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Writers have a huge importance in the Indian television industry. It is a tough job to keep people engaged on a daily basis. We enjoy all the TV shows and always appreciate the actors or the directors for their brilliant effort, but what stays unnoticed is a writer’s talent and ability. One such hidden gem of our Indian television industry is Harsh Limbachiyaa. Like most of the other writers, you must not be well acquainted with him, but after reading the biography of Harsh Limbachiyaa, you will surely admire the person he is. He is among one of the most talented comedy writers in the Indian television scene. The shows he writes for have been huge hits and audiences love the content. Very few know that the man behind this is Harsh Limbachiyaa. Also, he is the boyfriend of one of the most popular stand up comedians of the country Bharti Singh. To know more about him, his career and personal life, read this extensive and detailed Harsh Limbachiyaa biography.Harsh Limbachiyaa Photos HD

Harsh Limbachiyaa Date of Birth

Harsh Limbachiyaa was born in the year 1993 and is a few years younger than his girlfriend Bharti Singh. Since the time they have been in the relationship, he has celebrated his birthday with her. Apart from that, Harsh Limbachiyaa birthday is not much hyped. He believes in keeping his birthday as decent as possible. A few people from his industry also join the celebrations along with his family and close friends.

Harsh Limbachiyaa Family background

Family plays a huge role in every person’s life and in Harsh Limbachiyaa’s life, it has had its own share of importance as well. He was constantly supported by his family throughout his good and bad times. It is essential to have family’s support to tread a long journey and he has it. Harsh Limbachiyaa belongs to a good family who has always taught him good values and ethics to abide by. Continue reading the biography as we have gathered all the information from Harsh Limbachiyaa wiki which will help you in discovering more about his personality.

Harsh Limbachiyaa Personal life

As he is a comedy writer, he always stays in a jovial mood. Working in the television industry can be a lot of work but he tries to sneak in some personal time between his work. Both he and his girlfriend Bharti work on almost the same shows and of same genres so they both get to spend time with each other while working too. As we all know, if one is in the glamour industry the personal lives suffer a bit but Harsh Limbachiyaa has taken it in a good way and tried to establish a healthy work-life balance. If you have always imagined who is Harsh Limbachiyaa, it is because he always tends to keep everything under the wraps and stays down to earth. .

Harsh Limbachiyaa Career

Harsh Limbachiyaa profession is that of a writer and he has made a successful career out of it. Though the initial days were filled with struggle and disappointment, he didn’t let it control his fate. After a lot of hard work and dedication, he has now reached a good position in his career. He is involved in writing comedy content for various popular TV shows like Comedy Circus which airs on Sony TV, Life OK, Hit TV series ‘Comedy Classes’ and ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ which is one of the most popular comedy shows. These shows also have Bharti as she is a standup comedian in these comedy shows. Writing comedy is even more difficult than performing it because one has to anticipate if the jokes will work or not and then write them down.

Harsh Limbachiyaa has done a brilliant job ever since he has come into this profession. If we consider Harsh Limbachiyaa age, it is astonishing to know that how much he has achieved in such a young age. His career has always been on the upscale and is on a rise with each and every show he does. Most probably, his relationship with Bharti Singh is also a result of they both having the same work places. Despite all the odds, Harsh Limbachiyaa is now a renowned comedy writer in the television industry and is the go to guy for any kind of comedy content. With a wide portfolio of shows under his name, he has now carved a reputation of his own within the industry.

Interesting facts about Harsh Limbachiyaa

  • He is a comedy writer.
  • He is the boyfriend of the popular standup comedian Bharti Singh.
  • He has worked on shows like Comedy circus, comedy classes and comedy nights bachao.

Harsh Limbachiyaa Love Affairs

The only love affair he has been into is with Bharti Singh. For many days, they had kept everything under the wraps and nothing was revealed about their relationship. Before a few days ago, it was made clear by the couple itself that Harsh Limbachiyaa girlfriend name is Bharti Singh. Their love life started on the sets of a comedy show they were commonly working on. Though it has faced ups and downs in the journey, their relation has never fallen weak. Recently in an interview, Bharti shared their plans of marriage and was also seen flaunting a ring which most probably meant that they both are engaged.

Harsh Limbachiyaa is a great person and would surely become Bharti Singh husband in the days to come. Harsh Limbachiyaa girlfriend Bharti Singh had announced that they would hopefully be married in the end of the year 2016. It would be great to see them settle together in life and would also be good to have them on comedy shows at different designations where they both work very hard. After considering all the reports and sources, it is almost confirmed that Harsh Limbachiyaa marriage will take place really soon. Despite being in the world of television, he has always avoided all kinds of celebrity gossips that could land him trouble.

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