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John Green is an American author of young adult fictional works. He is also an active YouTube video blogger and also works in the fields such as history. He is creator of various educational videos for children. The novels of Green are a worldwide success and also bestsellers and movie adaptation was also made on his bestselling book Fault in our stars. He is also the developer of various video based projects on the internet which work for teaching literature, history, and science. He won several awards last year and was credited by Times Magazine as Most Influential Person of 2014. He is a favorite among American youth due to his wide popularity from video channels and various projects that he has started. In this biography we will talk in detail about his various projects, personal life etc. Read the next section of John Green biography to know about John Green date of birth and John Green personal life.

John Green Date of Birth, Family and Education Qualifications

John Michael Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an elder son of Mike and Sydney Green. John Green nationality is American. John Green birthday is a special day for his family and fans. He received a huge number of wishes on his birthday last year from fans and well wishers to which he responded on his YouTube Video Blog. He attended Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, and later went to study in Indian Springs School in Alabama. It was here that he was inspired to write his first book, ‘Looking for Alaska’. He is a B.A. in English and Religious Studies from Kenyon College.

John Green education was a little rough as he was a victim of college bullying. He is really close to his family members especially his brother with whom he runs a video blog. John Green brother Hank Green is younger to him and is also an entrepreneur. Read the next section of John Green wiki to read more about John Green family life.

John Green Personal Life

John Green is a very interesting personality and is very kind hearted human being. He likes working for young children and helps the youth with their problems. He is a much respected public speaker amongst the youth. This has been possible because of the various incidents of his own life. After graduation he started working as a student chaplain in children’s hospital for over 5 months. There he was working to help children suffering from various life threatening diseases. One of the John Green top selling books Fault in Our Stars is inspired from these experiences. John Green net worth is 9 Million U.S. Dollars currently according to a survey by Forbes Magazine.

He is a family man and loves to enjoy most of his time with his wife and children. He is a father of two and loves to spend a lot of time with his children. He and his wife were seen in a Video on YouTube talking to President Obama and asking him what should they name their unborn child. John Green children names are Henry Green and Alice that was kept after the suggestion of the President. Green enjoys tennis and football and is a regular sponsor for the games. He is also an animal lover and has a pet dog at his place. Read the next section of bio to read about the books of John Green.

John Green Books

Green’s first novel was ‘Looking for Alaska’ which was published in 2005. It is based on a school time love story, with teen romance. It is inspired by his experiences at his school. The novel was awarded the annual Michael L. Printz Award by the American Library Association. It was recognized as the year’s “best book written for teens. The title was a literary masterpiece and is still one of the best reads for youngsters. Green’s second novel was ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ which was received well by the readers. The book managed to get some notable prizes also.

He next came up in collaboration with adult authors Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle and wrote Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances in 2008.The book consists of three short stories, with Green’s “A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle”. By 2008 John Green novels were a major hit amongst American teens and accredited to which he won several awards. His third novel Paper Towns featured in The New York Times Best Seller list for children’s books at number five on launch itself.

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