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Are you an internet freak? Do you spend time over social networking websites? Do you have good grammar and good English? DO you love to write about yourself and others and spread it over the social media? Then you are the person for whom we are looking for. You can contribute to our blog by writing few biographies on different categories mentioned on our blog. You can also submit your own biography and then enjoying sharing it with your friends. And yes, one of the most amazing things is that you can submit it for free. We only demand good original content from your side.

How can you contribute to our blog?

As you all know, this is a biography house that have biographies of different personalities and common man. You need to contribute us in by giving us the content (biography). We will love to get your work properly written genuinely.

Before you start writing, you need to research a little on web and produce the best content from your side. The content must not have any violation to our privacy policy. You can also contact us to share what you are planning to write.

Why to write on Biogtown?

Biogtown.com is one of best growing blogs and will be getting good traffic always. You will always see the increasing readers to this blog. It will be beneficial for you if you contribute your biography on our blog so that more and more people read your biographies. You can get popularity and improve on skills of writing. If you are willing to write more biographies following our privacy policy along with the instructions given below then we will provide you with permanent author link to our blog with your image on every post you provided us.

Guidelines to write biography for Biogtown

  1. The title of the biography you provided must be above 40 characters and grammatically correct. Though we can change your title if we find it uninteresting keeping SEO quality in mind.
  2. The article you submit must be above 700 providing quality information. It should be free from spelling errors.
  3. The content must not be copied from anywhere and must be written well. Any content giving 85% uniqueness will be accepted. 100% unique content is highly appreciated. You can check the uniqueness of content from the URL- smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/
  4. No malicious or affiliate link would be entertained. We do not provide any do-follow links unless desperately needed.
  5. We request you not to link images inside the article. Just provide us 2-4 images. We will edit them and place them on your article accordingly to make them get placed efficiently.
  6. If the above said instructions are met properly with accuracy percentage of 80% then your will be accepted. Rest 20 percent will be edited or reframed by our team. Below 80% accuracy, the content might be rejected or posted in extreme cases. We will appreciate your efforts and make every possible effort to make your articles get number of readers.

What will you get in return by working on Biogtown?

The question that could be striking in your minds is that what will get by working on our blog.

  • You may get an author bio that can have links to your website (one) and social profiles (two) with a photo.
  • We will try to share your articles as much as it is possible so that more readers like it. You can also share your work to get more responses.
  • We will be ready to assist you always. We regret that sometimes there might be delay in advising you because of the busy schedules.
  • You can also get our assistance in finding the write topics.
  • You will be introduced to the web through author bio.
  • The author profile you get may be classified into two parts- Sub Author Profile and Super Author Profile.

What is Sub Author Profile of Biogtown.com?

The sub author profile of biogtown.com means that you will get author bio without your photo and website link. You will get only one social profile link (no-Follow) with the author bio and brief introduction about yourself included in author bio. This will happen when you come to submit one or two articles in a month or year or lifetime inconsistently.

What is Super Author Profile of Biogtown.com?

The super author profile of biogtown.com means that you will get author bio with your photo and website link (one). You will also get social profile link (2 Do-Follow) with the author bio and brief introduction about yourself included in author bio. This will happen when you submit 2 articles every month consistently.

Feel free to contact us through our contab page. You can contribute your own biography.