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Priya Malik is an Australian resident but is now based in India. She is popularly known for her comedy but Priya Malik profession is that of a teacher. Considering the personality she holds, it is hard to believe that she works as a teacher. She became wildly popular with the famous reality show Big Boss 9 and has been into many controversies since then. She was one of the wild card entries in the show and her presence has brought trouble to many. Before entering the house of Big Boss, she was also part of Big Brother Australia in the year 2014 and was a finalist in the show. Priya Malik biography has a horde of information about her secret hobbies, personal life, career as well as her controversies in the reality show Big Boss, so keep reading.Priya Malik Photos

Priya Malik Date of Birth

Priya Malik birthday is on 16th July and she was born in the year 1987. Although Priya Malik is a resident of Australia, she was born and brought up in India in the city of Dehradun. She is not much known to throw any kind of lavish birthday parties and celebrate it in a big way. Instead, her birthdays are always celebrated casually by her family and close friends without much involvement of any outsider.

Priya Malik Family Background

Priya Malik has always been close to her family and has always trusted them while taking any decision in life. Priya Malik and her family hail from the town of Dehradun too where she was born. Her decisions to participate in reality shows like Big Brother or Big boss may not have been supported by her parents as these shows are controversial, but they have always support her in all what she does in her life as well as career.

Priya Malik Education

Priya Malik is highly educated and studies have played a huge role in what she is today both in her professional career. She has completed her Honors in English from Venky’s under the Delhi University. As she is a teacher, she has also pursued and completed her masters in teaching middle and secondary section of schools. Keep reading the biography of Priya Malik to know more about her personal and professional lives.

Priya Malik Personal Life

Though she is a teacher by profession, she has a dashing personality and is very cordial with her colleagues, friends and family. Priya Malik height is 5 feet and 4 inches which makes her look quite good in her posture and Priya Malik weight is around 60 kgs. She has a decent figure to match up with her personality. Priya Malik measurements are 36-28-35 which makes her look a little chubby but not fat. Priya Malik believes in taking care of her family as much as she focuses on her work and always strikes a great work life balance.

Priya Malik Career

Priya Malik is a teacher by profession but her career has a lot more to reveal. She used to teach at the ‘Our lady of Sacred Heart School’ in Australia. There are various other things she loves to indulge in and one of them is writing. This is a little known fact about her that she absolutely loves to write poetries. As she is a teacher and has also majored in the language English, it comes quite naturally that she is a literature lover. To elevate her passion of writing poems to the next level, she had also participated in the South Australian state poetry. Although, she couldn’t win the contest, she proudly stood as a finalist for her beautiful poems.

Another talent she possesses is comedy, she is popularly known for her comedy more than being a teacher or a poet. She does stand up comedy and just like poetry; she participated in Adelaide Comedy contest which is a platform for stand up comedians in Australia. Priya Malik Adelaide School in which she teaches must have been supportive of her during the times she participated in these contests.

When she started out in her career, Priya Malik age was quite young. She got known to the masses after she entered the house of Big Brother Australia in 2014. She claims that she entered the house just because her friends insisted her to do so. She was the first person to enter the house of Big Brother for that season. She had a good run in the show and was also one of the favorite contestants to win the contest, but she ended up as the fourth finalist before getting evicted from the house. There were not much controversies associated with her in the house of Big Brother, but strangely she has been part of a lot of controversies in it’s Indian version of the show Big Boss.

Priya Malik in Big Boss 9

After being a part of Big Brother in 2014, she came back to India and entered the house of Big Boss in 2015 which was the ninth season of the controversial reality show. Big Boss is the Indian adaptation of Big Brother and the rules of the contest are almost the same. She entered the house of Big Boss as a fourth wild card entry and has been part of many controversies since coming into the house. Priya Malik in Big Boss is known for the chaos she created inside the house.

Priya Malik pissing in Big Boss had become a huge controversy and let’s read that in detail in the controversies section. Just for these reasons, many people feel that she couldn’t be the Big Boss 9 winner. Priya Malik wiki also has some interesting and previously unknown information about her love life and various controversies she was a part of, keep reading.

Priya Malik Love Affairs

Priya Malik is a married woman and lives with her family in Australia. Prior to her marriage, there were never any reports of Priya Malik boyfriend, but we can’t tell it with confidence that she never had any boyfriends as such. She has been happily married to Bhushan Malik from a past few years and Priya Malik Bhushan Malik relationship has grown fruitful with the number of passing years. Just a few months back, Priya Malik pregnant reports surfaced in the media, but no such things have been confirmed by herself or Priya Malik husband Bhushan Malik. We gladly hope that Priya Malik children come out to be as talented and beautiful like her mother.

Priya Malik Controversies

Priya Malik controversy was widely spoken about in the media and the controversy was that she was found peeing in a bottle in the reality show Big Boss and was said to throw the bottle at fellow participant Kishwar Merchantt. She even had fight with Mandana karimi, Prince Narula, Rochelle Maria Rao and many other contestants of the house. Apart from that, she has been a part of celebrity gossip every now and then while being famously controversial in the latter half of her career. This was all about hot chubby Priya Malik, now explore the biography of gymnast Siddharth Nigam.

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