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Vijay Mallya GirlfriendVijay Mallya is one of the most popular business tycoons from India, who is renowned by the world. He is known for his clever business skills and cool lifestyle. Vijay Mallya love to enjoy his life to fullest. He is freaky and love to roam around the world. He is one of the coolest business entrepreneurs of the world. If you wish to know all about Vijay Mallya then you must read Vijay Mallya biography here. He is a big name in business world and people are very eager to know about Vijay Mallya success story, Vijay Mallya life story, Vijay Mallya wife, and are desperately searching for phrases like- kingfisher annual turnover, Vijay Mallya properties and lots more. You will find each and every detail about him in this Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya Biography.

Vijay Mallya, the popular industrialist from India was born to industrialist father Vittal Mallya. Vijay Mallya date of birth is 18 December, 1955. He was born in Gowda Saraswath Brahmin Family. Industrialist Vijay Mallya age comes out to be 67 years as of now. He still looks young, if we ignore his white hairs and white beard. He was born in Bantwal, Karnataka (India).

Vijay Mallya was a bright student since childhood. He studies at La Martiniere School in Kolkata, West Bengal. He was graduated with a commerce degree from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. During his college life, Vijay Mallya was interning in his family business. After he completed his graduation, he interned at Hoechst, USA. Vijay Mallya wiki biography suggests this. You can learn more about Vijay Mallya life history from here.

If you are searching about Vijay Mallya family background then here is a little about it. Vijay Mallya wife is Rekha Mallya, but she is not her first wife. Vijay Mallya First wife is Samira with whom he has son- Siddharth Mallya. Rekha Mallya was earlier married to Shahid Mahmood with whom she had three Children- son Kabir and two daughters Laila & Tanya. Vijay Mallya adopted Laila and cared for her like a real father. Laila is now married to Samar Singh. Vijay Mallya Son Siddharth Mallya had been found dating with the hottest Indian Diva- Deepika Padukone.

Vijay Mallya is took the company responsibilities after his father’s demise at the age of 28. After his father’s death he was elected as the chairman of United Breweries group. He consolidated many companies under Umbrella group and focused on core business of Alcohols and beverages. His company sells Kingfisher beer that has more than 50 percent Indian Market share. It is sold over 52 countries of the world. Inited Spirits Limited, the company under UB group of Mallya had reached a milestone of selling more than 145 million cases. It became the largest spirits company of the world.

The UB group had been engaged in different business activities like: life sciences, alcoholic beverages, chemicals, agriculture, leisure, aviation, agriculture, information technology etc. In the year 2005, Vijay Mallya acquired Millennium Breweries. Then in 2007 UB group acquired Whyte & Mackay dealing in cash of 595 million pounds. There is much to explore about Vijay Mallya Business career. Continue reading Vijay Mallya Biography to know him better.

In 2005, Vijay Mallya started his own Airlines named as Kingfisher. Later, Kingfisher airlines acquired Air Deccan. Later on, Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways joined Kingfisher in oder to fetch more profit with Mallya’s business expertise. Vijay Mallya purchased an IPL cricket team Royal Challenger Bangalore in year 2008. RCB is Vijay Mallya IPL team. It costs him $111.6 million for the team. He is the strong Competitor to Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani Team – Mumbai Indians. He later along with Sahara group owner purchased a Formula one Racing team Spyker- later named as Force India for 88 million Euros. He also owns two I-league teams ‘Mohan Bagan’ and East Bengal’.

Vijay Mallya also impressed the Indians buy making his career in politics in the year 2002. He formed independent party and given a seat in Karnataka Rajya Sabha in 2002 and later in 2010. Read complete biography of Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya.

Vijay Mallya is very crazy about old things. He attended several auctions to buy some of the golden treasures. He purchased the sword of Indian leader Tipu Sultan from London in 2004. He also purchased five belongings (eyeglasses, pocket watch, plate, bowl, leather sandals) of ‘Father of the Nation’- Mahatma Gandhi in March 2009 for US $1.8 million. The plate and bowl he purchased in auction are the plate and bowl in which Mahatma Gandhi had his last meal.

Vijay Mallya was also awarded the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration (Southern California University of Professional Studies) in year 1997. He was also awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of Year’ in Asian Awards. World Economic Times had called him as ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’. Vijay Mallya own more than 250 luxury cars and have 25 big properties over different countries of the world. Vijay Mallya properties according to some sources are as follows:

  • Home at Sausalito, California (purchased in 1987)
  • Mabula Game Lodge, South Africa
  • Real Estate Luxury, Sainte Marguerite
  • Kunigal Stud Farm, Kunigal, Karnataka
  • Kingfisher Villa, Goa
  • Trump Plaza Condo, New York
  • Clifton Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Kingfisher tower, Bangalore

These were only some properties of Vijay Mallya. There are many more too.

Vijay Mallya had been in controversies several times. One of his popular controversies is that the cheque he gave to GMR group bounced. Another Vijay Mallya Controversy is that he didn’t paid salaries to the employees of Kingfisher for several months. Hope you enjoyed reading Force India Owner Vijay Mallya Biography.

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