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Aziz Ansari hot photosAziz Ansari is the most famous comedian and actor in America. He is very famous and popular in the field of comedies and acting. He is been looked up among many other comedians and actors and is been preferred the most amongst his contemporaries. Aziz Ansari date of birth is February 23, 1983. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, to an Indian Tamil Muslim family from Tamil Nadu, India. Aziz Ansari family background was modest and worshipped principles.His mother was Fatima who works in a medical office and his father Showkath, is a gastroenterologist. Ansari spent most of his time growing up in Bennettsville, South Carolina. He graduated from New York University and marketing was his major. He does not follow or believe in any religion as he says that he is an atheist. People find and look for Aziz Ansari to find out his family background and the man as a comedian. The Comedian Aziz Ansari biography unveils his personal interests and various professional works that has gained prominence.

Aziz Ansari Wiki

The great comedian Aziz Ansari wiki gets us acquainted with his career and personal life details. His career started from acting when he was in the New York University. He was a standup comedian in the year 2000. Aziz Ansari career has faced many challenges. In the year 2007, he took part in the MTV sketch comedy show, Human Giant which had two seasons. After this he played a prominent role in movies like Funny people, I love you, Man, Observe and report, and 30 minutes or less. Including the acting in the movies he continued to play as a comedian in various shows. He released his CD/DVD, which had a title “Intimate moments for a sensual evening” in the year 2010. He completed his major tour of new material, “Buried Alive”, as a comedian in the summer of 2013. He frequently performed as a comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the weekly shows such as invite them up. He won the jury award for the “Best standup” at HBO’S 2006. He also had a recurring role in the series of “Scrubs”.Aziz Ansari stand up was remarkable and noteworthy. Get more familiar with Biography of Comedian Aziz Ansari in the following paragraphs.

Aziz Ansari Comedy Shows

In August 2011, Aziz Ansari made a cameo appearance in the music video for Otis made by Jay –z and Kanye west which was actually a collaboration album,” Watch the Throne”. With the skill of acting and also the roles played as a comedian, Aziz Ansari made appearances in movies too. That was a great hit and there was much demand for his acting skill including the role as a comedian. There are many a movie in which Ansari has made special appearances. This includes, Get him to the Greek, I love you, man, 30 minutes or less, observe and report, funny people, let’s do this etc.

Aziz Ansari Love Affairs

Including the acting and the career as a comedian, Aziz Ansari was also involved in the social charity. This made him stand out amongst the other comedians. There are more searches in the internet and Google for Aziz Ansari and his personal life, Aziz Ansari’s biography, Aziz Ansari height, Aziz Ansari marriage, Aziz Ansari wife name etc. Aziz Ansari gets candid about love, marriage and relationships in an interview. He talks about how a marriage could stand by for a long run and how the couples can make it out for it. Aziz Ansari girlfriend name was Lisa to whom he texted and received the reply after an hour or so. Aziz Ansari love affair was talked about in various places and interviews. Aziz Ansari controversy had been the talk of many newspapers and gossips and rumors added to the spice. Aziz Ansari marriage and Aziz Ansari standup comedy shows were a treat for the spectators and everyone relishes the performances. Aziz Ansari has been a voracious reader throughout and has read various books on relationships and love. He talks about them and also writes articles on a topic which relates him and his friends to the day to day life. He says that he is not a pessimist when it comes to marriage and relationships. It’s just that he is frustrated at how things have changed and seems less fun and romantic than it actually were before. This biography of Aziz Ansari reveals many of his personal interests and likings and also enlightened us about his career graph.

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