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YouTube is a major platform for video content creation and the platform has given rise to hundreds of content creators throughout the world. One such person who made the most out of this opportunity is Vidya Vox. She is an Indian born YouTuber and singer. She creates and performs songs, originals as well as mashups. Her real name is Vidya Iyer but is better known as Vidya Vox, which is also her stage name. Even her YouTube channels go by the name ‘Vidya Vox’. Vidya’s videos have always been so popular and have received over 300 million views until now. Her music channel has over 3 million subscribers which are constantly increasing owing to her frequent song releases. The biography of Vidya Vox has all the intricate details about her life, her journey as a YouTuber and much more. Go through it to learn more about this beautiful girl.Vidya Vox Hot Photos

Vidya Vox Date of Birth

Vidya Vox birthday falls on 27th September and she was born in the year 1991. Although she was born in Chennai, India, she was raised in Virginia, the United States throughout her childhood. She lives in the US and works out there as well. Similar to almost everyone in her age, she loves to party and celebrate her birthday with her close circle. Vidya Vox biography further talks about her family background and how they supported her.

Vidya Vox Family Background

Although YouTube is not considered as a legitimate profession, she chose to pursue it as her passion and has reached great heights now. This wouldn’t have been possible if her parents didn’t support her. Vidya’s parents don’t want to share their daughter’s limelight and strive to stay away from any media attention. However, she is very close to her sister Vandana Iyer and they both share an amazing bond among themselves.

Vidya Vox Education

She completed her education from George Washington University, USA. She has a degree in Psychology from the university. But her passion was something else and she ensured that she trains in it to become perfect. She was introduced to Carnatic classical music at a very young age and probably this helped her grasp music lessons quickly. She is also trained in Hindustani classical music and we can all hear some flavor of Hindustani music in all her video songs. Further in this Vidya Vox wiki are some important details about her personal life.

Vidya Vox Personal Life

Vidya has an amazing personality and she truly seems like a Rockstar. She is a fun loving and happy to go lucky girl. Her friends claim that even though she has reached massive popularity, she stays down to Earth and is extremely humble. For the same reason, she is quite popular among her friend circle. Even though she lives in the US, Vidya Vox nationality is still Indian. She has a good looking personality too, Vidya Vox height is around 5 feet 3 inches and she weighs around 50kgs. Vidya Vox religion is Christianity. Just like any other girl, she loves to shop and travel. She gets her dose of traveling via performing at live concerts throughout the world. Among sports, she likes to watch tennis whenever possible.

Vidya Vox Career

Vidya was never inclined towards music at first. In fact, her inclination was more towards medicine. It was later during her graduation that she decided to pursue music as a full-time career. At that time, YouTube was at its peak and gave an opportunity to anyone who wished to start their own channel. Vidya started her own YouTube channel named ‘Vidya Vox’ in March 2014. On her channel, she posts mashups of western and Indian music videos. Alternatively, she posts her own originally created songs at times too. Her channel has garnered over 3 million subscribers until now and her videos have received over 300 million views.

Vidya Vox songs are very popular these days and her mashups have gained attention throughout the world from the likes of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and famous American DJ Diplo. She performs live with her own band throughout the world and also regularly performs as a vocalist with Shankar Tucker’s band. She has given some mind-blowing performances in the White House, National Centre for Performing Arts in India, and also at the Webster Hall. Her popular mash-up ‘Lean on and Jind Mahi’ received huge acknowledgment and gained the attention of several popular musicians. She started being noticed even more after the ‘Closer’ and ‘Kabira’ mashups. She also featured in famous publications including Vogue, Elle, NPR, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and much more. We all await Vidya Vox upcoming songs and are excited to see what she has in store for us.

Interesting Facts about Vidya Vox

  • Vidya started her own YouTube channel as Vidya Vox in March 2014.
  • She is trained in Carnatic music from D K Nagarajan.
  • She first began her musical journey with renowned American music composer Shankar Tucker.
  • Her popular mashups ‘Lean On’ and ‘Jind Mahi’ grabbed the eyeballs of popular musicians for which she collaborated with musicians like Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni, and Roginder ‘Violinder’ Momi.
  • Vidya has fluency in many languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English, and French.

Vidya Vox Love Affairs

Vidya Vox has kept her love life under the wraps. She refrains from talking or expressing it in front of the media. We are sure Vidya Vox boyfriend would be happy with her and they must be having a good time. Although it is too early to talk about Vidya Vox marriage, we hope she will do it at an appropriate age. Currently, she is working hard to build her reputation across the world through her musical talent and her husband has to wait for a little longer.

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