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Angel Haze music albumsMost of you might be unfamiliar with the Angel Haze. So from our post we will try to make you familiar with this young singer and rapper of America which is slowly gaining some popularity in the American Music world. The people of America must be aware of this talented singer and rapper. Her voice is winning the hearts of millions of people around the world. Most of us don’t know about her personal life and achievements of her life, so through this we will try to make you aware by giving every detail of her so that you also start liking her personality and singing.

Angel Haze Date of Birth

Raykeea Angel Wilson was born on 10 July, 1991 in Detroit, Michigan and later she grew up in Greater Apostolic Faith. She is presently 23 years old and has established herself in the American Music industry. In her small career till now she has sung many raps and songs for her country. She is new to the pop music world.

Angel Haze Personal Information and Family Background

Actually her original name is Raykeea Angel Wilson and people used to call her by Angel Haze, so Angel Haze becomes her stage name also. Angel Haze belongs to the military family. Her parents used to work in the military. She is the combination of the African and Native American Ancestry. She is also one of the self taught speakers of the Tsalagi.

Angel was lifted under the Greater Apostolic Faith, which she has often related to ‘a sect’. She has spoken once about her religious upbringing where she told that they all had been living in the same community and outside that they weren’t allowed to talk with anyone. They were also banned from wearing jewellery, eat some certain things, listen music and to even date people. But, soon after the priest threatened her mother, her family left that Church and moved to Brooklyn, New York. At that time she was just 16 years old and then she began exploring in the world of music

Through the song ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ she admits at the age of 7 that she sexually assaulted numerous times by the single man and afterwards that man’s friend joined for the raping. She was assaulted for the long period of time. She was scared to tell this to anyone as she thought that no one would believe her words.

Angel Haze Musical Career

Angel Haze is the singer and American rapper and she is signed to the Island Records and Universal Republic. She started her musical career in the year 2012. Haze has debuted in the musical industry from the New Moon Mixtape in the year 2009. At this time her EP reservation was released for free online on July, 2012. For this she received the decisive applause from the experts and 88 out of 100 at metacritic. She also took part in the BET Hip Hop awards in Cypher in the same year. She also recorded Eminem’s 2002 song ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. It was announced by the BBC on December 9 that she had been nominated for the ‘Sound of 2013’polls.

Then in the year 2013, Angel released a track which was probably aimed at another rapper Azealia Banks titled ‘ On the Edge’. Next day she released another track ‘ Shut the Fuck Up’. It was announced on the March 27 that the Angel Haze would feature on the cover page of the XXL Magazine’s ‘Freshman Class’. Later in May 2013 Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea and Angel haze debuted for the Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song ‘Otis’ in the show in London. In the same event, Haze also performed at the track of her debut album Dirty Gold named ‘No Bueno’. ‘Echelon’ was released on August 28 from her debut album. She also recorded the theme song to 22 Jump Street with fellow rapper Ludacris on June 2014. Besides this she has recorded many other hit tracks and albums. This is the reason she has become one of the best rapper and singer of the American music industry.

Angel Haze Love Affair and Life

Angel haze has sparked of the rumours now and has openly accepted about her relationship with Ireland Baldwin. As everybody knows that she is bisexual rapper and her dating with Ireland Baldwin will not be accepted by the America as it will be interracial gay marriage. Baldwin is the model and daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. She is not much bothered about this controversy. There had been many videos and images of Haze indulging with Baldwin. They both have accepted this relation and had made it public. Haze never discusses about her sexuality in the media. She wants to keep it a secret and denies these questions when asked by the media.

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