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Not many know about Hasin Jahan, she is a former model and now Indian Cricket Mohammed Shami’s wife. Ever since their marriage, people have been searching online for Mohammed Shami Wife, Hasin Jahan. So, to satiate the people we have come up with Hasin Jahan Biography. Hasin is as beautiful as her name and perfectly complements her husband. Hopefully like other cricket wives she too will be a known name soon by proving excellent lady luck in Mohammad Shami’s career. Here, in Hasin Jahan Bio we have covered details about Hasin Jahan family background, Hasin Jahan personal life and the inside details about the marriage of the duo.

Hasin Jahan Date of Birth

Hasin Jahan has served as a model for several years thus Hasin Jahan height is pretty tall and her stature is well maintained. She believes in eating healthy and maintaining a perfect body weight. Due to low popularity the exact date of Hasin Jahan Birthday is not known. But Hasin Jahan age is known to be more than Mohammed Shami. Hasin Jahan was born and bred in Kolkata in a Muslim family. She practices Islam and is also a very religious person. Hasin Jahan father Mohamed Hassan is a successful businessman in Kolkata and runs a transportation business. He is a well known name in Kolkata for his excellent business skills.  Hasin Jahan mother is a homemaker. The Bengali Bombshell Hasin Jahan has captured the interest of media and people. People have been searching for Hasin Jahan photos online. Most of these photos of the seductress Hasin Jahan are of her modeling days.

Hasin Jahan Personal Life

Ever since Hasin Jahan was a little girl she dreamt of being a model and even wished to work in the film industry someday. She started her modeling career in Kolkata when she was very young. Hasin Jahan is a Bengali Muslim. Due to family constraints, she has completely given up modeling after marriage and has become a complete homemaker. Hasin Jahan family is primarily based out of Kolkata. Hasin Jahan eye color is black. Hasin Jahan hair color is black. Hasin Jahan hobbies include cooking, travelling and listening to soft music. Keep reading Hasin Jahan wiki to know about Hasin Jahan husband and Hasin Jahan love affairs.

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan Love affair

Ever since photos of Mohammed Shami with his wife have been circulated on the internet everybody is trying to find out who is Mohammed Shami wife? Here, we tell you that Mohammed Shami wife name is Hasin Jahan. Very recently the couple tied a knot at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. The wedding took place at 4 and then a reception was conducted at 7 in the evening. Both the ceremonies were conducted in Hotel Regency which is a 5 star hotel in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Hasin Jahan marriage was a private affair and only the family and close friends of the couple were invited. Shami’s team mates were not a part of this grand affair. His father said that they were unsure about schedule of Mohammed Shami’s team mates hence they chose not to send them any formal invite. However, the family decided to conduct a formal reception for the players of Indian cricket team either in Delhi or Kolkata, keeping in view their busy schedule. Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami marriage date is June 6th 2014. Mohammed Shami wife pics

Like several other cricketers, Mohammed Shami too had a thing for models. The Ranji Trophy player for Bengal, Mohammed Shami met Hasin Jahan in an IPL event in 2012. Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan dated for approximately 2 years before deciding to tie a knot 2014. The couple instantly developed feelings for each other but didn’t let the media and speculators know about their dating spree. Ever since Hasin Jahan became Mohammed Shami girlfriend she attended all his matches as an audience. Despite her presence in all the matches not many could guess that Mohammed Shami girlfriend name was Hasin Jahan. Media started speculating about the two dating when they spotted Hasin Jahan in a match in Australia.

But even then the two maintained to be ‘just good friends.’ This hide and seek continued till the couple officially got married on June 6th 2014. When the couple got married Mohammed Shami remained out of field for some time. He wanted to spend all his time with his bride.  The two have been enjoying their newly wedded status and are having a time of their life, going places and hanging out together. However, Mohammed Shami returned back to field soon. He came back with a bang. Perhaps, his lady love did bring in some love for him.

Hasin Jahan Controversies

Hasin Jahan had been involved in multiple controversies before her marriage to Indian fast paced bowler Mohammed Shami. She claimed of being Sakshi Dhoni’s close friend however she could never prove her associations with Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Indian Cricket Team’s Captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni. She was also known to have tiff with Radhika Dhopavkar wife of another cricketer Ajinkya Rahane. The incidence was hyped by the media to a great extent. Hasin Jahan was also known to have got into a cold war with Preeti Narayanan wife of Indian player Ravichandran Ashwin. Same news occurred in context to Natasha Jain who is Gautam Gambhir’s wife. All these tiffs with fellow cricketers’ wife have been reported and even got Hasin Jahan in news. Are these tiffs due to Hassin Jahan’s insecurity with fellow cricketer wives? However, post Hasin Jahan marriage with Mohammed Shami there has been no negative rumors about Hasin Jahan in the media. Hopefully, this stays longer and Hasin Jahan keeps herself in news only for her good looks and positive behavior.

This was all about Hasin Jahan the wife of Indian pacer Mohammed Shami. We agree not too much information is available about the former model however, we assure any time a latest news of Hassin Jahan comes, we’ll update it right here. Read next biography of Model Karlie Kloss till then.

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