Sitar Player Anoushka Shankar Biography

Anoushka Shankar Nude PhotosAnoushka Shankar, she is the most famous Indian sitar player and consumer. She had been bought up in London and had made the Indians proud with the talent she has. We have presented the Anoushka Shankar Biography here, which contains the following details about her i.e. Anoushka Shankar wiki details, Anoushka Shankar height, Anoushka Shankar mother name, Anoushka Shankar Family, and Anoushka Shankar wiki details too.

Anoushka Shankar Date of Birth

Her date of birth is 9 June, 1981. She took birth in London and belonged to the Bengali Family. Anoushka Shankar father name is Ravi Shankar, the famous Indian Sitar player and her mother name is Sukanya Shankar. She is also the paternal half sister of Norah Jones and Shubhendra, who died in the year 1992.

Anoushka Shankar Personal Life

She lived in various cities like Encinitas, California. Anoushka Shankar education was done at San Dieguito Academy. She after completing her honours graduation, decided to pursue music as her profession rather than attending college for further studies.

Anoushka Shankar Career

She began with her training at an age of nine, with her father who undoubtedly was the best guru she could have ever got. And under the supervision of such an expert, it was no wonder to see her publically performing just at the age of nine. Then in the year, 1998 she came with her first album named as “Anoushka” and then in the year 2000 another album was released. She became the youngest nominee ever in the World Music Category for her third album “Live at Carnegie Hall”, and then there was no stoppage for her. She came up with many more releases year after year. She also gave music for a short film by Ethan Boehme. She was even part of the legendary film “Water” wherein she gave a sound track in that movie.

She even tried acting and writing and tried herself on the movie “Dance like a Man”. Her skills and talent was always appreciated both by the fans and the critics, and one of the examples to this is, she got nominated as the best supporting actress in the India’s National Film Awards for her debut role in Dance Like A Man. In 2002 she also even wrote a biography on her father and it one of the best decisions which she took, as how could anybody else know her father better than her. She named the biography “Bapi: The Love of My Life”. This was just a start she gave to her writing, after this she wrote monthly columns for First City Magazine for consecutively three years, and also wrote weekly columns in the popular newspaper “Hindustan Times” for nearly one year. Hence it would be needless to say, that along with the talents she has the will to work and try her luck in different career fields. Stay connected to the Sitar Player Anoushka Sharma Biography as you have more to read on her love life, Anoushka Shankar husband name, Anoushka Shankar Children and Anoushka Shankar Concerts.

Anoushka Shankar Love Affair

Anoushka Shankar marriage date was kind off kept secret, after one of the biggest controversies. Anoushka Shankar controversy included the news of her being pregnant, without being married. Later sometime in October 2, 2010 it was revealed knots have been tied with Anoushka Shankar boyfriend, who is British Filmmaker Joe Wright.

Zubin Shankar Wright, her son took birth on February 22, 2011. She is always heard of travelling between the three places, i.e. London, Delhi and California.

Anoushka Shankar Concerts

She gave a remarkable performance, when in 2003 she performed in a concert which was organised on the first anniversary of George Harrison. She was the sole performer for the whole set of Indians. She was also a part of A Billion Hands Concert, which was done to help the victims of the Mumbai 2008 attacks and the concert was held on 5 December 2008.

This was all about the journey of the famous Sitar Player Anoushka Shankar and a great all rounder. I hope you guys found biography of Anoushka Shankar interesting; you can leave in your comments for any information. And guys keep following us to know about the latest star updates. Read next biography Brazillian Footballer Neymar.

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