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There are many examples of foreign models and actresses coming into Bollywood and giving their careers a fresh new start including Jacqueline Fernandez to Nargis Fakhri and much more. Natasa Stankovic is a Serbian actress and model who is getting into the Hindi film industry with her outstanding performances. She has already started playing small roles in songs and advertisements in India. This has given her the required exposure in the Bollywood industry so that when she starts off with her films, she will be an instant success. There are much more things to know about the Serbian model and this biography of Natasa Stankovic takes you through all of it.Natasa Stankovic Hot Images

Natasa Stankovic Date of Birth

Natasa Stankovic birthday falls on March 4th and she was born in the year 1992. She is quite young and loves to celebrate her birthday every year. Most of the times, she celebrates it with her close friends and family. She is not much known to throw lavish parties on her birthdays but she makes sure the celebrations are good enough for her loved ones. Natasa Stankovic nationality is Serbian as she was born and brought up there.

Natasa Stankovic Family Background

Natasa Stankovic family resides in the Pozarevac city of Serbia, which is their home country. To allow your child into a different country to pursue her dreams in itself tells a lot about her parents. Natasa has imbibed Serbian values and culture since she was born and brought up there. Her parents are quite proud of her as she has achieved a lot at such a young age and she has a long way to go.

Natasa Stankovic Education

Unlike many others, Natasa pursued the education in the field she liked. She did her graduation from the University of Arts, Department of Photography and Video in Bucharest, Romania. She also went on to pursue post graduation in the same photography field as she was interested in it. One of the things not known to many people is that she has learned Ballet from her early days for around 17 years before she started modelling in Serbia. You will get to know a lot about her personal side through Natasa Stankovic wiki.

Natasa Stankovic Personal Life

People got to know more about her personal life when she was a part of Bigg Boss Season 8 a few years back. She was calm and composed most of the times, which shows her good side. Her friends and colleague claim that she is the same in her real life as well. Natasa Stankovic height is around 5 feet and 7 inches which are perfect for female models. Natasa Stankovic measurements are 35-24-33 and she boasts a lovely figure which is quite essential for a model and an actress. If you had always imagined how quickly she raised up to fame, you will love to know some intricate details about her career through the Natasa Stankovic biography.

Natasa Stankovic Career

Natasa Stankovic age was just 20 when she came to Mumbai in 2012 pursuing her dreams. Just like all the foreign models, even she wasn’t fluent in Hindi at first but everything changed after she entered the Big Boss house. She had to learn the language in order to interact with the other contestants. It was also a great experience for a foreign model to be a part of a Hindi reality show. One of the most turning points in her early career was when she appeared in the super hit song ‘DJ wale Babu’ by rapper Badshah. The song was an instant hit and became popular in no time. This helped her make a presence in the mind of Indian audiences.

At first, she was a part of many famous advertisements in India. Johnson and Johnsons were the first brands for whom she advertised. Natasa was also involved in two short films which received wide applause for her work. The two short films were ‘Punam’ and ‘Journey of a red fridge’ which was made during 2005 and 2007 respectively. She was even part of a dance performance in Prakash Jha’s political drama ‘Satyagraha’. Some of the popular Natasa Stankovic movies include ‘Holiday’ and ‘Action Jackson’. We are sure that Natasa Stankovic upcoming movies will be loved by audiences of all kinds.

Interesting facts about Natasa Stankovic

  • She was a part of Durex advertisement with famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.
  • She has learned Ballet dancing for 17 years in her life.

Natasa Stankovic Love Affairs

After she came here to be a part of Bollywood, it was out in the media that Natasa Stankovic boyfriend was Aly Goni. He was also an ex-Bigg Boss contestant in the same season where Natasa was in the house. Aly is also a famous actor known for his acting in Television shows. But those who were hoping that Natasa Stankovic marriage would happen as they are together for many months were proven wrong. The couple broke off due to personal reasons but they are still good friends. When she decides to marry, we all will know Natasa Stankovic husband name.

Natasa Stankovic Controversy

She likes to avoid celebrity gossips as much as possible and this is the same reason what she stated after being evicted from the Big Boss house. The only controversy she was a part of happened inside the Bigg Boss house where a contestant named Karishma put chilly powder on her face. She said that she had forgiven her after Karishma apologised as she doesn’t like to hold any grudges. There were rumours about Natasa Stankovic MMS being leaked but she completely denied any involvement.

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