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Australia has produced several top-notch actors and actresses who have been to the zenith of popularity in Hollywood. One such actress is Margot Robbie, who is exceptionally talented and is quite popular for her roles in various movies. Right from the beginning of her career, she has proved the skills she possesses and outdone everyone else. She is regarded as one of the best Australian female actresses and the title is definitely worth her talent. Her popularity and fans are spread throughout the world and she has a global presence of her stardom. Read more about her career and how she became such a huge personality in this detailed biography of Margot Robbie.Margot Robbie Sexy Images

Margot Robbie Date of Birth

Margot Robbie was born on 2nd of July in the year 1990. She is quite young when compared to some of the other actors of Hollywood. Margot Robbie birthday is usually spent with her close friends and family. At times, she also spends her special day with her colleagues if she is out somewhere working. Her fans send hordes of wishes through social media sites and she graciously accepts them. Being such a popular actress, she receives a lot of wishes on her birthday. Read more about her family and friends in this Margot Robbie wiki.

Margot Robbie Family Background

Margot Robbie family belongs to Gold Coast in Australia. She was born in Dalby, Queensland but later on, the complete family moved to Gold Coast. Margot Robbie father is Doug Robbie, who was a former farm owner and Margot Robbie mother is Sarie Kessler, who is a physiotherapist. She also has three siblings, two brothers, and a sister. Margot Robbie siblings were looked after by her single mother. She barely had any contact with his father throughout her life.

Margot Robbie Education

She always knew that she wanted to become an actress and thus took up the drama in her graduation. She graduated from the Somerset College by pursuing drama as the main subject. Just when she was around 17 years old, she moved to Melbourne to pursue her career in acting and then began working hard for it. She is a gentle and compassionate person and you will know more about her personal life ahead in this Margot Robbie biography.

Margot Robbie Personal Life

In her personal time, Margot Robbie likes to spend her time traveling to different destinations and exploring new places. She has now visited most of the popular cities on the planet and plans to travel more. Margot Robbie height is around 5 feet and 6 inches, although she is not much tall but for an actress, she bears a decent height. Margot Robbie measurements are 34-24-34 which make her look glamorous in all kinds of avatars. Margot Robbie bikini scenes also became quite popular with her fans but her parents were adamant at the beginning of such scenes. However, being an actress such scenes can’t be avoided. She is also called as Robbie Margot by a few friends and family members.

Margot Robbie Career

She has had one of the most humble beginnings for an actress. When Margot Robbie age was just 16, she worked in three simultaneous jobs to make ends meet. After a year, she came to Melbourne and then began her professional journey in acting. In the year 2017, she starred in two different feature films ‘I.C.U’ and ‘Vigilante’. With her performance in these two movies, she came to the attention of directors and people wanted to cast her. She did a lot of commercials after the initial stint and even they were quite impressive. She soon established herself as one of the finest Aussie female actors.

Margot’s big break came in the year 2013 when she was cast in Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’. The movie became Martin’s highest grossing film and it was nominated for 5 Academy Award categories. Her role in the movie was highly praised and critics claimed that she had a great future. Later in her career, she also starred with legendary actor Will Smith in the movie ‘Focus’ and got praised for her role there too. It started a streak of movies that she enjoyed doing and it brought her both, fame and acclaim. For all the Margot Robbie movies, she received praises from well-renowned critics. During her time on TV, Margot Robbie TV shows were also quite popular. By already having so much popularity, Margot Robbie upcoming movies have a lot of expectations. Fortunately, we haven’t heard of any Margot Robbie controversies as she has always stayed out of it and focus on her work.

Interesting Facts about Margot Robbie

  • She did a cameo in an Oscar-winning movie, ‘The Big Short’.
  • She was nominated in a lot of award functions for her role in ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’.
  • In the movie ‘Suicide Squad’, she portrayed the role of Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie Love Affairs

Just like most of the Aussie actresses, she has had her fair share of love affairs throughout her career. Currently, Margot Robbie boyfriend is Tom Ackerley, who is in the same field and is an assistant director. She also lived with him along with her two friends in London. Hopefully, we will get to know Margot Robbie husband name in the future when she decides to make their relationship official and announce their marriage. We all can expect Margot Robbie marriage to happen soon as she is living with her boyfriend who can soon turn into her husband.

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