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Photos of ACP PradyumanACP Pradyuman biography is one of most popular topics running over the internet. This superstar is always in gossips because of his hand movements that are entertaining and exaggerating for people. ACP Pradyuman hand movement is really popular on Indian Television. You will be glad to know read biography of ACP Pradyuman here and it will cover following details about him like ACP Pradyuman real name, ACP Pradyuman wiki, ACP Pradyuman age, ACP Pradyuman movies, ACP Pradyuman jokes, and all about ACP Pradyuman. So, gear up to read the biography of this superstar, who is the man with great persona and courage.

ACP Pradyuman Real Name, Date of Birth, Wiki

ACP Pradyuman original name is Shivaji Satam. ACP Pradyuman Birthday falls on 21 April. Shivaji Satam Date of Birth is 21 April 1950. Though he has grown old, but still he can act well on screens. This is why he receives love from people, all across India and many parts of the world. One of the funny facts about him is that many people thinks that he is really a police officer working for CID. Continue to read the biography of Shivaji Satam and learn more about Shivaji Satam wiki details, family background, and personal life.

Shivaji Satam Education, Family Background, Personal Life

Shivaji Satam belongs to a Marathi Family and had done really well in his academics. He is a graduate in Chemistry from Bombay University. Shivaji is also a diploma holder in Business Administration. He belonged to a well off family and Shivaji Satam family background was not financially weak. Shivaji Satam younger brother is Parkash Satam. Shivaji Satam father worked in textile mill and earned good. He lived in a joint family that had 14 members in total.

Shivaji Satam Personal Life

Shivaji Satam started working as a cashier in Central bank of India and served there for 23 years. He even participated in many inter-bank stage shows and competitions. He had a strong interest in acting since his childhood and also acted in Marathi plays in his college. He was good at cricket too. If he would have not become an actor then he would be a cricketer. Shivaji Satam Age was just 17 when he was a part of big play in his college. Shivaji Satam height is 5 feet 6 inches and Shivaji Satam weight is 74 Kgs. Shivaji got his first break from an inter-bank play, where the producer noticed his skills of acting. Shivaji Satam birthday is a grand celebration for complete team of CID. Now, let us learn more about his other credentials and career in Shivaji Satam Biography.

Shivaji Satam Career/ ACP Pradyuman Career

Shivaji Satam keen interest in acting bought him in acting line and gave him fame. Let us learn about Shivaji Satam Television debut and Bollywood debut.

Shivaji Satam Television Career

Bal Dhuri, the Marathi Veteran Actor gave Shivaji a break in theatrical instrumental musical drama named ‘Sangeet Varad’. This was the first major appearance of Shivaji and was responsible for his first break. After this, there was no look back In his career. He debuted in one of the most popular TV serials of 1980s named ‘Rishte Naate’ and was loved for his acting. He also appeared in the series names ‘Famous Trials of India’ and then he also appeared in Marathi TV serial ‘Ek Shunya Shunya’.

Initially, Shivaji Satam was doing plays in his college days and continued to do so in his bank career too. His dedication towards acting made him popular and was responsible for giving him a break on big Television screens. Shivaji Satam most popular television serial is CID. This TV serial is responsible for his immense popularity and his hand movements are popular among the masses. He had been the part of ‘CID’ since 1998 when his friend BP Singh gave him a chance to act as an ACP in TV series ‘CID’. This TV show is popular on Indian television screen and is enjoyed by people across the nation. He has been seen in role of ACP Pradyuman in CID. ACP charges 1.5 lakhs rupees for every serial. Shivaji Satam hair transplant is done by Dr. Arvind in real life. Look more to ACP Pradyuman profile in coming section. Now people are waiting for Shivaji Satam upcoming TV serials.

Shivaji Satam Bollywood Career

Shivaji Satam first debuted in Bollywood in year 1987 with his first movie ‘Pestonjee’ in which he played the role of doctor. Then after a long break he was seen in superhit movie of Nana Patekar ‘Yeshwant’. Some of the other Shivaji Satam movies are ‘Gulam-e-Mustafa’ (1997), ‘Vinashak’ (1998), ‘Yugpurush’ (1998), ‘China Gate’ (1998), ‘Wajood’ (1998), ‘Hu Tu Tu’ (1999), ‘Daag’ (1999), ‘Sooryavansham’ (1999), and ‘Vaastav’ (1999).

In 2nd millennium, he was lucky to do number of movies at the start. Some of his movies are “Pukaar” (2000), ‘Baaghi’ (2000), ‘Nidaan’ (2000), ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Reheta Hai’ (2000), ‘Kurukshetra’ (2000), ‘Jodi No 1’ (2001), ‘Ehsaa’ (2001), ‘Nayak’ (2001), ‘Pitaah’ (2002), ‘Hathyaar’ (2002), ‘Filhaal’ (2002), ‘Praan Jaye Par Shaan na Jaye’ (2003), ‘Bardaasht’ (2004), ‘Garv’ (2004), ‘Virudh’ (2005), and ‘Taxi No 9211’ (2006). People are waiting for Shivaji Satam upcoming movies. They will love to see ACP Pradyuman new movie and serials.

Shivaji Satam English Movies

He had been the part of two English movies. Shivaji Satam first English movie was ‘English August’ that was released in year 1994 and his second English movie was ‘Split Wide Open’ released in year ‘2000’. Both these movies do not got too much of fame.

Shivaji Satam Marathi Movies

Shivaji Satam first Marathi movie was ‘Uttrayan’ and was released in year 2005. He them acted in his second Marathi movie ‘De Dhakka’ in year 2008. ‘Haapus’ is another Marathi movie in which he acted and was released in year ‘2010’.

Shivaji Satam Married Life & Personal Details

Many people want to know desperately about ACP Pradyuman wife in CID and her name. There is little info available about Shivaji Satam wife, but it is enough for his lovers and fans. Shivaji Satam had arranged marriage unlike many television stars and actors. Shivaji Satam mother suggested Shivaji Satam father the perfect bride for Shivaji. She was the daughter of Shivaji Satam Father’s friend and belonged to Maratha community only. She was a State level Kabaddi player and had been awarded ‘Chhatrapati Award’.

Shivaji Satam Wife name was Aruna Satam, who died in year 2000 because of breast cancer. Shivaji sometimes go emotional while talking about his wife at TV shows and Award functions. This depicts the essence of his true love for his wife. Shivaji Satam children have now grown old. Aruna left two sons before dying. Both of his sons are opted for theatre and are living their life happily. His son Abhijeet Satam is producer in Marathi movies. This was all about Shivaji Satam. Hope you enjoyed reading ACP Pradyuman Shivaji Satam biography. Read next biography of Zid movie Actor Karanvir Sharma.

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