Mr Gay World 2014 Winner Sushant Divgikar Biography, Affair, Controversy

Sushant Divgikar is a versatile character of the industry, who have undoubtedly raised the bars of both art and drama. He is an all-rounder because of his presence in the Indian theatre, with excellent acting and modeling skills. He is also a well-known choreographer and VJ. His talent in various fields has made him very well known in industry. Not only this, he represented India on the platform of Mr Gay 2014 and was declared as the winner of the show. He even managed to earn some other awards in the event however could not manage to win the title. Well his increasing popularity has made every common man curious to know more about him, and this is one of the reasons what calls us to write biography of Sushant Divgikar. He is also one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Seasons 8 and people can have a look at him during the show and get to know who he lives in his normal routine life.

Sushant Divgikar Date of Birth

Sushant Divgikar birthday is on 2nd July 1990 and he took birth in Mumbai, India. He has managed to earn so much fame across the world with his hard work. He belongs to a Maharashtrian family, thus we can say that he has Indian values imbibed within him and is also an Indian by heart.

Sushant Divgikar mother Bharati Divgikar was a former bank employee and Sushant Divgikar father Pradeep Divgikar was former deputy commissioner in customs, while his brother Karan belonged to modeling background who has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for Sushant. His brother made him enter the glamorous world and work hard for achievement of success. His mother is now running an NGO to uplift the unprivileged sections of the society. It can be noticed that Sushant Divgikar family background is well educated and they have broad thinking, which is continuously supporting their kids to move on in their career.

Sushant Divgikar Education & Stats

Talking about Sushant Divgikar education, he is highly educated and has also earned for himself a prestigious degree from IGNOU University. And talking about his personal details, Sushant Divgikar height is 5 feet 11 inches, and the model has consistently worked towards his body and physique. Sushant Divgikar weight is just appropriate to suit his physique and height. His personality and dashing looks has always been working in his favor which made his stands apart from the whole crowd.

Sushant Divgikar Career

It is not a hidden fact that the model is multi-talented and has managed to earn good name in industry with his hard work.  During the show of Mr Gay India 2014, he even won 4 sub awards which is a big achievement in itself. He was even part of the show Big Switch 3, where he was often applauded for performing the tasks courageously. His determination for the tasks gave viewers an idea of his hard working attitude towards his work.

The success of the show brought three more shows to the model however the name of the shows and other details remains unrevealed. After crossing the hurdles he finally achieves success and for all this he gives credit to his family and their continuous support. He considers his parents as his lucky mascot and feels blessed to have them all around.

Sushant Divgikar Wiki Details

While thinking about the model, actor, choreographer, VJ it really becomes hard to think that actually what profession does he belong to and this is because of the fact that he has put his foot in almost every field in industry and has also managed to earn name in those worlds. Bigg Boss 8 Contestant Sushant Divgikar Biography has big dreams and he wants to work towards them with continuous determination and is also putting in continuous efforts to fulfil them. He wants to set up a counselling centre where he can talk about equality of gender and also educate people on these topics.

He is a member of Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company and his dance performance has been seen by many of the people. He is also said to be skilled in Karaoke and is an unbeatable winner when it comes to Karaoke. Out of all the Sushant Divgikar TV shows, credits for his success and fame go to UTV Bindass wherein he played as an anchor and was appreciated both by viewers and critics.

Sushant Divgikar Personal Life

After his victory as Mr Gay 2014, many viewers raised their eyebrows thinking that really is he a gay and all of this led to various rumours, but when the news was said to be positive then thankfully it did not led to any Sushant Divgikar controversy. There were also rumors about Sushant Divgikar wife, Sushant Divgikar girlfriend, Sushant Divgikar boyfriend, and Sushant Divgikar marriage, but all of them seemed to be gossips and did not bother the path of model towards success.

Consistently he has been working effortlessly towards his goals and has been winning the hearts of viewers with his work and talent. He has proved the statement right that if there is a will there is a way, and the young actor has been paving way for himself in spite of all the odds and rumor in thaw B Town.

Sushant Divgikar in Big Boss Season 8

Sushant Divgikar hot VideosThe dashing model made a grand opening in the show and was welcomed warmly by the heart throb and host of the show Salman Khan. It has been two days of the show and Sushant seems to maintain good image both in front of the viewers and his house mate.  Well who knows if Sushant Divgikar is declared as Bigg Boss season 8 winner after the immense success of Gauhar Khan. Other contestants of Bigg Boss 8 are Karishma TannaSoni SinghUpen Patel, Gautam Gulati, Sonali Raut, Pritam SinghDimpy Mahajan, Praneet Bhatt, Diandra Soares and some other hot celebs. 

However such questions shall be answered with passage of some time. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it as the Winner of Bigg Boss 8. I hope Sushant Divgikar Biography was informative and helped you know him in a better way. So keep following us for some more biographies of some of the famous or not so famous actors, models or well-known artists or people in the world. Read the next one of Snapdeal Owner Kunal bahl Biography.

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