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Priscilla Chan, also known as Mrs. Facebook is wife of billionaire and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Her parents name is Dennis Chan (Father) and Yvonne Chan (Mother) and her siblings name is Elaine Chan and Michelle Chan. She is Pediatrician and teacher by profession. In this article we provide more details about Priscilla Chan biography and Priscilla Chan wiki. You must read the biography of Priscilla Chan and learn about Priscilla Chan love affairs, her personal life, education, Priscilla Chan husband and Priscilla Chan bio.Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg Daughter Photos

Priscilla Chan Date of birth

Born in Boston, Priscilla Chan date of birth is 24th Feb 1985. She mainly born and brought up in Boston, America. Her family’s home is a four room red brick detached house and she lives in a middle class suburbs of Boston.

Priscilla Chan Family Background

Priscilla Chan family background belongs to Chinese-American origin and Priscilla Chan parents were of Chinese-Vietnamese origin who arrived in America with family in the year 1970 after spending time in refugee camp. She was raised in a very middle class family and was brought up by her grandmother. Her mother worked in an Asian Restaurant in Boston. Priscilla’s main source of support during childhood was her grandmother while her parents worked day and night for 18 hours to earn living.

Priscilla Chan Educational Qualification

She did her schooling from a state-run Quincy High School situated near Boston and was a very bright and determined student in her school. Priscilla Chan education began with schooling in Boston. During the schooling, she started developing interests in science and she used to ask teachers about how to get into Harvard University. Finally after completing her high school, she got admission in Harvard University and there she studied Biology. Priscilla Chan worked incredibly hard on her studies and graduated with top grades. After completing graduation, Priscilla also attended medical school and from there she graduated as pediatrician just some days before her wedding ceremony.

Priscilla Chan Personal Life

There are lots of interesting things about Priscilla Chan personal life. Priscilla Chan’s sun sign is Leo and she loves cooking and soft things. Priscilla Chan height is 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 m). She can speak languages like English, Cantonese and Spanish. Her favorite food is sun dried tomatoes. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg both have a beautiful sheep looking dog named Beast, who is also having a million fans on its Facebook page developed by Mark Zuckerberg, where he keeps posting pictures of Beast and Priscilla Chan. In some of the interviews, Mark was asked why he named his pet a weird name like Beast and for this he says, it was just for fun. Mark Zuckerberg is also suffering from red green color blindness so he requested Priscilla Chan to not to wear colorful dresses and they both have fun for this too. So Pricilla loves to wear simple dresses for Mark since then. Priscilla also has love for the cars and her favorite cars are Honda Fit and Acura TSX.

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Love affair

They both first met in Harvard on November 7, 2003. Some of the other news about their meetings reveals that they both met during a common friend Friday night party held at Jewish Fraternity Alpha Epsilson Pi when both were waiting in line for a bathroom. After which they developed a good bond and became friends soon. They both started dating each other for about 9 years. In a Stunning white gown, Priscilla at the age of 27 years exchanged vows with 28 year old Mark Zuckerberg in a surprise marriage ceremony which happened in the backyard of Palo Alto, California home. Their wedding cost was only $27,000. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg marriage date is 19th May 2012. Priscilla Chan age was 27 years when she got married to Mark Zuckerberg. Priscilla Chan’s wore a simple ruby ring and they both wore traditional dress with Priscilla wearing long white wedding dress with veil and lace and Mark Zuckerberg wore a dark blue suit. After the marriage, they both went for a Honeymoon in Rome, Italy. For checking out Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg photos you can always go to her personal Facebook link where she keeps posting her pics with Mark. Although soon after their marriage, there were rumors about Priscilla Chan Pregnant or not with the pictures. Although later on the rumors subsided.

Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg Daughter

Priscilla Chan, wife of Mark Zuckerberg gave birth to a daughter on 1 December, 2015. Mark Zuckerberg daughter name is Max, which he and Priscilla kept on her birth. Priscilla Chan daughter resembles her in looks. The couple was very excited on starting their parenthood journey. Mark and Priscilla had even announced that they will distributed their 99 percent of Facebook shares in their lifetime on occasion of birth of their daughter. Mark Zukerberg Daughter birthday on December 1 is one of the most awaited days of 2016. The celebration is going to be really grand and you might see number of surprises. Hope, his daughter brings him more luck and fortune.

Priscilla Chan in Media

Priscilla Chan’s has become a famous celebrity and attractive media attention after her surprise wedding with Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. She has been very expressive about her relationship and love affair with Mark Zuckerberg. She admitted that they both could have got married earlier. During an interview she told how nerdy Mark Zuckerberg was. She also shared those moments during their dating times, parties and meetings. During their relationship, Chan also imposed restrictions on meetings, dating and not chatting on Facebook but they both could not live away from each other. In May 2012, when Facebook announced its users can now become organ donors by signing up and more than lakh users signed up on the same day. As it turned out to be, it was an initiative lead by Priscilla Chan, who was a pediatrician and inspired this effort.

Mrs. Facebook, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg look like a great couple. They both dated for long time before getting married they now live with their Hungarian Puli sheep Dog, Beast in a marvelous looking home located in College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto, California. She has been an inspiration behind Mark Zuckerberg’s zeal to learn Chinese and Mandarin. In the end, Mark didn’t become as fluent as he could by tutoring efforts of Chan and for that she also says that she is not fluent in Chinese, which she learnt from her grandmother. Soon after their marriage, they went on a vacation in China and Zuckerberg’s Chinese connection is important for his life both personally and professionally since China has imposed firewall to ban Facebook in China. Be Ready for the next biography of American Singer Angel Haze.

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