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Liesl Laurie has notified the rest of the world about her presence in the glamour industry after winning the most reputed beauty pageant in South Africa. She is the latest addition to the list of South African beauty pageant winners. Liesl Laurie Miss South Africa 2015 is probably the first big mark in Liesl Laurie model profile. This biography of model Liesl Laurie encompasses all the nook and cranny details of her personal as well as professional life.Liesl Laurie Sexy Bikini

Liesl Laurie Date of Birth & Family

Liesl belongs to Eldoro Park of Johannesburg. Liesl Laurie birthday falls on 23rd April and she was born in 1991. Laurie belongs to Eldorado Park in Johannesburg. Liesl Laurie family background was simple and glamour was not a part of Liesl Laurie personal life until she completed her graduation. She pursued her B.Com degree from the University of Johannesburg. Prior to her graduation, she took the year off from studies and decided to follow her dream of becoming a model and probably from here Liesl Laurie modeling career started. Liesl Laurie parents always stood by her. Continue reading Liesl Laurie biography to know more about her.

CNN News Anchor Liesl Laurie Personal Life

Liesl Laurie height is 5 feet 9 inches which is very much apt to become a successful model. From her teenage only she has maintained a perfectly streamlined body. Liesl Laurie weight is 52 Kg. Before being Miss South Africa 2015 beauty pageant winner, she won the first beauty pageant in the year 2010. She was crowned as the second princess in Miss Soweto beauty contest. She was also crowned as Miss Personality for the contest. She won her first pageant when Liesl Laurie age was just 19. She won her second title in the year 2014. The Mamelodi Sundowns where she was crowned as the second princess was addition to Liesl Laurie awards. By that time she was no longer just a new South African female model, but a very prominent name in the South African modeling industry.

CNN News Anchor Liesl Laurie Career

Apart from modeling and posing for Liesl Laurie bikini photo shoots, she has been involved with various social causes. Recently she joined the 67 blanket campaign organized in the Hadassah Centre. The center works for women who struggle with atrocities like drug abuse and prostitution. Many might not know but there is a special reason why Laurie always lends her helping hand towards these kind of causes. Liesl Laurie mother was once in the grasp of drugs, but she managed to recover and now is a respected high school teacher. Liesl Laurie wiki has always been passionate about contributing to the society and empowering young women and inspiring them to pursue their dreams. No wonder from where she was inspired. Model Liesl Laurie personal details cannot be culminated without having a mention about her grandmother. Apart from her mother, her grandmother was also her support system. In an interview on being asked about her favorite person, she told that it is her grandmother. She also added that when she and her grandmother are together then there is only joy and laughter around.

Other than supporting various social causes she has also a non-profit organization named as ‘The Pearl Project’. The organization arranges educational and motivational workshops and aims to create a new beacon of hope for young girls who have a lot of dreams in their eyes but are not that privileged to pursue them. Being a model makes you quite popular, and that is well reflected in Liesl’s social networking profiles. Liesl Laurie Instagram pictures have always been liked and shared by her fans.

CNN News Anchor Liesl Laurie Love Life, Marriage

Miss South Africa 2015 winner Liesl Laurie biography cannot be complete without throwing light on Liesl Laurie love life. More than being a public figure she has always been someone who is close to the people and always willing to help other. This made her very popular among the masses. But despite of being popular, Liesl Laurie love affairs have never been front page news.

Once she was asked about Liesl Laurie marriage, and she happily told that yes she wants to get married someday. She added that she wanted to be mother of twin girls. But on being asked about Liesl Laurie marriage date, she told that she has not made any plans about her marriage and for the time being she wants to concentrate on her career. After becoming the winner of the prestigious pageant she feels that her responsibilities have increased and she is confident enough that she will live up to the expectation of the people. This was the complete biography of Liesl Laurie that covered glimpse about her career. Read next biography of popular Indian Director, Singer and Actor Farhan Akhtar.

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