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Cricket is a highly loved sport in India. Other sports or sports players do not get the same limelight and support as cricket players in India. There are many players from different sports fields that need a great platform and encouragement to showcase their talent. One such growing talent is Anisha Padukone who is an aspiring golf player and younger sister of the Bollywood damsel Deepika Padukone. Golf was played in India back in 1820s, but it took a while for Indian golfers to set their mark in an International level. Smriti Mehra, Sharmila Nicollet and Ankita Tiwana are few successful female golfers from India who had accomplished great feats and had achieved many awards for their talent. Anisha doesn’t want to enter glamour industry like her sister as she is more focused and want to represent India as a golfer on an international platform. Biography of Anisha Padukone gives you details about her personal life, career and her family background. Anisha Padukone wiki has many interesting aspects about her life.Deepika Padukone Sister Anisha Padukone Sexy Photos

Anisha Padukone Date of Birth

Anisha Padukone date of birth is 2nd of February and she was born in the year 1991. Anisha Padukone birthday is always a low key affair and despite of her sister being such a big Bollywood star, they celebrate their birthdays without seeking much attention. She starts her day by seeking blessings from her parents and celebrates with her close family and friends. Anisha Padukone biography reveals about her passion in sports and her journey as Anisha Padukone golfer.

Anisha Padukone Family Background

Anisha Padukone family hails from Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka, India. Anisha Padukone father is the great Indian former badminton player Mr Prakash Padukone. Mr Prakash Padukone was the first Indian to win ‘All England Championship’ in 1980. In 1972 he received the Arjuna Award and in 1982 he received one of the most prestigious awards Padma Shri. He was introduced to this game by his father Ramesh Padukone who was the Secretary of the Mysore Badminton Association and Anisha Padukone grandfather. He won many championships and was one of the best players of the country. He always lived a simple and modest life. His success overshadowed his personality and Anisha has the same characteristics. Anisha Padukone mother Ujjala Padukone is a travel agent. Anisha has one elder sister Deepika Padukone who is one of the most successful actress in B-town industry. Deepika is very protective towards her sister and they share a great bond with each other. They are one of the most famous celebrity siblings in the industry. Their parents have always been supportive towards their daughters. They always stood by them and supported to pursue their dreams. Her parents are extremely proud of both their daughters.

Anisha Padukone Personal Life

Anisha Padukone education was done from Mount Carmel College which is in Bangalore now Bengaluru, India. Her personal life has never been shed away from media and she has been extremely open about it. She is always seen along with her sister and family attending various Bollywood award functions. Anisha Padukone height and weight compliments her looks and personality. Deepika Padukone sister is as charming as her and has a elegant style which she carries really well. Both the sisters are humble and have a down to earth personality like their parents. Anisha has never been involved in any celebrity gossips.

Anisha Padukone Career

Golf is one the emerging sports in India. Initially it was popular and played by affluent classes. Though golf was played back in 1820s in India, it took a while for the Indian golfers to set their presence in the international platform. Anisha didn’t want to enter the glamour industry like her sister. She also played cricket, hockey, tennis and badminton but it was golf that fascinated her. Anisha Padukone age was 12 when she started playing golf which is quite young as she was just a child back then. But her age didn’t hold her back to do what she loved doing. It was her father Mr Prakash Padukone, the great legendary badminton player who inspired her to become a golfer. She is more focused and want to represent India on an international platform as a golfer. Sports has always been in her genes be it her father or her grandfather. Before becoming an actress, even Deepika Padukone was a national level badminton player.

There are a few other successful Indian golfers like Jeev Singh Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa, Anirban Lahiri, Arjun Atwal, and Sharmila Nicollet who have marked their presence on the international level. Deepika Padukone sister Anisha wants to be one of them and create a name as famous as her sister. She does not want the world to know her as Deepika Padukone sister instead she wants them to know her as Anisha Padukone golfer. She is not only talented and hardworking but she is as beautiful as her sister. Anisha Padukone images are beautiful with her adorable smile and pleasing eyes. She has thousands of followers on social profile and is quite actively involved in connecting with her fans and followers. Anisha works hard to fulfill her ambition. Looking at Anisha Padukone age she has a great career ahead as a golfer and would someday certainly make India proud on an international level.

Interesting facts about Anisha Padukone

  • Anisha Padukone is the younger daughter of the legendary badminton player Prakash Padukone.
  • Bollywood damsel diva Deepika Padukone is her elder sister.
  • She is 5 years younger than Deepika.
  • Deepika is extremely protective and caring just as a motherly figure for her.
  • Anisha started playing golf at the age of 12.
  • As a golfer she wants to represent India on the international level.
  • She completed her education from Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru.
  • She didn’t want to be an actress like her sister and sports is her passion.
  • Her mother is extremely protective towards her daughters and more concern about Anisha as she needs to travel to Delhi regularly for her golf tournaments.
  • Anisha is a harsh critic of her sister Deepika’s movies, she tells her straight away when she doesn’t likes her movies but also praises when she does a good job.
  • Unlike other celebrity siblings, they don’t have any ego issues and are very supportive of each other.

Anisha Padukone Love Affairs

There has never been any kind of allegations or controversies regarding Anisha Padukone love life. She is extremely shy in nature and prefers to stay away from all the attention. When these two sisters were growing up they got attention because of their father, but it wasn’t intense. She got a lot of attention when Deepika got into movies. Initially, Anisha didn’t knew how to react but after a certain point she got used to it, but still loves her own space and hates unnecessary paparazzi. As she doesn’t share much limelight we haven’t seen Anisha Padukone boyfriend and her hanging out, but maybe there is someone she doesn’t likes to talk about and is in a relationship with. Anisha though like Ranbir Kapoor over Ranvir Singh. We have to wait for Anisha Padukone marriage after she chooses the perfect person as she right now wants to focus completely on her career to make her dreams come true. Anisha Padukone husband will be really lucky to have her as a life partner and spend the life with her.

Anisha Padukone Controversy

Though she hasn’t been involved in any controversies professionally as a golfer, but she certainly caught people’s attention at the ‘Filmfare Awards’ of 2016. When both she and her celebrity sister Deepika walked the red carpet of the Filmfare awards it wasn’t difficult for the media and fans to spot that she was wearing Deepika’s dress at the event. Few days ago, her sister was seen in the same dress for an event and Anisha padukone wore the same one in the Filmfare Awards.

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