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We have many star kids in the Bollywood industry and almost all of them have gone on to become actors or actresses. However, one Starkid chose to become something different in the same industry. Popular actor Varun Dhawan brother and esteemed director David Dhawan son Rohit Dhawan has gone on to become a director in the Bollywood industry. With his debut movie ‘Desi Boyz’, he has continued in the path of the legacy of his father and the talent of his brother. We can safely assume that once he does a few more different movies, he will be counted among the top Bollywood movie directors. To know more about this new age talented director, read the full biography of Rohit Dhawan.Rohit Dhawan Photos

Rohit Dhawan Date of Birth

Rohit Dhawan was born in the year 1987 and he celebrates his birthday in a grand way. Since he himself and all his family members belong to the Bollywood fraternity, at Rohit Dhawan birthday party one can spot the top notch celebrities from the industry. He is quite known to throw lavish parties for his birthday in the same way like he celebrates the success of his movies. You must already be aware of his family but in this Rohit Dhawan biography, you will get to know it in a more detailed way.

Rohit Dhawan Family Background

Almost everyone in his family is involved in some or the other work in Bollywood. Rohit Dhawan father is David Dhawan, who needs no introduction and is considered among the veteran directors in Bollywood. Moreover, Rohit Dhawan brother is Varun Dhawan, who has made his place in the industry with stellar performances in the movies that he has done. His mother’s name is Karuna Dhawan and she is not involved in this industry in any way. He is the elder brother and Varun is younger than him. They have a cordial brotherly relationship.

Rohit Dhawan Personal Life

Rohit Dhawan lives a sorted out personal life, he tries to devote as much time as he can to his wife. Most of the directors and actors stay busy in their work commitments and completely neglect their family. Luckily, this is not the case with Rohit Dhawan. He gives ample amount of time to his family. Whenever he is not busy in doing any movies, he likes to holiday with his family or get involved in some or the other sort of sports. Rohit Dhawan height is around 5 ft and 7 inches which make him almost the same height as of his brother. Although he is not very tall, he always stays behind the camera so his physique doesn’t matter much. If you are more interested in how he has shaped his career, Rohit Dhawan wiki will give you a good insight into it.

Rohit Dhawan Career

Rohit Dhawan has had a prolific career up to now, with two super hit films to his name. He made his debut with the commercial hit ‘Desi Boyz’ starring A-list actors like Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham among others. He has proved his skills through the commercial movies he has done which include ‘Dishoom’ which he did with his brother Varun. Now, he must focus on doing some script rich movie to prove his mettle. Although he didn’t receive any formal education in filmmaking, he learned a lot by working as assistant directors in many other movies before he made his directorial debut with ‘Desi Boyz’. Some of the movies he has worked in include super hit movies like ‘Don’ and ‘Partner’. Also, when his father is such a legendary director in the industry why would he need anyone else’s lessons in the art.

If you notice Rohit Dhawan movies, you can see the nuances of David Dhawan somewhere in them. With two back to back superhit movies, he has gained a momentum that is only seen in a few directors’ films. It is not difficult to say that Rohit will someday become as successful as his father in the direction of films and till he ends his career, he will have some notable movies in the history of Indian cinema. He has got a good amount of fan following of his own and fans are waiting for Rohit Dhawan upcoming movies eagerly. After more of his movies get released, he will surely be regarded among the top Indian film directors.

Interesting Facts about Rohit Dhawan

  • He was a second unit director in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Don’ which released in 2006.
  • He was an associate director in his father’s successful comedy movie ‘Partner’ starring Salman Khan and Govinda.
  • Dishoom is the first movie where he worked with his brother Varun Dhawan.
  • Rohit Dhawan age was around 25 when he made his directorial debut.

Rohit Dhawan Love Affairs

He has been happily married for a few years and as far as the media knows, only his wife was Rohit Dhawan girlfriend in his younger days. Rohit Dhawan wife is Jaanvi Desai Dhawan and they both had a love marriage some years back. Whenever a celebrity throws a party, you can see the couple present there. Rohit Dhawan marriage was a grand affair where many Bollywood celebrities had made their presence felt. Luckily, there has never been any sort of controversies relating to his love affairs or extramarital affairs. We hope they continue their marriage in the same way until now and live a happy life.

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