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Mukesh Ambani ImagesMukesh Ambani is one of the richest businessmen of the world. The family to which Mukesh Ambani comes from is the richest family of the world. Mukesh Ambani is the Indian business Tycoon and has many companies under his belt. He is one of the topmost businessman and entrepreneurs of the world. Even the Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya does not have the wealth as compared to Mukesh Ambani. You must read Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani biography here and know about him and his total worth too.

Mukesh Ambani Date of Birth

The date of birth Mukesh Ambani is 19 April 1957. Mukesh Ambani age comes out to be 57 years as in June, 2014. The great Indian businessman Dhirubhai Ambani was Mukesh Ambani Father. Mukesh Ambani mother was Kokilaben Ambani. Mukesh Ambani family background is known by every person of India and many around the world. He is the eldest of brother in his family. He has a younger brother Anil Ambani and two sisters- Nina Kothari and Dipti Salgaoncar. Earlier he used to live in a two bedroom apartment, but later his father Dhirubhai Ambani purchased a 14 storey apartment in Colaba. The apartment was named as ‘Sea Wind’. Read full biography of Mukesh Ambani to know about Mukesh Ambani wiki details and education.

Mukesh Ambani Education

Mukesh Ambani completed his schooling from Hill Grange High School at Peddar Road, Mumbai. He also went to Abaay Morischa School in Mumbai. He is the Chemical Engineer by profession and has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Mumbai University. He then tried to do MBA from Stanford University, but later dropped or for helping his father in taking Reliance to new road.

Mukesh Ambani Personal Life

He is always a good human being and a frank person since his childhood. He was good at studies and loved chemistry. This helped him to go for chemical engineering later. His father was keen towards the non-academic aspects of life. He even appointed a teacher for Mukesh at early age that helped Mukesh to bring out the zeal for life with better vision. He started working in Reliance since the age of 17 years. He is quite different from other businessmen of his class and is very simple. He loves to eat vegetarian food.

Mukesh Ambani Business Career

Dhirubhai Ambani got the license of opening Polyester Filament Yarn company from the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He called Mukesh from Stanford University to support him in Business. Mukesh had also given his major contribution in father’s business since the age of 17 till he went to Stanford University. Once he returned from there, he began expanding his father’s worth and entered into polyester from textiles and then further to petrochemicals.  The major growing phase of Reliance was seen in 1981 when Mukesh handled most of his father’s business.

Mukesh Ambani setup Reliance Infocomm Limited, which is now called as Reliance Communications Limited that is dealing with information and communication services. Ambani had created the largest grassroots refinery in Jamnagar, India. This is the world’s largest grassroots refinery for petroleum. Mukesh Ambani annual turnover is several thousand billions USD.

He is the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited. He is the owner or co-partner of any other companies. He had setup the most complex 4G wireless network in India. One of the Mukesh Ambani controversy is that Arvind Kejriwal, former Chief Minister of Delhi filled a FIR against him for raising the gas price. Arvind also blamed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other political parties are silent to this issue. Read complete Mukesh Ambani biography to know more about him.

Mukesh Ambani Marriage

Mukesh Ambani wife name is Nita Ambani. She is the co-owner of IPL team ‘Mumbai Indians’. Their marriage was quite a funny marriage when Nita thought that she had been fooled by someone, while she was given the offer to marry son of Dhirubhai Ambani- Mukesh Ambani. But at the end, they married happily. They have three children. Mukesh Ambani children can enjoy their life in a good way as their father is the multi billionaire. Mukesh Ambani daughter name is Isha Ambani. He has two sons- Anant Ambani and Akash Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani Board memberships

  • Chairman of Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore
  • Member of Board of Governors UDCT in Mumbai
  • Member of Stock Compensation Committee, Chairman, Chairman of Finance Committee, Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited
  • Former Chairman of Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
  • Former Vice Chairman of Reliance Petroleum
  • Chairman of Board of Reliance Petroleum
  • President of Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum University
  • Board of Director of Bank of American Corporation

This was all about Mukesh Ambani and companies of Mukesh Ambani. Enjoy reading the next biography of Ranvir Shorey.

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