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Pakistan, the country is widely popular for giving some of the best singers in the world. Adnan Sami, Atif Aslam, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and a number of singers are born here, who has mesmerized the audience with their soulful voice. Today, we bring you a biography of an emerging singer from Pakistan who is making his way to the singing fraternity with his touching voice. Ashir, a boy from Faisalabad, the third-largest city of Pakistan started his singing journey from YouTube. Go on to read Ashir biography to learn more about him.Ashir HD Images

Ashir Date of Birth

Ashir is a stupendous artist who was born in the ancient city Hassan Abdal in Pakistan in the year 1996. Ashir birthday falls on January 12 and he loves to celebrate this occasion with his family and close friends. He has got an excellent voice to mesmerize just everyone who listens to his songs. He a trying hard to make it into the Pakistani singing industry and will soon make it with the efforts he makes every day.

Ashir Family Background

The family of Ashir hails from the city of Faisalabad. His family has a good educational background and this is the reason why his family wanted him to study hard and bring fame to them with his educational success. Ashir’s father Muhammad Saleem is a Bank officer in the IT department, but Ashir always dreamt of becoming a singer. His father supported him to live his dream and become whatever he is now.

Ashir Education

He completed his schooling at Allama Iqbal Open University. Because of the lack of interest in studies, he didn’t go for high school education and started learning music. He is the only boy in the family who never got admitted to school or university. But the interest in music helped him to start his career as a singer under the guidance of good music teachers. He learned music and made all the hard efforts to become a singer. He even learned how to compose a song as he always dreamt of singing the self-composed songs.

Ashir Personal Life

Ashir love to hold the rough look with his curly hairs. Ashir height is 5 feet 7 inches. He loves to listen to songs and compose his own songs in his free time. He once said that his fans are more than a fan of him. He respects all his fans and is active for them on social media & streaming websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and few more. Read Ashir wiki until the end to learn more about his career and life.

Ashir Career

After leaving his studies, he went on to learn the music and soon started his career as a singer. He took permission of his grandfather, who was strictly against his decision of learning music. His grandfather didn’t want to break his heart and gave him the permission to live his dream. He even didn’t inform his parents about the decision. After a lot of struggle, he founded good music teachers who taught him singing and music composition. He has a God-gifted voice which he uses to sing melodious heart-touching songs.

Ashir’s debut song was recorded in the year 2014. Though his father was against his music career, he supported him financially to get his song recorded. After receiving a good response from the audience, he got the strength to sing and compose his own music. After few months of his first success, he composed a breath-taking song. This time, the response was even bigger than his first song.

Now, the struggle to become the best has started. After making a lot of efforts, he met a lyricist and composer and worked for him. He came up with ‘Zindagi Dikha Rasta’ song and got a superb response. His soulful work crossed the borders and Gunbir Singh, the owner of White Hill Music and White Hill Production India Pvt. Ltd. spotted him. Gunbir gave him the break and he sang a romantic Hindi song ‘Bechain Hu’ under the label of White Hill Music. His journey to become a renowned singer has just started and soon you will see him touching the skies with his singing and composition skills.

Ashir Love Affairs

It would be too early for Ashir to fall in any relationship as he has just started his career, but at the same time, Ashir has not accepted nor denied that he has a girlfriend. We expect Ashir to rise in his career and marry his girl after reaching the peak of his career.

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