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The year 2007 forth has witnessed Mr Rahul Sharma as the Vice President of the marketing and internet channel of Mobile Wave Group PLC. Rahul Sharma has gained his share of fame by co-founding the well-known Micromax Informatics Limited where he is presently serving as the Chief Executive Officer. He happens to be a lively personality which is evident from his active online presence on multiple social networking platforms. His reputation today is built around, and stands strong, for his comprehensive experience and intelligence at launching new products, aided by his excellent business and marketing knowledge. To know more about the co-founder of Micromax, keep reading Rahul Sharma bio.Rahul Sharma Micromax Founder Photos

Rahul Sharma Date of Birth

The exact Rahul Sharma was born in 1976. However, he was listed as one of the influential young people on Fortune’s 40 under 40 lists, which put Rahul Sharma age under 40 years in 2014. Rahul Sharma birthday is the occasion of joy for him and his family. He loves to party with business friends and family on this very special day.

Rahul Sharma Family Background

Rahul Sharma Micromax Founder hails from Nagpur city and is an Indian by nationality. Among Rahul Sharma parents is his father who is a principal at a reputed school. Rahul Sharma family is based in Nagpur as well.

Rahul Sharma Education

Sharma obtained his graduation degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Saskatchewan. He is also a holder of bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nagpur.  He was studious since childhood and always had a spark to do something big. This is the reason why he is a big name at present.

Rahul Sharma Personal Life

As in September 2015, Rahul Sharma was engaged to Asin Thottumkal, who is the famous bollywood actress. The marriage of Asin with Rahul Sharma has even been actively announced by Rahul Sharma Facebook profile. Rahul Sharma has an active online presence which is also evident from the list of thousands of users who follow Rahul Sharma Twitter. He describes himself as a casual and sporty person. Rahul Sharma height and reputation had grown with his success. To more about him, keep reading biography of Rahul Sharma.

Rahul Sharma Career

Rahul Sharma has been associated with Mobile Wave Group PLC since the year 2007. What he is famous for, is for being the CEO of Micromax Informatics Limited which was co-founded by him. Initially Sharma served as the Executive Director of Product strategy and Channel sales at the company from where he went on to become an experienced and trained marketing architect with a robust background in product goods and technology marketing. His skills enabled him to spearhead various campaigns at Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft Xbox and Shaw cable systems. Since 2004, he had also acted as the Vice President at Shaw Communications. He has ample experience in holding various management positions in the arenas of communications, consumer marketing and brand management. His talent and skills have enabled him to build strong brands and launching new products. Today, Rahul Sharma’s extensive marketing knowledge has led to the formation and development of the technology giant Micromax. The brand has come to be known as a common place term among the population which is evident from the number of people knowing about Micromax Company and also opting for the brand for mobile purchases. Rahul Sharma Salary is surely huge enough to live a comfortable life. Rahul Sharma Net Worth is in millions. To know more about the business personality, keep reading Rahul Sharma Biography.

Some interesting facts about Rahul Sharma

  • Rahul Sharma is among the fortunate young entrepreneurs to be listed on Fortune’s list of 40 under 40.
  • The business icon plans to wrap up his professional commitments soon to revert his focus at his personal life.
  • He is said to be on good terms with tinsel town actor Akshay Kumar who is said to be the cupid behind bringing together him and Rahul Sharma girlfriend Asin. Interestingly, the actor is also among the first promoters of his brand Micromax.
  • Rahul Sharma Love Affairs with actress Asin have been making rounds for quite some time now but the duo kept their relationship under wraps and are waiting for Asin to complete her professional commitments
  • He is touted to be a casual worker and businessman. It is said that he is not a very big fan of formal attires and even discourages his employees from wearing formal suits and jackets to work.

Rahul Sharma Love Affairs

Rahul Sharma had never shown his love side in media. Rahul Sharma wedding was still a big question that time. However, after Asin and Rahul were seen together at couple of occasions, the news was spread in media. Rahul Sharma wife name is Asin Thottumkal, who will be marrying soon after their engagement in September 2015. Yes, you have heard right, Asin Husband is going to be Rahul Sharma. Rahul Sharma Marriage date had not been fixed yet, but will surely be fixed after the couple decide to marry. So, this was all about Rahul Sharma wiki. Read the next biography of comedian Sunil Grover.

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