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The Indian cricket team has produced many star players who have brought pride and glory for the country. One such brilliant player is the boy from Mumbai – Rohit Sharma. This ace Indian cricket batsman has stunned the world with his exquisite knocks and has haunted various bowlers around the world. He had got bowled to one gorgeous soul. Yes! Rohit Sharma got married to her childhood muse and the country is running mad to know about who she is. Rohit Sharma girlfriend name is Ritika Sajdeh, whom he got married on 13 December, 2015. Ritika is a charming and vibrant personality who has known Rohit since many years. Rohit proposed Ritika in a very romantic manner which remains as the most memorable thing for the couple. Ritika has sworn to be Rohit’s partner and support him throughout his good and bad times. This biography will cover some major details about Rohit Sharma’s fiancée Ritika Sajdeh. To know more about her you can log onto Ritika Sajdeh wiki.Ritika Sajdeh and Rohit Sharma

Ritika Sajdeh Date of Birth

Ritika Sajdeh was born in 1987. Ritika Sajdeh age is around 28 years. She is not very younger than Rohit as Sakshi Dhoni is to MS Dhoni. Ritika Sajdeh birthday is planned by Rohit Sharma in a really special way every year. To know more about her keep reading biography of Ritika Sajdeh.

Ritika Sajdeh Family Background

Ritika Sajdeh nationality is Indian. Ritika Sajdeh has posted a lot of pictures online with her parents but there is no exact information about them. She has two brothers Bunty and Kunal Sajdeh. Ritika Sajdeh photos also show that she has a cute face and is a charming lady. She was born in Mumbai and has been brought up in the quality ambience of Cuff Parade. Ritika is the gem of her family and they are very protective regarding their daughter. You will be shocked to know that the iconic cricketer Yuvraj Singh is the ‘Rakhi brother’ of Ritika Sajdeh.

Ritika Sajdeh Education and Other Qualifications

The beautiful lady love of cricketer Rohit Sharma is a typical Mumbai girl. She has acquired her education from Mumbai. Through her pictures and public appearances, she has been portrayed as a confident and stylish woman who looks knowledgeable.

Ritika Sajdeh Personal Life

Ritika Sajdeh is a fun loving personality. She is a young and cute girl who has attractive features. There are many pictures of her on various internet websites which display the different sides of Ritika. Her various poses in her solo pictures along with photographs with her family and friends makes it quite evident that she prefers living her life to the fullest wearing a big smile. Rohit Sharma Ritika Sajdeh look adorable together in all her pictures on her Facebook account. Her eyes are something which must have mesmerized the ace cricketer. Ritika loves dogs and maintains a soft corner for them. Ritika Sajdeh height is 5 feet 5 inches. Ritika Sajdeh weight is about 52 Kgs.

Ritika Sajdeh Career

Ritika Sajdeh profession is currently of a sports event manager. She is very much dedicated towards her work and deals with sports events and matches both within the country and overseas. Coincidently, Ritika and Rohit both have a strong connection with sports. Since her profession keeps her close to her fiancée, Ritika has never missed any of Rohit’s matches.

Ritika Sajdeh Love Affair

Not all people get their childhood crush as their life partner. This dream came true for the famous Indian cricket team batsman Rohit Sharma. Now the question ‘who is Ritika Sajdeh?’ can be answered confidently. She is girlfriend of Rohit Sharma and married also became Rohit Sharma wife on December 13, 2015. Ritika and Rohit have known each other since childhood. During that phase emotions fall short and people generally don’t realize if its love or not. As they grew up, love surrounded the couple. It has been six years since the couple is dating each other. You can even notice Ritika in the stadium stands during all of Rohit’s matches. There is a very fascinating story behind how Rohit asked Ritika for marriage. This incident shows that how romantic cricketers could be in real life. The date was April 28th, 2015 the Mumbai Indians captain drove his lady love to Borivli sports club and to her surprise took out a magnificent solitaire ring to pop up the much awaited question.

This news was passed on to their respective families and it was followed by the announcement of the engagement. The media went crazy when this news was out and the nation was waiting to see who Rohit Sharma wife is. The couple has been spotted many a times together now, be it award functions or cricketing events. Rohit Sharma Marriage was huge buzzing event with celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Ambanis marked their presence to the marriage. Ritika Sajdeh marriage date 13 December will be remembered by many female followers of Rohit Sharma to whom the heart break occured. We hope the couple leads a happy and successful married life and Rohit Sharma children will definitely carry the traits of their mother and father to grow in talent and intelligence. We hope to hear the news of Ritika Sajdeh pregnancy soon, This was all about Ritika Sajdeh and read next biography of PayTM Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

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