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Bollywood has always been bustling with faces of past actors and actresses. It is always said that getting into the industry is fairly easier for those who have families in Bollywood which is indeed very true. One of the recent additions to this list of star kids is Tanuj Virwani. He has already created buzz with his performance as an actor. He is an actor and a model who started his career in the year 2013. Tanuj is the son of famous Bollywood actress Rati Agnihotri. Tanuj Virwani father name is Anil Virwani. Belonging to a family who was already into this industry, he had the acting talent in him since he was born. Let’s have a look at the Tanuj Virwani biography to know more about his personal life and career of this new talent.Tanuj Virvani hot photos

Tanuj Virwani Date of Birth

Tanuj Virwani birthday falls on 29th November and he was born in the year 1986 which makes him quite young in this field. He is not much known to celebrate his birthday with grand bashes and functions, but simply chooses to be among his close ones. This is a simple approach to celebrating a birthday which many celebrities fail to follow.

Tanuj Virwani Family background

As we read, Tanuj Virwani parents were into movies even before he stepped on to become an actor. Tanuj Virwani mother Rati Agnihotri is a famed Bollywood actress with blockbuster movies like ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ in her career. His father Anil Virwani is an architect who is not into films. There was a huge spat between Tanuj’s parents when his mother accused his father of domestic violence and ended their 30-years long marriage. Tanuj Virwani family has always been supportive of all his pursuits and endeavors in life.

Tanuj Virwani Personal life

Tanuj Virwani has a pleasant personality in real life. Although he belongs to a family of established people, he has kept himself grounded throughout his journey as a celebrity. Tanuj Virwani height which is 6 ft tall is said to be one of his biggest physical advantages. His good height makes him look even better and thus he has a great chiseled physique which complements well with his looks. If you must have noticed, Tanuj Virwani images have surfaced the internet and people are downloading the wallpapers owing to his great looks and physique. Tanuj Virwani Instagram is quite active in the recent days and you can follow him to be up to date about his whereabouts.

Tanuj Virwani Career

Tanuj Virwani has had a dream entry into Bollywood. When getting into the industry is so tough, he had a mother who already knew the industry very well. Just like any other actor, he started his career with modeling. After a successful stint in the modeling space, he got into Bollywood with his debut movie ‘Luv U Soniyo’ in the year 2013. In his debut movie, he wanted his mother Rati Agnihotri to play his onscreen mother and this wish was fulfilled by the director. He did this because he considers that his mother is a lucky charm for him and he wanted her to be a part of his first movie. Although the movie didn’t do quite well, he was praised for his excellent performance in the movie.

Soon after, he was back with another movie ‘Purani Jeans’ which was directed by an award winning director Tanushri Chatrji Bassu. The movie received wide appreciation and was well accepted by the audience. However, it didn’t quite create any magic at the box office which his fans had hoped for. His movie ‘One Night Stand’ is one of the most awaited movies which also stars famous actress Sunny Leone. Tanuj Virwani movies have always created a buzz in the audience which keeps on growing day by day. Also, Tanuj Virwani upcoming movies are highly awaited by his fans because he is a new talent and tries to become better with every movie.

Interesting facts about Tanuj Virwani

  • He is the son of famous actress Rati Agnihotri.
  • Tanuja Virwani age was too tender when he first said his mother that he wished to become an actor.
  • He is supposedly dating Kamal Hassan’s daughter Akshara Hassan, who is an actress too.
  • His mother has also played his on-screen mother in his debut movie ‘Luv U Soniyo’.
  • He is a huge foodie and loves to try out different cuisines.
  • He has a diploma in Advertising.
  • He learned to act from the famous Kishore Namit Kumar acting school which has taught many famous actors.

Tanuj Virwani Love Affairs

Recently there were rumors of Akshara Hassan being Tanuj Virwani girlfriend because they were spotted together on several occasions. One unusual fact is that Akshara’s father Kamal Hassan and Tanuj’s mother Rati Agnihotri is that they were co-actors in the famous movie ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’. It will be interesting to see whether she becomes Tanuj Virwani wife in the future. They both would make a nice couple being actors and work in the same industry. However, Tanuj Virwani marriage is not on the cards right now as he is focused on making a good career for himself.

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