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There are some famous journalists and presenters who have made a significant impact on the work they do. Lara Alvarez is a popular journalist and Spanish presenter who mostly covers sports news. Just as all the presenters, she looks glamorous both on and off screen. She is also one of the most experienced journalists at such a young age and still has a career ahead. To know about how she carries out her work with utmost professionalism, read the biography of Lara Alvarez.Lara Alvarez Hot Photos

Lara Alvarez Date of Birth

Lara Alvarez birthday falls on May 29th and she was born in the year 1986. As she is a working personality, there is very less time to celebrate even her own birthday. However, she takes time off her busy schedule and tries to celebrate her special day with her close friends and family. She has also pursued a good amount of education about which you will read in the Lara Alvarez wiki next.

Lara Alvarez Family Background

Lara Alvarez family belongs from Spain, which is her nationality as well as the place where she was born, brought up and currently lives. Lara Alvarez parents are extremely proud of her as she has achieved success in quite a short time. They are quite supportive and always there when she needs them. Making a good career depends on a lot on how much support and motivation you get from home and she has never lacked it from her parents. You will love to know about the personal side of her in the Lara Alvarez biography.

Lara Alvarez Education

Just like all the other journalists, she pursued her education in journalism to know about the field in a better way. She graduated from the Centro Universitario Villanueva in the field of journalism. But prior to that, she also completed her college from the College of Immaculate of Gijon. We can confidently say that she has sought enough education before starting out her career professionally. This must have also helped her in her career in all these days.

Lara Alvarez Personal Life

As with her personality, she is a chilled out person who is always cool about most of the things in her life. Even her colleagues and friends have praised her for the attitude she has towards her personal life as well as professional life both of which stay quite separate. She also looks very beautiful and appealing on screen. Lara Alvarez height is around 5 feet and 7 inches which give her a nice posture and stance. Lara Alvarez measurements are around 34-24-35 which is exactly what makes a good figure for a personality like her. If you want to check out some sizzling hot pictures of the Spanish presenter, you must have a look at Lara Alvarez Instagram profile where she keeps updating various pictures of her at exotic locations.

Lara Alvarez Career

Lara Alvarez age was just 19 when she started her career and got her first break at Telemadrid. After her short stint there, she became a part of advertising campaigns for MTV Spain and The Happiness. She had started to become a little more popular than she was before. She then decided to be the presenter of ‘Savings and Finance’ and reporter of ‘Animax commands’ for the famous channel Animax. By now, we can say that Lara Alvarez salary would be much more than her peers as she was struggling hard to create a name for herself. Her big break came in when she joined the show ‘Marca Goal’ on Marca TV and also a few sports program shows for the same channel. After working here, she got quite popular in the news space. Lara Alvarez net worth could easily be in millions as she has now worked for almost 10 years in the industry with most of the successful channels in her country Spain. She has worked with many other reputed channels such as Telecinco, The Sixth and Antenna 3 among others.

Interesting facts about Lara Alvarez

  • She has had many photo shoots for brands where you can see Lara Alvarez hot photos which people crave.
  • She is the host of two popular shows ‘The big brother’ and ‘Survivors’.
  • She advertises products along with hosting and presenting TV and sports shows.

Lara Alvarez Love Affairs

Most of the love affairs she has had are with sports persons as she is a sports presenter for most of the channels so gets attached to them. Almost recently, Lara Alvarez boyfriend was popular F1 racer Fernando Alonso, but unfortunately, they split up just within a few months of the relationship. Lara Alvarez Fernando Alonso relation couldn’t last longer but they went their own ways to achieve success. She has been involved in many relationships in the past and thus it is difficult to know who Lara Alvarez husband will be in the future. One of her partners was also the famous footballer Sergio Ramos. Lara Alvarez Puyol were also said to be in a relationship but mostly the reports were false. But we are hoping for Lara Alvarez wedding soon and we hope that she gets an appropriate life partner who can be with her always in all aspects of her life.

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