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We have come to a point where many of the actors and actresses in the current entertainment celluloid are relatives or children of already famous people in the industry. Soumya Seth is no exception and she belongs to a family full of people who are big names in the industry. She is an extremely talented Hindi serial actress and most importantly she is young to be the face of any television series. She made her debut at a young age and has constantly honed her skills in acting since then. More opportunities keep coming her way and she has a long way to go. Let’s check out what has helped her become the personality she is through the biography of Soumya Seth.Soumya Seth Hot Photos

Soumya Seth Date of Birth

Soumya Seth was born on 17th October in the year 1989 and is still quite young. On most of the years, Soumya Seth birthday is spent on TV sets as she remains busy with the shooting. But whenever she is at home, she makes sure she throws a grand party for her friends and family. She is also known to invite her colleagues to these parties and shares a great equation with them.

Soumya Seth Family Background

Soumya Seth family is already very well known in the entertainment industry. Although, Soumya Seth father and mother are not actors but she is closely related to the Bollywood superstar – Govinda. Thus, she is also the cousin of other actors – Ragini Khanna, famous standup comedian Krushna Abhishek and actor Amit Khanna. They all belong to the same family and we can say that acting was already in her genes. Soumya Seth mother name is Veena Seth and she has raised her quite well in life. Soumya Seth’s father name is Kamal Seth who is a successful businessman. Although she was born in Varanasi, but her parents currently live in the city of Amritsar.

Soumya Seth Personal Life

Soumya Seth is lovely in her off screen personality. Usually actors are known to have an arrogant persona, but the way she treats her colleagues and friends says a lot about her pleasant personality. Physically, she looks gorgeous and Soumya Seth height is around 5 feet 8 inches, apt for an actress like her. Also, Soumya Seth measurements are 34-26-35 which makes her looks extremely beautiful. She also engages a lot with her fans on social media sites. Soumya Seth Facebook page is always bustling with fan posts and pictures of her. At times, she is also referred to as Somya Seth or Saumya Seth, but she has made it clear on many occasions that her real name is Soumya Seth and it should be used in the same manner. Soumya Seth biography further sheds light on her career which you will enjoy reading as she has a great career upto now and it looks promising.

Soumya Seth Career

As with every new actor, in the starting days they get small roles but even they are influential in shaping the career of an individual. It feels astonishing that an actress who started her career just before a few years has become a major TV serial actress now. Her first stint was in a small role in the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Om Shanti Om’. She appeared in the background in the song when Rishi Kapoor enters. This was the only time she has appeared in a Bollywood movie but given her innate talents, we are sure to see her in some future movies. Although not in movies, she is a popular Indian television actress with some of the most famous shows to her name.

Soumya Seth TV shows includes one of the highest rated shows ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’. Soumya Seth in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat has gained huge popularity and it has helped her become a household name. Her debut show was ‘Navya.. Naye Dhadkan Naye Saval’ and Soumya Seth age was just 23 when she entered into the TV industry. She was also part of the hit TV show ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’ which was quite popular among the youth. Another good show of which she was a part of was ‘Dil ki Nazar se Khoobsurat’ where she was the female protagonist.  Further down her career, she also became the host of ‘MTV Webbed’ which was a successful show as well. For her interesting performances throughout her career, she has won a lot of awards which motivated her to work harder.

Interesting Facts about Soumya Seth

  • She was the winner of BIG Television awards for her outstanding performance in her debut TV show ‘Navya’.
  • She debuted in a blockbuster Bollywood movie in a small role in Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’.

Soumya Seth Love Affairs

Shaheer Shaikh and Soumya Seth is co-actors as well as a happy couple. They both worked in her debut show ‘Navya’ and got close during that tenure. Soumya Seth boyfriend currently is Shaheer Shaikh as they spend a lot of time together. They are together from many years and if everything goes right, he will probably be Soumya Seth husband in the future. It is a pleasant time for they both to get married as they have spent a lot of time together and their age is also suitable to get settled in life. So we can expect Soumya Seth marriage anytime soon in the coming years and we hope they live happily together in life.

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