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Brazilian actresses have got a unique charm of their own. Along with top notch acting skills, they also look beautiful. One such amazing Brazilian model and actress is Thaila Ayala who has made a good reputation for herself. Starting her career first with modeling, she went on to become a mainstream actress. This is the same career path what most of the models choose and she did the same. However, we must acknowledge the fact that she has struggled a lot in her life to be in a position where she is now. In the biography of Thaila Ayala, you will find much more things about her which you previously didn’t know.Thaila Ayala Bikini Photos

Thaila Ayala Date of Birth

Thaila Ayala is a young actress and her date of birth falls on 14th April while she was born in the year 1986. She always ensures that she spends her special day with her family and friends. Sometimes work commitments keep her busy and Thaila Ayala birthday is spent with the crew members of her shoot. However, she also loves to spend this day with her fans sometimes and had done so many-a-times in previous years.

Thaila Ayala Family Background

Although Thaila Ayala was born and brought up in Brazil, she has lived in many other countries including Mexico, Thailand, and Chile. Her family too hails from the country of Brazil but now they don’t live with the actress. However, Ayala has immense amounts of respect for her parents and they have always made sure that she gets everything that she wants. If you want to know more about her personal life, this Thaila Ayala biography will guide you through it.

Thaila Ayala Personal Life

She usually stays busy with work and keeps traveling to various destinations around the world. Although she is a star, she maintains a decent overall personality and never lets stardom affect her career. Thaila Ayala height is 5 feet and 9 inches which make her tall enough for a good figure and a personality. Thaila Ayala measurements are 32-28-32 and she has a great sizzling figure which a model should ideally have. Due to her hot personality, she has got a lot of modeling as well as acting contracts. The Thaila Ayala wiki has all the details about her career that you might be interested in.

Thaila Ayala Career

Thaila Ayala is commonly known as Marcela, she played the protagonist in the teen soap ‘Malhacao’. She was a part of the 14th season and played her role brilliantly for which she got wide acclaim and recognition. She then took a bold step towards her career as she posed nude* for a popular magazine ‘Trip’ in the year 2006. Later, it was a constant thing for her as she was approached by many top magazines around the world. In the next year, she was photographed by Terry Richardson. This session was conducted for the book ‘Rio’, wonderful town which released in the year 2007. There were some bold and revealing photos of her in the magazine which made a lot of fans for her. Some of the major Thaila Ayala movies include ‘O Profeta’, ‘Pe na Jaca’, and ‘India – A love story’. Since all these movies did fabulously well, there are huge expectations from Thaila Ayala upcoming movies. Fans also love to see Thaila Ayala kiss scenes in the movies as well as the TV series in which she works.

Interesting facts about Thaila Ayala

  • She posed nude* for the magazine Trip in 2006.
  • She has been dating celebrities like Adam Senn and Justin Timberlake after her marriage didn’t work out.
  • Thaila Ayala age was just 20 when she started working on her professional career.

Thaila Ayala Love Affairs

Her love affairs were all over the media when in the year 2011 she married her long-time boyfriend and a famous actor Paulo Vilhena. Before they got married, he was Thaila Ayala boyfriend for a long time and they maintained a healthy relationship. However in the year 2013, Thaila Ayala wedding broke off owing to disagreements between the couple. Thaila Ayala husband and she decided to part their ways alone for a better future for both of them. This marriage didn’t last too long and it had adverse effects on both their careers. After this end to the marriage, Thaila Ayala Adam Senn was seen hanging out on various occasions. This again raised some speculations of their relationship. Recently, Thaila Ayala Justin Timberlake was also said to be dating as they were together for a long time. It seems that the actress has moved on after the marriage didn’t work out.

Thaila Ayala Controversy

Recently, during an interview in the year 2011, she said that posing nude* for photography is like being raped. This rose questions over how actresses are treated while doing nude* scenes and how this affects their psychology. No actress had ever made such allegations but maybe she was the first one to speak up for herself. This is the only controversy that she has faced in life and hopefully, she won’t be involved in any other controversies in the future.

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