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We all have been using Google since 1998. It is one of most widely used search engine ever since then. But, have you ever wondered who founded Google? Google began in 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to analyze the page rank of a website. Originally, Google ran under Stanford University’s official website. Later, Larry Page and Sergey Brin went on to launch a website by the name of Google and released it as a search engine for general public. According to Forbes List of Billionaires in 2014, Page was ranked at number 17th. Larry Page net worth is US $28.7 billion. Here, in biography of Larry Page we have compiled all that you need to know about Larry and Google.

Larry Page Date of Birth

Larry Page, who is the founder of Google, was born in East Lancing, Michigan on March 26, 1973. Larry Page birthday is a special day which he celebrates with his wife, children and few colleagues and friends. Keep reading Larry Page Bio to know further details about him.

Larry Page Family background

Larry Page father, Karl Vincent Page Sr. is a well read man. He did his PHD in computer science in 1965 just when this field came into existence. He is considered the founding father in his field and artificial intelligence both. His father loved teaching and served as a professor in Michigan State University. Larry Page mother, Gloria worked as an instructor in Lyman Briggs College in the same university. Larry Page parents were both computer experts. Hence, even Page decided to take up the same field. Both Larry’s father and mother are from different religion. Therefore, Page was brought up without any religion.

Larry Page Education Qualifications

When age of Larry Page was just 2 he started going to school. He went to Okemos Montessori School from 1975-1979 to attain early formal education. Later, he went on to complete his higher education from East Lancing High School in 1991. He then did his graduation in computer science from University of Michigan where he made an Inkjet printer using Lego. Further, he did his PHD in the same branch from Stanford University. He was a studious and a very hard working child since his school days. He was the leader of all the technical teams during college days.

Larry Page Personal Life

Larry Page has an unconditional love for computers. In an interview Page said, during his childhood there were just computers and tech magazines lying all around in his home. So, they were his childhood toys and his only hobby ever since the age of 6.  When Larry Page age was just 12, he had decided he wanted to invent things and become an entrepreneur. Larry Page height is 1.81 meters. Larry Page sun sign is Aries. Despite, being a billionaire Page is modest and down to earth. He dresses in typical jeans and T shirts just like any usual guy. He even uses the environment friendly Toyatta Prios car to save the mother Earth. To know all about Larry Page and details about how was Google started and when was Google started, keep reading Larry Page wiki.Sergey Brin and Larry Page images

Larry Page Career

In early 1990s when Larry Page was doing his doctorate in Stanford University, he met Sergery Brin. They didn’t become friends instantly. However, while working on dorm project they struck a chord and became friends.  While working on this dorm project both Page and Brin developed an initial version of Google that was capable of ranking the pages on the basis of their popularity. Back then, they called it BackRub as the ranking of the page was based on backlinks. They operated this for the next few months on Stanford University’s official server.  Later, both of them realized that this page rank mechanism can be further advanced to a search engine which will be superior to any other search engines. In the year 1998, they changed the name of BackRub to Google which is a misspelling of the mathematical term, googol meaning ‘a huge number.’ Ever since then Larry Page company name is Google. Before Google actually came into existence it received an investment of US $ 100,000 from Sun Microsystem’s co-founder. That’s how was Google started. There has been no company who has displayed such an exponential growth in a short span. Google went public in 2004. This made both the founder billionaires. In 2014, the stock price of Google’s share rose by 56%. Despite that Larry Page salary was a minor $1 in 2014.  He has been receiving that salary since 2004. This trend of single digit salary was started by Steve Jobs in 1997. Larry Page shares in Google are worth $20 billion that makes him a shareholder of 16% of shares. Google has become one of the most efficient search engine and is ranking the most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just every website based on their performance.

Larry Page Love Life

Larry Page wife name is Lucinda Southworth. Larry Page wife is not just stunning but she’s also as hard working as Page. She completed her graduation from Oxford University and University of Pennsylvania. She is currently a doctoral student in Stanford University and has even done little medical work in South Africa. The couple got married on December 8, 2007. Ever since the pictures of Larry Page wedding have been doing rounds on the social media. Before getting married, Lucinda was Larry Page girlfriend. The duo was in a steady relationship before deciding to get married.

Larry Page Controversy

Larry Page the CEO and Co-Founder of Google was recently in news because of his fight with long term friend, colleague and Co-Founder Sergey Bin. When Page found out about Bin’s affair with Amanda Rosenberg who is also an employ with Google, he was agitated. Page is strict about work ethics and doesn’t believe in mixing personal and professional life.

Larry Page Awards

Larry Page has carved his name in the pages of History. What he has done for the mankind is priceless. He has been facilitated with several honors and awards such as Marconi Prize in 2004, TR 100 in 2002, among several others.

This was all about Google co-founder Larry Page. Now, go one reading the next biography of Indian Actor Randeeep Hooda.

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