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Usually, people who take up modeling as a career end up becoming actresses or pursue their career in modeling for the rest of their lives. Leryn Franco is a model who is also a part of the Olympic team of the country Paraguay. It is quite surprising to know that despite being in the modeling industry, she is into sports and continues to pursue both. She is also an actress but has only worked in very few films. This is truly a testimony of how hard working and passionate she is about what she does. She is a javelin thrower for her country which requires a lot of physical training and practice. This biography of Leryn Franco will tell you how she manages both her profession with equal dedication and continues to be a champion at both.Leryn Franco Bikini Pics

Leryn Franco Date of Birth

Leryn Franco birthday falls on March 1st and she was born in the year 1982. She is a busy woman and always traveling around the world for her work. Most of her birthdays are spent with her teammates or colleagues. If she is at home during her special day, she celebrates it with her parents as well as close friends.

Leryn Franco Family Background

Leryn Franco’s parents hail from the country of Uruguay where they were born and continue to live. In her childhood days, Leryn was a fan of Olimpia Asuncion in Paraguay and Penarol in Uruguay. She was raised with the right cultural values and fully supported by her parents as she went on to lead a multi-career life. You will further get to know a lot about her personal life in this Leryn Franco biography.

Leryn Franco Personal Life

Leryn Franco is extremely kind in nature. She is always good to her close associates and family. As for her education goes, she had pursued Business Administration and holds a graduation degree in it. Being a model, she indeed has a great figure and physical personality. Leryn Franco height is about 5 feet and 8 inches which give her a good edge over her competitors since she is an athlete. Leryn Franco measurements are 36-24-35 which make her looks hot and sizzling just like a model should look. Leryn Franco photos have been doing the rounds of the internet since she is a model, there are bound to be pictures of her all around. It was speculated that a Leryn Franco MMS video has been leaked on the internet but the claims were false and none of this actually happened.

Leryn Franco Career

Leryn Franco has had a prolific career until now with modeling, acting and being a javelin thrower. In 2006, she became the runner-up for ‘Miss Universe Paraguay’ which is a huge pageant. She was featured in the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ issue in 2011. She also has her own calendar which photographer Martin Crespo took in 2007. Leryn Franco modeling career has had great highs until now and we hope she continues to become successful with her modeling career. An Irish movie which she did was called ‘Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay’ which received wide critical acclaim.

 Before she professionally went to become javelin thrower, she liked to play football. It is quite unusual of a girl to be interested in these sports, but she was unique and continued with her talents and hobbies without caring for what people would say. She is among the finest Javelin Throwers in the world and has constantly proved her worth by performing brilliantly. Her personal best record in Javelin throw is 57.77 m which is a great feat she made on 8th July 2012. She was a part of the summer Olympics in the year 2004, 2008 and 2012. She officially retired from sports and athletics in the year 2014.Leryn Franco age is now past what athletes should be so she will majorly focus now on her acting as well as modeling career. Leryn Franco bikini avatar is quite famous among her fans and she will continue to please her fans through her beautiful looks. The Leryn Franco wiki is filled with facts that you might not have known before, keep reading.

Interesting facts about Leryn Franco

  • She leads multiple careers such as being a model, actress, and a javelin thrower.
  • She retired from sports in 2014.
  • She is featured in many top magazines around the world.

Leryn Franco Love Affairs

Her love affairs are all over the media since she is a well-known personality. It was seen that she is dating the No.1 tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic, but reports suggest that they both broke up. Leryn Franco boyfriend currently is Ivan Almeida who has been living with her for many months. It feels quite sure that Ivan will become Leryn Franco husband in the days to come. If the rumors are to be believed, Leryn Franco marriage is on the cards in the coming years. They both make a beautiful couple and we wish them a long life ahead.

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