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Douglas Booth biography, an English actor who has gained public attention following various performances in his most recent venture which came in 2013 i.e ‘’Noah”. He is a perfect example and inspiration for the youngsters who wants to achieve fame hence it would be interesting to read “Actor Douglas Booth Biography”. He has been a heartthrob and popular amongst girls because of his killer looks. So dear readers, you must go through the biography of actor Douglas Booth and know Douglas Booth wiki details and information like Douglas Booth family background, Douglas Booth Career, Douglas Booth upcoming movies and much more.

Douglas Booth Date of Birth and Education

He was born in London, England and Douglas Booth date of birth is July 9, 1992. Douglas Booth height is 6 feet one inches. He is the son of Vivien, who is a painter by profession and Simon Booth who is a shipping finance consultant. His father is an Englishman, however his mother is half Spanish and half Dutch. He was privately schooled, but Douglas Booth education was full of up and downs as he was suffering from high dyslexia which made it difficult for him to pursue studies, as it took three times more the effort to do simple things which others were able to do easily. But with his strong determination he became a graduate by securing good marks, not only this he also developed a good career for himself in acting and modelling.

Douglas Booth Personal Life

It would be interesting to know, that at the age of ten he developed the interest of playing trumpet, and eventually joined in the drama school after starring in a school drama at the age of twelve. His views change after the school drama and then he realized that “he would like to be the centre of attention amongst the people and this is what he wants to do.” Eventually at the age of thirteen he became a part of National Youth Theatre and soon after some years he touched his first success stone by winning  a professional role at the age of sixteen. Booth is currently residing sharing flat with her sister Abi in London.

Douglas Booth Career

He started off with his career in the year 2009 from a child adventure film “From Time to Time” and followed by that he signed for UTA talent agency for American Based representation. Also in 2009-2010 he modelled in several campaigns of Mario-Testino for a luxury label Burberry, then he starred in a Fall 2009 campaign with Emma Watson and in Fall 2010 with Rosie Huntington.

His career touched a new level in 2010, wherein he performed as a pop star Boy George in BBC Two Drama “Worried about the Boy”. For this role he wore heavy make up on his face and shaved off his eyebrows, he even met Boy George during shooting for his film.

Booth then played a role of Pips in one of the BBC One adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations in the year 2011, where he had to face varied comments of the reporters on his good looks which totally went against his shady role of the Pips. Finally after facing the ups and downs, he came with one of the major success in his career i.e. “Noah” a biblical epic which release on 28th March 2014 and came to be a commercially hit movie.

His upcoming ventures includes The Wachowskis’s science fiction film “Jupiter Ascending”, and in September he will be seen in a comedy film named “The Riot Club”. Continue reading actor Douglous Booth biography to know about Douglous Booth Dating and other affairs.Douglas Booth Sexy Images

Douglas Booth Love Affair

He has been in the news for various rumors of being linked up with his co stars, out of which only one came out to be true, that is he had an affair with one of the actress who was four years elder to him and Douglas Booth girlfriend name was Vanessa Kirby. This affair lasted for about one year and they broke up in 2013. Soon after that there again came rumors of his linked up with the famous singer Taylor swift.

Douglas Booth in the news

He had been in the news for various reasons be it for his good looks, acting skills or for his love affairs. Recently Douglas Booth controversy was related to his new film which was being strongly opposed by Christians and Muslims and was banned in three Arab countries. There were also news during the shooting of this film, when his co star Emma Watson in this film discussed about the passionate lip lock scene which left her in pain.

Douglas Booth Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus a famous singer both were seen together in a film called LOL (Laughing out Loud). They were in news due to the hot scene they did on the first day of the shoot which brought them to an awkward position, but soon they developed a comfort level. They were seen in Paris for the shooting of LOL, displaying public affection which was all a part of the film. Popele will be waiting for Miley Cyrus and Douglous Booth upcoming movie.

This was all about the biography of Douglas Booth, I expect it was informative and interesting to read to gain an insight into the life of an upcoming star. Now get ready to read next biography of Jay Bhanushali.

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