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Singers who dedicate their whole careers for their bands don’t get much popularity. But when we talk about someone like Chris Martin, they have their own share of fan following and desirability among fans. Chris Martin is the main vocalist and the lead singer of the ultra famous band Coldplay. He has done many songs and music videos in which he has featured himself. He is skillful enough in playing instruments like guitar, piano and keyboards. In most of the live performances, you can see him singing the song and playing many instruments to entertain the audience. If you are a fan of his beautiful voice or you adore his personality, you will love to read the Chris Martin biography.Chris Martin Sexy Photos

Chris Martin Date of Birth

Chris Martin birthday falls on the 2nd of March and he was born in the year 1977. In the career he has had, the singer has achieved worldwide fame and there are fans of Chris Martin across the world. They all wish him with love and happiness. He also celebrates his birthday with his fans sometimes but on most occasions, it is his family with some close friends who accompany them.

Chris Martin Family Background

Chris Martin family hails from Devon in England where he was born and brought up too. He has four siblings and he is the eldest among them all. His father is a retired accountant and his mother is a music teacher. It is not difficult to guess where his music genes came from as his mother is a pretty good music teacher from whom he must have learned at an early age.

Chris Martin Education

Chris Martin is fairly very educated but surprisingly, he has never sought formal education for music and singing which he has built his career on. He has studied at the University of London where he graduated in the languages Greek and Latin. This is also where he found his bandmates and the manager with whom he formed the band Coldplay. If you want to know what family background he belongs to, read more about his family background next in the biography of Chris Martin.

Chris Martin Personal Life

All those who are close to the famous singer say that he doesn’t let his success or failure go to the head. It is indeed a great trait for a personality as huge as Chris Martin. Even his bandmates are all praises for him as he is really gentle and kind in his personal life. He leads a decent life and makes sure that he balances work and personal life equally. Chris Martin height is around 6 feet and 1 inch which makes him look quite good and gives him a personality that suits exactly what his profession is. He believes in the religion of Zeus but says that he believes in almost every religion that exists. Be inspired by his career by reading through the Chris Martin wiki.

Chris Martin Career

Chris Martin has had a prolific career till now with many solo and band hits to his name. Coldplay is sure among the best bands of all time and he plays an important role in the band. He was a big part of the first album that Coldplay did, Parachutes. The album released in the year 2000 and proved to be a massive success. This gave the band Coldplay an international success and fame which they carry on until now. Chris Martin age was just 23 when they first released their album and he soon got a wide recognition for being the lead singer of the band. Since then, the band has gone on to create huge commercial hits with albums like A rush of blood to the head and Viva la Vida among many others. Chris Martin says that there are many musicians who have influenced him in the way he sings and creates music. Few of them include the famous band U2, Radiohead, a-ha and much more. He is also quite well known for his political views and other philanthropic ventures. Some of the Chris Martin songs which had huge popularity and he has sung it solo include Sliding and Where is my boy among several other hits.This Chris Martin bio is a huge testimony to how great he is as a singer and how he has achieved success in the best way possible.

Interesting Facts about Chris Martin

  • PETA has named him the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian in the year 2005 since he only eats vegetarian food. But he has now started eating meat.
  • As per Forbes, Chris Martin net worth is around $140 million which is same as of her ex-wife.
  • Chris Martin latest songs are always among the top chartbusters and the albums of Coldplay are among the most selling ones.

Chris Martin Love Affairs

He has never been into any extra love affairs but has had ups and downs in his love life. Chris Martin wife is an American actress Gwyneth Paltrow whom he married in the year 2003. They both welcomed their sweet daughter Apple Blythe Alison Martin in the next year 2004. They also had a second child whom they named Moses inspired by a song he wrote for his wife. These two are Chris Martin children and they are quite lucky to have super successful parents. But unfortunately, Chris Martin and his wife filed for divorce in the year 2015 breaking their 10 years of marriage which would have had severe effects on their children’s psychology who are still in their teens.

Chris Martin controversies

If you have read enough of Chris Martin news, you would know that his marriage separation was the biggest setback in his personal life. But after they separated, his wife made some serious allegations on Chris Martin that were not confirmed to be true. Apart from this, the Coldplay singer has never been into any kind of controversies that has hampered his career.

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