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In India, people barely give any attention to sports other than cricket. Majorly, the men sports team is revered much more than the women. But the scenario seems to be changing drastically these days and our women teams have been getting a lot of attention, be it cricket or some other different sport. Pratima Singh is one of the most prominent names in the sporting history of our country as she represents the women basketball team. She is an Indian basketball player and has earned a good reputation for herself in the recent past years. Pratima fits right into the best category of a sportsperson, who is young as well as talented. She has been playing basketball since many years now in the Indian basketball team and surely has a long way to go. The biography of Pratima Singh will let you know in depth about the famous personality as well as the struggle involved in her journey.Pratima Singh Photos

Pratima Singh Date of Birth

Pratima Singh birthday is celebrated on 6th February and she was born on this day in the year 1990. Sometimes, she is surprised to see what her friends and family have planned for her. On most occasions, she celebrates her special day with the people she is close with including her friends and family. A lot of her fans also wish her through social media and other forms of communication. Also, sometimes when she has a match on her birthday, it is celebrated with her colleagues in an enjoyable way.

Pratima Singh Family Background

It is astonishing to know that all the siblings of Pratima Singh are top class national level basketball players for India. They are also famously known as the Singh sisters as all five of them are really talented basketball players. Priyanka, Divya, Prashanti, Akansha and Pratima are the five siblings who play for India’s basketball team. Their parents must be really proud since all the daughters are playing for their nation and making it proud.

Pratima Singh Education

Although she pursued education, her core focus was playing basketball which is the sport she was passionate about from the beginning. She led the Delhi University team in the All India Inter-University Cup and also won a gold medal for it. She also went to Jesus Mary College, where she won many best player medals. Mostly, she was engaged in sports and never went to college to seek technical knowledge of the courses she enrolled in. You will love to know about her family who is heavily involved in the basketball sport through this Pratima Singh biography.

Pratima Singh Personal Life

She is a hard working professional and there is very little time that she gets for her personal work. Pratima manages her time efficiently and makes sure she enjoys her life in other endeavours as well. Pratima Singh height is 5 ft 8 inches and it is perfect for a women basketball player as it requires a good height. She also has a nice personality and looks gorgeous. If you want to have a look at the Pratima Singh photos, you can check them out on the various social network sites she is a part of.

Pratima Singh Career

Pratima Singh basketball career has been among the most prolific ones. Even she herself wouldn’t have thought that she would get to such heights at a young age. Pratima Singh age was just around 16 when she started her career in Indian Basketball team. At first, she was selected in the Junior Indian team in the year 2006 and she also captained the Junior Indian girls’ team in the year 2008. Pratima portrayed leadership skills and this made her lead many such teams in the future. It was also a strong testimonial of her leadership as she won many medals while her tenure as a team captain for the juniors team. She then represented the Delhi University and won a lot of matches. Although she was a vice-captain for the team, she led it very well. Soon, she started playing for the Indian team along with her sisters and put forward some brilliant performances in every match. This Pratima Singh wiki is quite evident of her hard work and initial struggle she faced while getting started. However, she gives out a strong message that one must start young and persevere all the way to the top.

Interesting facts about Pratima Singh

  • She was a Gold medalist at the National Institute of sports.
  • She was awarded the best player in the All India Intervarsity domain.
  • She has received Sportswomen of the year awards several times in her career.
  • Pratima was the top scorer of the tournament in the Senior National Basketball Championship.

Pratima Singh Love Affairs

As we all know, Pratima Singh boyfriend was Ishant Sharma from a long time and they both get along well. Pratima Singh has been in a lot of limelight recently as she got married to her longtime boyfriend. Pratima Singh engagement happened to the Indian cricket team bowler Ishant Sharma in early 2016. Recently, after everything went right, Pratima Singh marriage happened in a grand affair in June 2016. Many sports celebrities graced the wedding and they were thrilled to be at the marriage of the two sportspeople. Pratima Singh husband is now Ishant Sharma and we hope they both stay happy together for the rest of their lives.

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