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Robert Ralph Parsons, commonly known as Bob Parsons is the famous founder of one of the most popular domain name registration website GoDaddy. He is a multi-billionaire businessman and is constantly ranked within the top 400 richest people in the world. Bob Parsons is the owner of 28 percent shares in GoDaddy and is thus the largest shareholder of the company. He was the CEO of the company but recently resigned after selling 70% of the company to a private equity consortium. Bob Parsons is considered as one of the most prominent names in the web hosting industry, but he is also notorious for his fair share of controversies. He is widely known as one of the best American entrepreneurs of the recent times. Let’s have a look at the Bob Parsons biography to know what all he has been up to in his life.GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons Images

Bob Parsons Date of Birth

Bob Parsons birthday falls on 27th of November and he was born in the year 1950. Being such a busy businessman he barely finds quality time to spend with his family and friends, but he ensures that he celebrates his birthday with those close people.

Bob Parsons Family Background

Bob Parsons family hails from the town of Baltimore which is the same place where he was born and brought up. His family struggled financially in the earlier days and whatever Bob Parsons has earned in life he has earned it on his own. He is married to Renee Parsons and runs a foundation with her. Bob Parsons wiki is evident of how he is as a person and how he manages his personal and professional life.

Bob Parsons Education

You will be surprised to know that Bob Parsons actually didn’t take any formal education in IT services and technology. In 1975, he completed his degree in accountancy from the University of Baltimore. Later, he came into the IT industry and started working in it. He also additionally did an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in the year 2008. The biography of Bob Parsons is a huge testimony to how he has made it so big in his life after having such humble beginnings.

Bob Parsons Personal Life

Bob Parsons is a person who believes in his ideas and executes it with great vigor. He tries to balance his personal and professional life equally which is a great trait for a business entrepreneur. He makes sure that he spends quality time with his wife and children. Bob Parsons net worth is around $2.3 billion which ranks him among the richest billionaires in America. Bob Parsons annual income would be in millions because he has many revenue streams.

Bob Parsons Career

Bob Parsons had a modest career to start with. He has been a salesman, waiter and has done many odd jobs before being a billionaire entrepreneur. His story is a true rag to riches tale which has all the components that can truly inspire you. He is the founder and the director of one of the biggest web domain name registrar – GoDaddy. He is currently the CEO of YAM worldwide which does many things under one roof. Bob Parsons built all his companies and fortune from scratch and is considered among the best entrepreneurs. Currently, GoDaddy net worth would be in billions as it is an uber successful venture. He has ventured into many kinds of other businesses such as real estate and been successful thereto. One can learn a lot from this business tycoon and he has really changed the world of technology by offering convenient hosting services to millions. He is also known to donate huge sums of money and run charity campaigns along with his wife. The Bob and Renee Parsons foundation have joined hands with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for philanthropic purposes. Bob Parsons bio is the piece that everyone of you will wish to read endlessly.

Interesting Facts about Bob Parsons

  • He landed into a major controversy after killing an elephant in Zimbabwe.
  • He is ranked among the top 400 richest persons in the world.
  • Bob Parsons age was 35 when he started with GoDaddy.

Bob Parsons Love Affairs

He is never known to have any extramarital affairs. Bob Parsons wife is Renee Parsons and they both live a happily married life. In fact, together they run a huge nonprofit organization named Bob and Renee Parsons foundation. Bob Parsons children include a boy named Robert Sean Parsons and he is lucky to be born in a billionaire’s family.

Bob Parsons Controversies

Many people came to know about who is Godaddy founder after he was involved in a serious controversy. In 2011, he tweeted a video which showcased him shooting a wild elephant in Zimbabwe. He was then denounced by animal rights and many other groups who called him insane and ridiculous. Bob Parsons justified the act by saying that by killing leopards and elephants, he was trying to help the local population. Bob Parsons company name was affected due to this misconduct.

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