta biography.

Durjoy Datta Personal Life

Durjoy Datta bears an amazing personality and is loved by his fans and friends for his humble nature. He has a good sense of humor and keeps his company entertained. Although writing is a lonely job, one doesn’t have to be at an office to write. Thus, Durjoy Datta writes from his home just like all the other writers and spends quality time with his family. Owing to his good looks and a charming personality, he has a lot of female fan following. The writer is quite active on social media and keeps in touch with them through it.

Durjoy Datta Career

After he completed his education, he worked as an analyst at American Express before quitting this job to become a full-time writer. He always knew that he will venture into writing but he never anticipated that he will become a full-time writer and more importantly such a famous writer. Durjoy Datta debut book “Of course, I love you” released while he was still in college. This is a sheer testimony of how passionate he was for writing right from his college days. He then kept writing a book almost every year most of which went on to become best sellers.

In the year 2011, he co-founded a publishing house and named it Grapevine publications. All the Durjoy Datta novels have been published by Grapevine since then. Apart from writing books and running a publishing house, he is also a screenwriter for some of the most popular youth centric shows in India. Durjoy Datta TV shows include ‘Sadda Haq’, ‘Million Dollar Girl’ and ‘Veera’ all of which are popular on the Indian television. This also shows how multi-talented he is. If you check out Durjoy Datta book list, you will find all the best sellers in it.

Interesting facts about Durjoy Datta

  • Durjoy Datta has also spoken in many TED talks on inspiring topics and his journey of becoming a writer.
  • He has authored more than 12 books and is still writing which shows how prolific he is at his profession and passion.
  • He is the co-founder of Grapevine Publications and Durjoy Datta age was just 24 when he launched it.

Durjoy Datta Love Affairs

Durjoy Datta looks like a personality who has many girlfriends but he is happily married with his longtime girlfriend Avantika Mohan. Previously, they dated and she was Durjoy Datta girlfriend for many years and later they turned it into their marriage. Durjoy Datta wife Avantika is an air hostess by profession and she lives in Dubai. Durjoy Datta marriage took place on 1st of March, 2016 after he made an adorable proposal to his then girlfriend on social media site Twitter. It was a unique way to propose and he was loved by his fans for the lovely gesture. Durjoy Datta wedding was widely discussed in the media and among his fans. We hope they have a lovely time together.

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