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Honey Singh wife photosHoney Singh is one of the most talked and top most singers from India, who had gone famous with his song. This man does not need any introduction. He is just the trademark singer, whose songs are popular like anything. There were the talks about recent times about Honey Singh wife was always in talks as this sensational singing star hadn’t disclosed about her since long in media or public. Honey Singh wife name was recently disclosed in a singing show judged by Honey Singh- India’s Raw Star. Honey Singh on the launch of his album ‘Desi Kalakaar’ with Sonakshi Sinha disclosed her name in Public. Honey Singh wife name is Shalini Singh, who was also spotted in the show.

Now you might be very eager to learn about Shalini Talwar biography. Shalini Talwar (Shalini Singh) is really very pretty and is the perfect girl for Honey Singh. She is as glamorous as the Bollywood hot models and actresses. Though, she had been kept away from the glam sham, Honey Singh finally made her name public in singing show and it is now expected that she might start enjoying the glamorous life as enjoyed by Honey Singh. Shalini Singh with Honey Singh was spotted in this show. Read the complete biography of Shalini Singh and get to know about Shalini Singh date of birth, Shalini Singh age, Shalini Singh family background, Shalini Singh Personal life, Shalini Singh Biodata, and Shalini Singh wiki details too. So, go on reading biography of Shalini Singh, who is Honey Singh wife.

Shalini Talwar Date of Birth

Shalini Talwar age is not known yet. But she might be in around 30 years old. Shalini Talwar other details will be covered here in her biography. Shalini Talwar was the student from the school of Honey Singh. In fact, she was his classmate and they both studied in same school in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi (according to sources). The school name was Guru Nanak Public School. This means that Shalini Talwar education and Honey Singh education completed from same school. Continue reading Shalini Singh Biography to know about Shalini Talwar personal life, Shalini Talwar height, Shalini Talwar weight, and Shalini Talwar measurements.

Shalini Talwar Wiki & Personal Life

As Shalini Talwar had not been in talks in media because of the privacy Honey Singh had kept about his wife, so there is not much information available about her personal life. Though, sources reveal that she is a house wife. Honey Singh also said that his wife Shalini Talwar loves to listen to soft Bollywood songs. She hates the songs of Honey Singh. Shalini Talwar is the biggest strength of Honey Singh and he lve her like anything. She is also very loyal to him and this is the major reason for their strong relationship from their childhood days. Shalini Singh height is about 5 feet 6 inches. Shalini Singh weight is about 62 Kgs. Shalini Singh birthday is the day when Honey Singh needs to spare time for her and they both enjoy this day with family and some close friends.

Shalini Singh Love Affair

Honey Singh love story with Shalini Talwar, dates back to their school days. Yes, you heard it right… Honey Singh had a girlfriend in school. Honey Singh girlfriend name in school was Shalini Talwar. After, schooling, Honey Singh went to London to study music and pursue a music course. They both were loyal to each other and finally Shalini Talwar marriage was fixed on 23 January, 2011 with Honey Singh. The marriage was held in outskirts of Delhi in the farms.

Honey Singh marriage date and marriage was kept top secret and only a professional photographer Vinod Kumar and some family guest from both sides were present in the marriage. The marriage took place according to Sikh rituals. Shalini Talwar husband Honey Singh kept his wedding secret, but in interview with Zee News in later part of year 2013, he committed that he was married and borke heart of her female followers.

Honey Singh and Shalini Singh children are now talked about in media. Though, Honey Singh Children have not been born, neither the star has any plans about it, but still media is now talking about it as Honey Singh wife name had been disclosed. Shalini Talwar is really pretty. Honey Singh is presently focusing on his career and they will surely have kids in later part of their life.

Shalini Singh Controversy

She was not involved in a controversy directly, but when Vinod Kumar leaked some of the photos in media of Honey Singh wedding, she indirectly came into controversy as the news about Honey Singh wife was on Television for days.

Hope this was a great biography of Honey Singh wife that you ever read. Read next biography of Australian Golfer Jason Day.

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