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Evan Williams is a blogger by profession and has worked in some of the best companies. He touched heights of success with his immense talent in Information Technology and all of this made him a billionaire.  He is popularly known for founding Twitter which is one of the most used social networking websites around the world. Owing to his success a study was conducted in the year 2013 that declared Evan Williams net worth as 1.48 Billion USD. Considering his achievements we have come up with biography of Evan Williams which brings in details about Evan Williams birthday, Evan Williams family background, Evan Williams wedding, Evan Williams girlfriend and much more.

Evan Williams Date of Birth

He was born in Nebraska in a farmer’s family in the year 1972 on March 31. Evan Williams education was completed from University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but after one and a half year he left the University for pursuing his career. He had high aims for building his career in information systems and hence went his way ahead.

Evan Williams Early Career

After leaving his education, he began writing computer code and did freelancing for Hewlett-Packard and Intel.  Soon after some time he founded Pyra Labs, Odeo and Obvious Corporation which was then evolved as Twitter. The company Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco. The age of Evan Williams was just 34 when Twitter came in. The company was then framed as public company in the year 2013 which is the real reason why he became billionaire. His achievements were then appreciated in the year 2003 when his name was listed in MIT Technology Review magazine amongst the top 100 innovators under age 35.

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Pyra Labs and Blogger

Evan and Meg co founded Pyra Labs which indulged in production of project management software.  The best feature of Blogger is that it is the first web application which could be used for creating and managing weblogs. He invented the term blogger and he was the one who gave popularity to the term blog. The company was then eventually acquired by Google, owned by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the year 2008.


William left Google in the year 2004 to form Odeo which is a podcasting company. In the late 2006, William co founded Obvious Corp. which accommodated Odeo employees.

How was Twitter Started?

The Obvious Corp. Owned by Evan Williams finally evolved into Twitter, which is an online social networking website used for posting short messages on the site. 31 March 2006 is the date when was twitter started.

There may be many questions like who founded Twitter or who is the founder of Twitter. The man behind the revolution was Evan Williams. With this social networking website users were allowed to share messages of maximum 140 characters and these messages are called as tweets. This application eventually gained popularity and is almost used by 500 million users. In the year 2012 according to the statistical data, around 340 million messages were posted.

Evan Williams served as a chairman of the company, and then he was replaced as the CEO of the company. According to the man, twitter is a no banner which has been designed for social animals and the site was created behind a philosophy that people like other people. Using twitter is the simplest way of expressing your feelings to others and it also makes the other person feel light.

Tiwtter Founder Evan Williams photosSooner, in the year 2008 twitter became a powerful platform for expressing opinions and views and same was used by U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008 where they both used Twitter for updating their status to the supporters all across the world.  It thus emerged as a campaign trail.  The site was then known internationally in the year 2009 during the elections in Iran, where Iranian government blocked the usage of text messaging or foreign news coverage, then tweeting was used as a way of getting information in and out from the place.


During September 2012, William and stone decided to create a publishing platform. Evan Williams company name is Medium. This was earlier only opened to adopters, but it was then opened to public during the year 2013. Then on April 5th both the partners announced that they would be unwinding Obvious Corp as they wanted to focus on individual start-ups.

Evan Williams Personal Life and Love Affairs

Taking about Evan Williams love life, he is dedicatedly in love with his wife. Evan Williams wife name is Sara and he is living with her at San Francisco Bay area. He is raising two children along with her at home.

Evan Williams at XOXO Festival

He was present in the year 2013 in XOXO festival where he explained about his thinking on internet commerce. William appreciated the use of internet which is one of the major revolutions in the field of technology and something which has boosted up different sectors in the industry.

This was all about Evan Williamss biography and I hope it was informative and helped you know about the IT expert in a better way. Now, it; time to read the biography of Aditya Roy Kapoor Next.

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