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Three years back, a buzz was created in the music industry by the sad and a tear invoking song ‘Tune Mere Jaana, Emptiness.’ A fake story was associated with it, the story of an IITian Rohan Rathod, who deeply loved a girl and died of cancer 15 days after composing the song. The story made millions cry. The song became the anthem for all broken hearts. Months after all the drama, people understood there was a hitch. Rohan Rathore didn’t really exist. The beautiful voice behind the song was alive. And that’s how Gajendra Verma came into picture. Here in Biography of Gajendra Verma we’ll cover everything from his past, present and future. So, to know about him keep reading Gajendra Verma wiki.

Gajendra Verma Date of Birth

Gajendra Verma was born on 20th April 1990. For, Gajendra Verma birthday is just like any regular day and he doesn’t believe in creating hype about it. Gajendra had a very clear goal. He always wanted to be a singer. When Gajendra Verma age was just 21 his first song had already become a hit. To know about Gajendra Verma height, relationship and more keep reading Gajendra Verma Bio.

Gajendra Verma Family Background

Gajendra was born and bred in Sirsa district of Haryana. Gajendra Verma father Dr. Surendra Verma is a professional teacher, a renowned theatre personality and an equally recognized poet. Gajendra admires his father and wishes to be like him someday. Gajendra Verma mother is Chand Verma who is a homemaker. Gajendra Verma brother, Vikram Singh Verma is elder to him. He is a popular music composer, director and producer. Most of Gajendra Verma songs are produced or composed by Vikram himself.

Gajendra Verma Personal Life

Gajendra Verma started as a sound recordist in Mumbai. Post the success of his song ‘Emptiness’ he became a singer, musician, music composer, music director and someday maybe an actor too. Verma has a gist for acting and aspires to be a successful actor someday. Gajendra Verma eye color is black. Gajendra Verma hair color is also black. Gajendra loves working out and that’s the reason for Gajendra Verma weight being maintained so well. Gajendra Verma hobbies include singing, working out, travelling and playing guitar. When, Gajendra was very young his family moved to Jaipur and that’s where he completed his formal education. Gajendra Verma Sun sign is Aries. Like any other typical Aries he is soft spoken and extremely talented.

Gajendra Verma Career

Ever since the age of 21, Gajendra has been part of the music industry. He started his musical journey and career with the song, ‘Tune mere Jana, Emptiness’ in 2012. All the songs from this album became immensely popular. Some of the other songs of Gajendra Verma include ‘phir suna’, ‘love kiya toh darna kya’, and ‘sun mere’, all from the same album Emptiness. With the song ‘Phir Suna’ Gajendra even became a lyricist. Gajendra Verma has also lent his voice for several Bollywood movies such as ‘Yaariyaan’, ‘Table No. 21’, ‘Bajate Raho’, and ‘3G’. Gajendra Verma latest Songs like ‘Mann Mera’, ‘Mann Jaage Saari Raat’ and ‘O Sajna’ gave him immense appreciation and popularity amongst fellow music composers. All songs of Gajendra Verma are soulful and melodious. Considering, the success of his previous songs people are waiting for Gajendra Verma upcoming songs.  Moreover because of his stylish looks and mesmerizing and soulful voice, Gajendra Verma plans to get into acting. So, fans might see Gajendra Verma movies soon.

Gajendra Verma Love affairs

Gajendra Verma is a private person and not much is known about Gajendra Verma girlfriend and love life. Reports of Gajendra Verma dating were doing the rounds post the release of his soulful mix Tune Mere Jana. However, for Gajendra Verma marriage and relationship can wait and his career is his top priority. Now, fans can only wait and watch how Gajendra Verma wife would be like.Pjoto of Gajendra Verma

Gajendra Verma controversy

Gajendra Verma is definitely a first person to start a career in Bollywood with a controversy. Ever since the release of ‘Tune Mera Jana’ it became a rage amongst all Asians with over 15 lakh views on YouTube and 8 dedicated fan pages on facebook with millions of followers. Initially, when the song came out it said ‘’By ‘certain’ Rohan Rathod from IIT Guhati.’ But, IIT-G confirmed that there was nobody with that name in IIT. The mystery began to create inquisitiveness among the people.

The search engine was flooded with queries to find out the voice behind the song. Different theories came out, different people gave different reviews. Then, out of nowhere a man came in picture claiming that the voice behind this superhit song was his. Verma in the court of law gave several pleas claiming that he sang the song and Aseem Abbasee was the person who wrote the song for him. To counter his argument, he even released the entire album Emptiness with 6 songs to prove the authenticity of his voice. Some believed him while many didn’t. Nothing has been affirmed about the mystery of this song. However, the court of law has decided in Verma’s favor and given him the rights of the song. People and media even accused him to use the fake story to influence gullible people. Some even labeled it as a perfect marketing strategy. However, Verma said that he had sent the song to several people for reviews and that’s how it got leaked.

That’s all about the soulful, romantic and absolutely talented Gajendra Verma. Even if there is no confirmation about the singer of his ‘supposed’ first hit his other songs have made people fallen in love with this young and amazing talented Haryana guy. read next biography of Mohammed Shami Wife Hasin Jahan.

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