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Dharmesh Sir is an extraordinary dancer. Dharmesh Sir Real Name is Dharmesh Yelande. He is an actor, dancer and choreographer too. Dharmesh has won several awards before becoming a celebrity. The word dance explains his full life history. 18 years back he was a simple guy with empty pockets but with a dream to become an excellent dancer he headed towards Mumbai. Dharmesh not only earned money but created name and fame in Bollywood. Dharmesh Sir Biography will astonish everyone. Like everybody Dharmesh came to Mumbai and started practising dance. His brother helped him to take part in dance shows. One can go through Dharmesh Yelande biography to know more about him.Dharmesh Yelande Images

Dharmesh Yelande Date of Birth

He was born in a Maharashtrian family in year 1983. Dharmesh Yelande birthday falls on October 31 and he loves to celebrate it with his family and friends. He is a supercool man and dance is in his nerves.

Dharmesh Yelande Education

Dharmesh Yelande education was completed from Baroda, Gujarat. Though he was born and brought up in Gujarat, but his heart is connected to Mumbai. Later on, he left Gujrat to learn Dance. Dharmesh Yelande wiki must be read completely to learn more about him.

Dharmesh Yelande Family Background

Dharmesh Yelande family was always supportive to him. His brother arranged money for him to take part in dance shows and showcase his talent. Though, Dharmesh Yelande parents were shocked when they heard his decision to move Mumbai in order to learn dance.

Dharmesh Yelande Personal Life

The real life of this Rockstar had improved to great extent once he had got name and fame. He might not be born with a silver spoon but later went on to write his destiny. Dharmesh Yelande photos can be browsed on internet and you can compare him from past life to his present life. Dharmesh Yelande height is about 5 feet 6 inches while Dharmesh Yelande weight is near about 60 Kg. His body stats are awesome to be a flexible dancer. Dharmesh is fond of travelling and he likes to dance all the time. In childhood whenever he cried, the neighbours put on radio and Dharmesh could not stop himself from dancing. Dharmesh knew that persistency always pays off. This makes Dharmesh Yelande bio interesting to read.

Dharmesh Yelande Career

Dharmesh has gone through many failures. As we know, failures are the best teachers of life. Dharmesh as a child participated in many dance competition. He won first dance competition of school level at age of 11. Since then he participated in many state level competitions and led to the foundation of dance in his mind and heart. There are many struggling girls and boys who want to get a job in Bollywood. Not everyone gets a chance to work with renowned choreographers like Farah Khan and Remo D’Souza. Dharmesh had won TV Reality Dance show ‘Boogie Woogie’. The freestyle dancing is quite evident in Dharmesh Dance videos. He religiously loves break dancing and always wanted to do something big.

One can follow Dharmesh Yelande TV shows to learn dance like him. He was seen as mentor in Dance+ aired on Star Plus Channel along with Shakti Mohan. He got his first break in Remo D’ Souza’s film “Anybody Can Dance-ABCD”. Salman Yusuf Khan, Loren Gottlieb, and many other dancers were part of it. He also appeared in its sequel ABCD-2. Dharmesh is now backed by two new films. He has not disclosed the movies name.  But Dharmesh Yelande upcoming movies are not dance based for sure. He got good reviews for his acting from his previous films. Dharmesh Yelande movies will interest teenagers and adults.

The biography of Dharmesh Yelande inspires school and college goers. It is truly said if you want to achieve goals, set one goal and try to achieve it with full determination. Dharmesh followed the path of hardwork. It is due the criticism faced by him that he ignited a positive spark to stick to his decision of dancing. Dharmesh participated in “Dance India Dance” aired on Zee TV and was 1st runner up. He also participated in “Dance India Dance Li’l Masters” and “Dance Ke Superstars” as a choreographer.

Dharmesh Yelande Love Life

The very less people know about Dharmesh Yelande love affairs as he never revealed himself. Currently he is not dating anyone. The inspirational Dharmesh Yelande biography has set an example for youth to overcome the hurdles and to believe in their dreams. He is a passionate dancer and faced many failures before tasting success. Dharmesh Yelande girlfriend name is hardly known. The experiences of life can be felt in Dharmesh Yelande life story. Talking about Dharmesh Yelande marriage, Dharmesh Yelande age is good enough to marry. But he is focussing on his career first. Dharmesh Yelande expectations of wife, are not much as he wants to lead a simple life. Read the next biography of Micromax co-Founder Rahul Sharma.

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    according to Dharmesh sir …
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