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Women have engraved their names all over the tech industry as well as in entrepreneurship. They are no less than men when it comes to running independent businesses and making a career out of it. If we consider women entrepreneurs in India, Priyanka Gill surely is a big name in the industry. Although she is based out of London in the United Kingdom, and now got a British nationality, her residence is in India. Many entrepreneurs try to create a niche in a single industry but Priyanka Gill has a lot of passions which she has beautifully converted to her profession. She is a fashion journalist, entrepreneur, angel investor, and even an art collector. With so many skills, she is surely something among the best Indian entrepreneurs we can all look up to. Are you interested in knowing about how she made it to being such a famous entrepreneur? Read this biography of Priyanka Gill which has all the details about her personal as well as professional career.Popxo Founder Priyanka Gill Photos

Priyanka Gill Date of Birth

Priyanka Gill birthday falls on June 2 and she was born in the year 1980. If we consider other entrepreneurs of similar age, she has achieved a lot in comparison. She keeps herself busy on most days including even her birthday, but her friends and family surprise her with gifts and pleasantries. Priyanka doesn’t like to have a huge bash and tries to keep it simple.

Priyanka Gill Family Background

Priyanka Gill family hails from New Delhi in India. She now lives in London with her husband and in-laws but her family stays in India itself. Being an entrepreneur is a tough task and her parents had always supported her through thick and thin. They helped her in pursuing where her passion was and made sure that she is on the right track in life. In this Priyanka Gill wiki, you will get to know a lot about how she is in her personal life.

Priyanka Gill Personal Life

She has a down to earth personality and maintains a healthy relation with her loved ones as well as colleagues. As far as Priyanka Gill net worth is considered, she earns a lot and sufficient enough to pursue angel investing as an active career. Very few female entrepreneurs in India are capable of what she has achieved and how nice she is as a person. Moreover, she has always stayed away from all kinds of celebrity gossips which have kept her focused on her work. She tries to keep her personal life separate from her professional life and beautifully balances everything. Priyanka Gill biography will further tell you about her different professions as well as career interests.

Priyanka Gill Career

If you are wondering that who is the founder of POPxo.com, it is Priyanka Gill. The young entrepreneur is the face behind one of the best fashion blogs out there. Many people are not aware of her and search for POPxo founder name online but she has been doing some great work lately and people have started to recognize her. It all started in the year 2006 when Priyanka Gill age was just 25. At such a young age, she decided to open a fashion blog and named it eStylista. It became quite famous and had a lot of visitors in a short span of time. The same blog then went on to become the famous POPxo.com.

Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom share a great working equation, they both being the editor and CEO respectively. As of now, apart from running the website she also invests in lifestyle brands and early stage technology startups which look promising and are innovative. She is also a frequent contributor to top publications such as ‘The Guardian’, ‘Vogue India’ and even ‘Hello Pakistan’. Priyanka is also an editor of Harpers Bazaar India and manages the content there. Priyanka Gill salary is undefined because as she is an entrepreneur, there is no basic salary that she picks. It all depends on how her businesses and investments do over time. She is among the finest female entrepreneurs in the current scenario and tries to work as hard as possible.

Interesting facts about Priyanka Gill

  • The name of Priyanka Gill’s first blog was eStylista which later on became the famous brand POPxo.
  • She and her husband Raj Gill were ranked at number 33 on the list of Asian Power couples hot 100.
  • She is an avid art collector and loves to collect modern Indian Art.

Priyanka Gill loves Affairs

She has never been into any kind of love affairs and maintained an honest loyal relationship with her husband Raj Gill. Her husband is also a businessman and is an independent trader who also lives in London. Both of them stay in London in the United Kingdom and manage their respective businesses from there. They have an excellent relationship and take time out for themselves from their busy schedules.

Gaurav Singh Negi

The Founder

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