Rafael Nadal Girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello Biography

Hot Wallpapers of XiscaRafael Nadal is one of most popular Tennis superstar who is dating with Maria Francisca Perello from long term. Maria Francisca Perello had captured the heart of people as Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend throughout the world. Nadal’s relationship with Maria Francisca Perello was first revealed in Wimbledon Championship. Maria Francisca Perello lived at Majorca that time, which is Rafael Nadal’s hometown too.

Rafael Nadal girlfriend’s full name is Maria Francisca Perello. She is known by her pet name Xisca. The 25 year old girl studied in Palma de Mallorca and then flew to London to study business management and English language. Xisca had been working with Mapfre, which is the Spanish company who had sponsor agreement with Nadal. She was appointed as the Director for Social Integration of Rafael Nadal Foundation.

Rafael Nadal Xisca Love Affair

According to the reports, they had been dating since December 2005. Xisca was born on 7th July, 1988. Nadal never talked about the Xisca in press conferences. Nadal only talked about her when he returned from a knee injury after 7 months of long exile. Couple was first time spotted in Mexico at Cozumel. Xisca is very straight forward and do not want too much fame and glamour neither she wants to be in media news.

Rafael Nadal first met her during the schooling and then slowly get to know about each other family. But they come into love from 2005. Rafael Nadal has broken hearts of many girls after this announcement. It has been more than 7 years of their relationship. I think this relationship is made in heaven. Though it is not very clear that when they will tie a knot and start a wedding life.

More on Maria Francisca Perello Xisca

Maria is an intelligent and brilliant girl since her childhood. She will soon become the wife of Rafael Nadal. There are not many pages on web that gives information about and neither she want to come to fame, She just want to love Rafael Nadal as much as she can. The couple is made for each other. But after the news of relationship of Xisca and Rafael had spread around, most of the girls had developed a jealous feeling about her. Many photos available on net depicts that they are in strong relationship.

Maria had tried her best to support Nadal and do not distract him from his game. She so not want to live celebrity life. Nadal’s girlfriend Xisca is Hot and sexy and most of the people keep searching her hot wallpapers too. You can easily find them here.

Rafael Nadal and Maria will soon get married. we are eagerly waiting for Rafael Nadal and Xisca Wedding.

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