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Poonam Pandey without ClothesPoonam Pandey is one of the well known dusky girls in Indian glamour world. She had been in headlines many a times in her career. She is sensuous and sexy with hot figure. Youth is fan of Poonam Pandey and youngsters are eagerly searching for Poonam Pandey biography, Poonam Pandey nude photos, poonam Pandey controversy, Poonam Pandey mms, Poonam Pandey upcoming movies, and much more about her. She is popular for her svelte figure and her bold image. She had even received a lot of coverage because of her explicit photos. She is a model and bollywood actress. Read biography of Poonam Pandey to know all about Poonam Pandey in details.

Poonam Pandey Date of Birth

Poonam Pandey date of birth is 11 March, 1991. Poonam Pandey age is 23 years old. She was born in Mumbai in a Brahmin family. Poonam Pandey has two siblings, one is her sister Shraddha and other is her brother Nilesh. Nilesh is two years elder than Poonam and is a software engineer by profession.

Poonam Pandey Personal Life

Poonam Pandey wanted to become a model since her childhood. She is fond of cricket and love to watch cricket in her past time. She is the desperate fan on Indian Cricket that she was even ready to strip, if India wins the world cup in 2011.

Poonam Pandey height is 5 feet 7 inches. Poonam Pandey weight is about 45 kgs. Poonam Pandey hot figure is really popular among the youth. Her figure is 34-26-36. Her zodiac is Pisces. Poonam Pandey breast size is 34 inches. Continue reading Poonam Pandey biography to know more about Poonam Pandey boyfriend, Poonam Pandey love affairs, Poonam Pandey marriage, and Poonam Pandey wiki details. Poonam Pandey Favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan and favorite actress is Deepika Padukone.

Poonam Pandey Career

Poonam Pandey started her career as a model. She was one of the best eight contestants in Gladrags (2010). She appeared as the cover girl on cover page of fashion magazine. She shot her photos for 29 calendars in 2011 along with Gladrags calendar. She was the Kingfisher Calendar Girl for 2011 beating thousand contenders around the world. She was also in the top 10 Google Zeitgeist 2011, in list of rising celebrities of India. She also features Kingfisher Calendar 2012. Poonam Pandey boyfriend is not known yet, while Poonam Pandey marriage is still an issue. She tweeted that she is married when asked whether she ever had s*x or not.

In year 2013, she was seen in an adult movie Nasha as a lead actress giving some hot shots. She was even seen naked in the movie and ended up having sexual affair with her student. She was glamorous and won heart of many youngsters. She was seductress in the Movie Nasha. Now people are waiting for Poonam Pandey upcoming movies. She had been signed for Nasha-2 by Sameer Sharma. She even participated in fourth season of action reality game show Khatron Ke Khiladi hosted by Akshay Kumar. Read full biography of Poonam Pandey to know more about her.

Poonam Pandey Controversies

Poonam Pandey was found in controversy when she announced that she will strip, if Team India wins the cricket World Cup 2011. She even sent a letter to BCCI (Board of Cricket Control of India). She posed naked when KKR (Kolkata Kniteriders), an IPL Cricket team, won IPL 5.

Another Poonam Pandey Controversy is related to her movie Nasha. In one of the movie posters of Nasha, Poonam Pandey is shown bare body without clothes, but tactfully covers the body parts that must be hidden. The protestors set these posters on fire on 20 July, 2013 in Mumbai. The general Secretary of Shiv Sena, Mr. Chitrapat had also objected her advertisements in which she is showing most of her skin.

Poonam pandey added more fuel to the controversies, and launched her website, where she posted her steamy bathing videos. Poonam pandey website is Poonam Pandey bathing videos crossed the limit of nudity. Soon you will see more videos about Poonam Pandey bedroom secrets. She had planned it and people especially youngsters are waiting for it.

Interesting Facts about Poonam Pandey

  • Poonam Pandey became one of the most searchable person in India in year 2011. She was on 5th position.
  • More than 4 lakh people follow her on Twitter.
  • She is fond of Cricket and is the biggest fan of Indian Cricket team.
  • She posted her sexy photo on twitter, when Virat Kohli scored 183 runs in Asia Cup, against Pakistan.
  • She also did modeling for magazines and is the first model to go nude for magazines.

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