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Who is founder of sapdealBiography of Kunal Bahl is a source of inspiration for the youngsters who aspires to achieve great heights of success in their life. He gave the young blood of our nation the motivation in their dream and thus works hard to achieve it, no matter if it requires one to choose the odds for this option. Kunal Bahl age was just 25, when he started off with the business of Snapdeal and his achievement at such a small age says all about him.  Kunal Bahl biography says all about his life, career and achievements and how he crossed all the barriers in his life.

Kunal Bahl Date of Birth

The founder turned 31 recently and he is the CEO of Jasper, which is considered to be the largest coupon company in India. Jasper is a well known company who after inception is a big company which has 300 members and performs operation in around 30 cities and also 5 countries.

Kunal Bahl Personal Life

About Kunal Bahl education, he has done engineering from University of Pennsylvania and then over a decade ago he got his business degree from the Wharton School. His mother was supportive on the idea of giving up employment and choosing the idea of business over it. The dream of achieving Snap Deal was not an easy thing to do, however he was continuously working towards it and meanwhile his mom kept thinking if he was building castles or if anything fruitful would come out of it.

Kunal Bahl Career

Kunal started with his career by some professional jobs in big companies like Deloitte Consulting which is one of the big 4 companies of Chartered Accountancy and then he joined the Microsoft company based in US. Microsoft has provided companies with various high tech tools which have made the working much easier. Eventually the man shifted from an employee to being an entrepreneur and started off a business with a petty amount of Rs 40 Lakhs and eventually became the CEO of Snapdeal, and it was then he started the company and realised the shopping styles have grown in the country and customers don’t prefer to get into hassles while shopping. It was then he decided to setup a business of discount coupons in India which turned out to be working on the Indian customer base. Average turnover of Snapdeal was around Rupees 2000 core in the year 2013-14 which was far above than the result of past two years. Lately, Kunal Bahl who runs founded a detergent company in US, which stands various products in almost 3000 shops in US. Kunal Bahl net worth has appreciated with the changing times, and he is considered to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

Kunal Bahl wife

Kunal Bahl is an ultimate foodie, and he was lucky to know find her soul mate completely like him. Kunal Bahl marriage date is not known, but on this auspicious day he got the soul mate of his life. Kunal Bahl wife name is Yashna, and they both love food and like to try them at every place they go. It often happens that they end up ordering more but still ensures that food does not gets wasted. They enjoy each other company and often plan trips to Bangkok and Dubai to try on some of the foods served there. Snapdeal owner Kunal Bahl biography contains more details like Kunal Bahl children, Kunal Bahl email, Kunal Bahl height etc.

The Generous Entrepreneur

Kunal Bahl website name is, which has been growing constantly and managed to earn good profits. He wanted to share the profit with the people of the country such that it can be utilised for the benefit of some people. It was this time when with just USD 5000 he got 15 hand pumps installed in the village, thus making life much easier and convenient for the villagers. After this the village was named after the company and it was called as “ Nagar”. The man worked with a different set of mind, which had dreams of becoming big and also had the courage to share his achievements with others and his country. It brought a new working spirit in the existing culture, which encouraged people to fulfil their social responsibility and hence work for their own and also for the betterment of the society.

Kunal Bahl wiki details hence works as a biggest source of inspiration for the youth and hence proves that nothing in this world is impossible if one works towards it with full focus and determination. Dreams should be trusted and continuously followed until one manages to achieve it. I hope it was fun going through the biography. You can follow us to know more about other famous personalities and achievers. Read American Actress Miley Cyrus biography next.

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