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India is the land of innovators and great entrepreneurs. The country is famous for its startup ecosystem right after the United States. Among the various tech entrepreneurs that India has given birth to, Bhavin Turakhia is among the finest one. He is known as a serial entrepreneur for his multiple ventures in the web world. Bhavin is the name behind some of the most successful web startups and companies in India. We all have heard of Directi, which is quite famous for its web services and technologies. For all those imagining who founded Directi, it is none other than Bhavin Turakhia. Not only Directi but several other ventures including Zeta, ResellerClub, LogicBoxes and one of the most popular domains and web hosting site BigRock. To know more about this enthusiastic entrepreneur, read this Bhavin Turakhia biography.Bhavin Turakhia Photos

Bhavin Turakhia Date of Birth

Bhavin Turakhia birthday falls on 21st of December and he was born in the year 1979. Most of the people are astonished to know his age. As looking at his achievements, it seems too less. Being the busy person that he is, it is only on his birthday that he spares some time for his family and indulges in a little celebration. There have been times when he has celebrated his birthday while being in his office with his colleagues. Biography of Bhavin Turakhia reveals how he and his brother co-founded one of the most successful Indian tech companies, Directi.

Bhavin Turakhia Family Background

As far as his family background is concerned, another notable and one of the leading Indian entrepreneurs is Divyank Turakhia, his own brother. They both have co-founded Directi and other companies at an impressively young age. Since both the brothers are millionaires and top entrepreneurs in India, it is no surprise that their parents would be extremely happy with their feats. Nothing is more pleasant for Bhavin Turakhia family members than to see both their children become so successful.

Bhavin Turakhia Education

Directi founder Bhavin Turakhia received his education from the famous Ruparel College in Mumbai during the years 1994 to 1996. Before he even graduated, he started his company Directi next year after finishing his higher secondary school in the year 1997. He was convinced very early on in his life that formal education was not his cup of tea and he believed in self-education. Thus, he didn’t pursue any more education and started his venture at the age of 17. Bhavin Turakhia wiki will help you know more about his personal life and how he spends the time he is not working.

Bhavin Turakhia Personal Life

Being an entrepreneur, he hardly has any personal life as most of his time goes into managing his founded companies. It is a huge responsibility to handle so many companies at once and this definitely takes a toll on his personal life. During the times when he is not working, he likes to read nonfiction books. Very rarely does it happen that he is seen partying or enjoying with his friends. Even the social life suffers a little due to the heavy work schedule. This biography is the best way to know about Bhavin Turakhia success story, and every aspiring entrepreneur must know about his career.

Bhavin Turakhia Career

Bhavin Turakhia has had a dream entrepreneurial career since the day he started his first venture, which was Directi. If we consider serial entrepreneurs in India, Bhavin would surely be the best one. Starting at an age where people don’t even finish their college, he proved that to be an entrepreneur, age doesn’t matter only passion and enthusiasm does. After a time, even Bhavin Turakhia company name itself raised its expectations that it would be something unique and innovative. Bhavin Turakhia net worth would be somewhere around $200 million as it was revealed in a recent report. He and his brother have combined net worth of more than $400 million. Being the CEO and co-founder of most of the companies he has started, we can safely assume that Bhavin Turakhia salary would be in six digits per month. He became a millionaire at quite a young age in his life. Since successfully launching and sustaining most of the companies throughout his career, he is constantly regarded as one of the best Indian Entrepreneurs. Currently, he handles more than 5 companies at once which is indeed a great feat in itself. These companies are Zeta, Flock, Directi, Ringo, and When all the companies of Bhavin Turakhia are combined, there are more than 1400+ employees spread over 8 global offices. In fact, all the businesses that he has founded have all reached this stage through organic growth without any investment.

Interesting facts about Bhavin Turakhia

  • Bhavin Turakhia age was just 17 when he started Directi with his brother Divyank.
  • He had received the entrepreneur of the year award in the year 2005.
  • He has co-founded and is the CEO of more than 5 different companies.

Bhavin Turakhia Love Affairs

Just like most of the entrepreneurs, the love affairs of Bhavin Turakhia have not been the most happening things in his life. Most probably there is no Bhavin Turakhia girlfriend, at least known to the outside world. We are still awaiting Bhavin Turakhia marriage to happen and it would definitely be a grand affair. Bhavin Turakhia wife would be really lucky to have a husband who is an inspiration to so many people. Even Bhavin Turakhia children would be happy to be raised by one of the most prominent names in India.

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