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When you talk of women entrepreneurs, there are only a handful of them in our country. The recent wave of new change that our country is overseeing, this phenomenon is changing. Suchi Mukherjee, a women entrepreneur who has been constantly proving with her achievements that it is completely not a gender based space where a few years ago only males dominated. Who is Suchi Mukherjee? You must be wondering. Suchi Mukherjee is the founder of Limeroad website, which lets you discover, share and shop women lifestyle products. Suchi Mukherjee wiki will further tell you about her journey throughout her life, her struggles, her career, and other interesting facts about Suchi Mukherjee.Suchi Mukherjee Photos HD

Suchi Mukherjee Date of Birth

Suchi Mukherjee date of birth is a little unclear but she was born in the year 1973 and was 39 year old when she founded her famous fashion portal for women I.e. From a young age, she has been involved in scaling up many businesses and starting some on her own, which is quite ambitious for a person like her. Suchi Mukherjee birthday has always been a sumptuous affair among her elite friends and family.

Suchi Mukherjee Family Background

Suchi Mukherjee belongs to a middle class family from Haryana. Since she had been married and went on to work at some of the great companies we know, even founding her own, it has been a dream life for her. Suchi Mukherjee family now consists of her husband, two kids and herself. Her parents must have played a huge role in her success, and so must her husband, Suchi Mukherjee family have contributed highly in what she is today.

Suchi Mukherjee Education

Suchi Mukherjee has sought education from the famed University of Cambridge and London School of Economics. Suchi Mukherjee completed her bachelor in arts specializing in economics and mathematics from the University of Cambridge. She has learned all the trades of business by doing her masters in economics and finance from one of the most prestige business schools in the world which is London School of Economics. The biography of Suchi Mukherjee details more of her personal as well as professional life, keep reading.

Suchi Mukherjee Personal Life

For a business woman like Suchi Mukherjee, her work life and personal life is hard to differentiate. She tries to give enough time to her family as well as friends even in her ultra busy startup life. Suchi Mukherjee net worth is not disclosed in the media however it must be quite high considering her stature as a founder of a successful startup and previous employee in some of the best companies in the world. Suchi Mukherjee contact details are the ones given on the LimeRoad website as well as in her LinkedIn profile, you can mail her. Suchi Mukherjee biography further shows how she went on from working in various companies to founding one on her own.

Suchi Mukherjee Career

With such a brilliant portfolio of companies under her belt, Suchi Mukherjee success story might seem as if everything happened overnight without any struggle. The reality is completely different; she too had to face ups and downs throughout her professional life. At first being a part of newly formed companies to scale them up and making them global and starting a company of her own which has become highly successful is no easy job. After completing her bachelor’s and master’s degree from University of Cambridge and London School of economics respectively, she soon started working as a professional right after completing her studies.

She started working at Lehman Brothers Inc. in 1998 in a position of Senior Associate for Corporate Finance. It was Suchi Mukherjee first job in her career. She worked there for 5 years until moving on to her next company in her career. She focused highly on Telecoms Media technology and Financial Institutions while she worked there. After leaving the company with a rich experience, she moved on to work with Virgin Media from June 2003 as a Director of Change and Business Development. Also, she was highly consumer focused in Virgin Media and was a member of Consumer Division Management Team.

She worked with Virgin media for 2 whole years and then switched over her career path again to eBay, which was one of the best e-commerce platforms available. With eBay, she learnt many skills that would later be handy in her own venture. Also this change in companies helped her work in diversified conditions across many companies. In the year 2006, Skype was a part of eBay then, which is now property of Microsoft. With the phenomenal work she did, Suchi Mukherjee was soon promoted to Director and Member of Executive Management Team of Skype. She oversaw the major overhaul that Skype went through in its earlier stage and made it what it is now. There were structural concerns over the company as 3 CEO’s were changed in mere 2 years.

After empowering Skype with her skills, she was again promoted to a position of Managing Director of Gumtree, which was a child company of eBay Inc. After all this years, she had become reliant enough to start something on her own and take it off. She took Gumtree to great heights and made it a market leader in UK. After successfully handling companies of this scale, she set out to do something of her own and founded LimeRoad, which is her own venture. She is also the CEO of LimeRoad website. It has received various rounds of funding and can sustain the business as it is now which is highly commendable as very few startups become successful.

Interesting facts about Suchi Mukherjee

  1. She lifted the company Gumtree from No.3 to No.1 in a matter of few years.
  2. She started her working career at a young age of 22 in Lehman Brothers Inc.
  3. She was one of the most promoted people in eBay Inc because of her brilliant managerial and business skills.

Suchi Mukherjee Love Life

Is Suchi Mukherjee Married? Yes, she is. Though there is not much information about Suchi Mukherjee husband but she is happily married having her own family. Talking about Suchi Mukherjee children, she has two kids. Suchi Mukherjee dating someone was all false news as we never came to know about Suchi Mukherjee boyfriend. She has been happily married from a past few years and living in Haryana with her family. This was all about the life of Suchi Mukherjee. Explore the next biography of Singer Ankit Tiwari.

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