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News presenters have always got their fair share of attention and fame. They are the ones who break us the latest news as well as present us with the happenings of the world around us. Mel McLaughlin is one such presenter who presents the latest sports news for Seven Network. She is quite popular for the job she does and has been doing this for many years now for different media networks. Her claim to fame came while she used to be a sports presenter for Fox network, which is one of the biggest media houses in the world. During her tenure, she was regarded as some of the best Fox Sports presenters. Every presenter has a particular niche and for Mel McLaughlin it is sports. If you want to know more about her, this Mel McLaughlin biography shall help you in the best way.Mel Mclaughlin Bikini Photos

Mel McLaughlin Date of Birth

Mel McLaughlin birthday falls on September 3rd and she was born in the year 1979. Most of the times, she has claimed that she is working on her birthdays too. Being the busy person that she is, it is difficult to take out some time even on her special day. However, her family and close friends surprise her and celebrate it in a decent way. Mel McLaughlin wiki explores more about the famous sports presenter.

Mel McLaughlin Family Background

Mel McLaughlin family hails from Australia where she was born and brought up. She belongs to a really nice family who have always been on her side and supported her. Recently, Mel McLaughlin sister Tara McLaughlin died losing a battle to lung cancer which was very painful for the whole family. However, Mel didn’t let it affect her career and continued her profession with the same vigor as before. Read the biography of Mel McLaughlin and you will get to know about her career as well as life choices.

Mel McLaughlin Personal Life

As her profession requires her to, she looks quite beautiful. Her actual name is Melanie McLaughlin but she goes by her short name Mel while on TV and also on professional endeavors. However, her close friends and family know her as Melanie. Mel McLaughlin height is around 5 feet and 11 inches which complements well with her overall personality. Her weight is approximately 55 kgs and it gives her a lean look which she carries quite well. As many people love her beautiful figure, Mel McLaughlin measurements are 36-26-26 which makes her looks stunning. Mel McLaughlin bikini wearing pictures are all over the internet and quite adored by people.

Mel McLaughlin Career

Mel McLaughlin started her career with Network Ten and is a sports presenter from the beginning of her professional career. At first, she hosted the complete coverage of the famous Big Bash League in Australia. It gave her a lot of recognition in this space. One of the major changes in her career was in the year 2014 where she represented global sports all in a single year. She looked after the Glasgow games, Winter Olympics and the biggest FIFA World Cup too. She then became a part of the Seven Network where she will be hosting the Summer Olympics of 2016. She is a regular on the Fox Sports news and hosts various shows for the channel. Considering Mel McLaughlin age, she has a long way to go in the industry and will definitely keep up with her career.

Interesting facts about Mel McLaughlin

  • She has hosted some of the biggest sports events in the world like Glasgow games, Winter Olympics and the FIFA football world cup.
  • Her sister died of lung cancer which was a huge blow to her.
  • She was the former wife of famous musician Luke Panic.

Mel McLaughlin Love Affairs

Her love life has gone through a roller coaster ride in the recent past. Mel McLaughlin husband was Luke Panic who is also a famous musician. Although they had a great time together, things didn’t go too well and they decided to separate after two years. After Mel McLaughlin engaged to Luke Panic, it was said that they both would make a great couple but unfortunately they couldn’t last long. Since Melanine McLaughlin married, there have always been some or the other problem in their lives. So they decided for the better and moved on with their separate lives.

Mel McLaughlin Controversies

Since she is always on national and international television, there are bound to be controversies happening every now and then. She was recently slammed on social media by fans for having double standards over Mark Waugh. She later jokingly told that she would buy Mark a drink. Also, Chris Gayle had once asked her to buy a drink while she was conducting an interview which led to a huge spat and was termed quite sexist. Few months ago, it was rumored that Mel McLaughlin MMS have been leaked in the internet but the claims were truly false. It was speculated that the MMS had Mel McLaughlin kiss scenes. These things brought a lot of celebrity gossips that did the rounds on many occasions.

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